Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

34) Chapter 80.1 ♬

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Chapter 80: Marked by Beastman (4.17)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci regarded the food in front of him as Lian Cen, biting it with all his strength and chewing ferociously.

However, this degree of venting was obviously unable to calm his emotions, and he still felt depression when he returned to the room after eating.

Now he had a feeling of betrayal, which was more serious than Moqi Sui’s took a wife before.

Chu Ci clenched his teeth and mercilessly announced in his mind, “System, let me tell you. I think I have been very satisfied in several worlds. If Lian Cen dare to be with other women, then I’m absolutely not going to be with him. Even if this world will be my last world, I don’t care.”

The system was not scared by him, he said easily, “Don’t be so pessimistic. Didn’t you also said you like Moqi Sui and want him to be your immortal companion in the last world? Isn’t this world you in love with Lian Cen the same as usual? You can like Lian Cen shows that you can also like the target of the next world. There are many good men waiting for you in the future, why hang yourself on this tree? Moreover, Lian Cen’s future has changed. If he really found a wife, then your mission can also complete. After all, the beastmans have always been single-minded to the partners they have marked.”

Chu Ci’s mood was worsened by the system’s words. He couldn’t tell the system that he already knew that the target of each world was the same person and could only hide it in his heart.

But it would be good if he was really a fickle radish.

There was no comfort from the system. Chu Ci sat in Lian Cen’s room and looked at his surroundings. The more he looked the more unpleasant he became.

He couldn’t stay in this room any longer!

He immediately stood up to pack his few clothes, and left this place directly.

Rather than being shoo away later, it was better to take the initiative himself.

It didn’t take long for Chu Ci to return to the room where he stayed when he first came to the Lian family. This room was still empty.

Chu Ci took a deep breath while lying on the bed. There was no Lian Cen’s stuffs here, the surrounding air smelled a lot better.


At this time, Lian Cen had just finished lunch with his elders. When he was about to leave, Lian Shan who was waiting for him, finally had the opportunity to step forward and said in a low voice, “Sir, Chu Ci knows that the elders want you to choose a wife. Now seems to be angry and move back to the room where he stayed before.”

After talking, Lian Shan hesitated for a while before suggested, “Do you want to explain?”

“Yes!” Lian Cen nodded his head and said, “I will explain later. You keep an eye on him first, don’t let him run away.”

Lian Shan looked at Lian Cen incredulously, “Run away? Shouldn’t go so far as this, right?”

While walked out to follow the elders, Lian Cen said, “I’m not too worried, afraid just in case.” After that, he patted Lian Shan to signal him to hurriedly go to see, while he continued to accompany the elders.

These old men brought a few females to him, the meaning here was very obvious. But they didn’t directly mention the matter of selecting a wive, he also couldn’t refuse. Now he could only accompany them to see when they say it. As long as they speak first, it was easy to refuse.

Lian Cen didn’t expect Chu Ci to be so jealous. He suddenly remembered something and pulled Lian Shan back, whispering, “How does Chu Ci know the matter of choosing a wife?”

Lian Shan stunned for a moment and immediately admitted his mistake, “Although Jiang Zhu said it, it’s my fault for not telling her to keep it secret.”

Lian Cen glared at Lian Shan and warned, “Handling your affairs properly, don’t mix it with my matter!”

Lian Shan blushed and said, “Yes!”


It was really a lot comfortable to stay in the room without anything related to Lian Cen, but this was just a momentary illusion. Chu Ci was laying in bed for an hour, because he couldn’t sleep and the surroundings was quiet, his head began to think wildly. He was thinking about when Lian Cen took a wife in the future, the more he thinking the more angry he was.

“No, I can’t bear it anymore, I’m leaving the Lian family, I can’t watch him together with other women.” Chu Chu said, as he got up from the bed and started to pack his luggage. Since the system was so big heart, there was no need to stay here to suffer.

He didn’t have many things at the Lian family, it could be said that he didn’t. He took a paper bag and stuffed the things and ready to leave.

When he opened the door with his own things, he found that Lian Shan was unknowingly standing at the door of the room.

Chu Ci was now in a fit of anger, even if he was uncomfortable looking at Lian Shan, he completely doesn’t pay attention to it. He angrily looked at Lian Shan who was higher than himself, and took the initiative to speak, “I heard Lian Cen going to take a wife, so I plan to leave the Lian family.”

Lian Shan looked at this obvious angry man and said calmly, “You can’t leave the Lian family without Sir’s permission.”

Chu Ci stared fiercely at Lian Shan, “Does he want to pressure me to death here?”

Lian Shan looked at this unreasonable and troublesome person with a bit headache, “Didn’t you want to listen to Sir Lian Cen explain? It’s so easy to listen to the rumors, but you will make a mistake.”

Chu Ci looked at Lian Shan suspiciously.

He didn’t forget that this person had the expression of ‘I dislike you, you don’t deserve Sir Lian Cen’ from the first meeting, and he just said those sentences, seemed to be persuading him? Did he understand it wrongly?

Chu Ci sized up Lian Shan and said doubtfully, “What are your purpose suddenly come to persuade me to reconcile?”

Lian Shan felt his forehead twitched, this person really doesn’t deserve Sir Lian Cen!

He calmed himself down to not hit the man in front of him so as to avoid he really ran away.

Lian Shan said in an amiable tone, “No purpose, I just don’t want Sir Lian Cen to be unhappy! Moreover, I also think you can’t escape the palm of Lian family, why not sit down and talk about it instead of running away? I believe Sir Lian Cen is not an unreasonable person.”

Chu Ci’s anger was slowly dispersed under the persuasion of Lian Shan.

Lian Shan’s words were actually true. Unless Lian Cen willing to give up, how could an ordinary person without background escape easily.

Discouraged, he threw his luggage on the chair and said, “I’m going to see Lu Qing!”

Now he doesn’t care whether Lian Cen would be unhappy or not, he just wanted to find something that could make him happy.

By himself, his imagination would run wild and think nonsense, it was better to quarrel with Lu Qing.

Since he doesn’t run away, Lian Shan didn’t restrict his actions. Whoever Chu Ci wanted to play in the Lian family would be Sir Lian Cen’s own matter to manage.

Lian Shan stood on the original place as he watching Chu Ci disappear from his sight, and then took his cellphone to contact Sir Lian Cen.

“Chu Ci is indeed very angry and really intends to run away, but I have persuaded him, and now he go to find Mr. Lu.”

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