Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

35) Chapter 114.1 ♬

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Chapter 114: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.18)


Translator: Mimi

“Fu Zhi!” Chu Ci recovered from the sluggishness and quickly rushed up.

He ran to Fu Zhi’s side and squatted down, still somewhat disbelief. But no matter what, Chu Ci thanks God for letting Fu Zhi didn’t turn into ashes like the surrounding plants. Fu Zhi’s body remained intact, without any scars, and looks as if he just fainted.

Chu Ci reached out his finger to the tip of Fu Zhi’s nose while praying in his heart, hoping that because the mentor came quickly, Fu Zhi would be able to survive unlike the plants.

His hand couldn’t stop shaking as it reaching out, his heart was expecting and afraid.

When his finger finally reached the tip of Fu Zhi’s nose, Chu Ci felt a weak breath, and his heartbeat finally returned to normal. He quickly shouted to the person who was still dealing with the black mist, “Headmaster, please look at Fu Zhi to save him!”

The headmaster also didn’t forget the student who suffered the attack. Seeing that the black mist had been almost subdued, he handed over the follow-up work to other mentors. At the same time Chu shouted at him, he turned around and trotted to his side.

The headmaster directly probed Fu Zhi’s breath and confirmed that he was still alive. He quickly said, “The situation is very thorny, we have to send him to the medical room immediately.” Then he directly took Fu Zhi away.

Chu Ci doesn’t dare to step away and followed him. He hoped that his primordial spirit could display its maximum effect to support him, so at least there wouldn’t be immediate danger to his life.

After entering the medical room, the healer seemed to have received the order and waited there.

After the headmaster put the person on the bed, the healer began to examine him.

Chu Ci stood on the side, looking worriedly at Fu Zhi. At the same time, he said to the system in his mind, “System, you are the most powerful, quickly help me take a look at Fu Zhi’s situation. At least determine what is going on with him, and whether my primordial spirit can save him or not.”

The system directly said, “No need to look, I have checked the information of this black mist. Your primordial spirit can’t save Fu Zhi, because this is the magic world, and the injury Fu Zhi suffered is not the same as those previous minor illnesses and injuries, rather it’s a kind of magic, whether he can save or not, have to see the ability of people here.”

The system’s words as if a basin of ice water pouring at Chu Ci’s already anxious heart, penetrating his heart. He stared blankly at the person at the mercy of others on the bed, his eyes couldn’t help a little sour.

Chu Ci doesn’t think himself was qualified enough to let Fu Zhi lose his life to save him.

During the healer’s examination, Chu Ci didn’t look away. When they opened Fu Zhi’s palm, the clear black mark on his palm didn’t escape Chu Ci’s sight.

“What’s that?” Seeing everyone didn’t care, Chu Ci quickly reminded, “Did the black mark on Fu Zhi’s palm leave by that thing on him?”

The headmaster glanced at his palm and said calmly, “Don’t worry, this is just the marriage pact lifting spell, not leave behind by that thing. But Fu Zhi can survive from the black mist, I’m afraid that it must be thanks to the marriage pact on his body.” Then the headmaster looked at the mark again and said with some doubt, “Why is this mark’s color so dark? Obviously it has been more than ten years, but it’s the same as it just started.”

The headmaster’s sudden explanation left Chu Ci in a daze. He blankly said, “Fu Zhi…he…actually has the marriage pact in his body?”

The headmaster was the person who had see the world and the Fu family also mentioned this matter to him when they let Fu Zhi came here to study, so while he looked at Fu Zhi’s inspection, he said, “Yeah. The Fu family said that he accidentally married in his childhood, it should be 14 years now. But you can’t say this to others, the Fu family afraid of being pointed out by outsiders, so even I know it this year.”

Chu Ci’s brains which had been twisted into a dough were now even more chaotic.

He tried to suppress his trembling body because of knowing the truth and said in his mind, “System, we got it wrong, my marriage partner is Fu Zhi, not ‘Fu Zhi’.”

The system was working on the list of names. When he heard Chu Ci’s words, he thought that he heard it wrongly and confirmed, “You said that your wife’s older brother is your marriage partner?”


The system doesn’t seem to accept himself got the fact wrongly and said, “How is it possible?”

Chu Ci weakly said, “It’s true, the headmaster said that he can’t have lived, it’s the marriage pact that saved him. You see, he has the marriage pact lifting spell on his hand.”

The system looked at front through Chu Ci’s sight. Of course, when he saw the mark on Fu Zhi’s hand, he was speechless and said, “It’s really wrong! This spell can shorten 20 years of time to 15 years.” The system stamped his feet, saying, “It’s a year away! Why did you run into him!”

Chu Ci silently looked at the unconscious person in bed, doesn’t know what to answer.

The system suddenly said, “It’s likely that he recognizes you already, so only then he will like you!”

Chu Ci didn’t dare to admit it, but he already knew in his heart.

At this time, Fu Zhi’s inspection was done.

Chu Ci quickly asked, “How was Fu Zhi? Can he be saved?”

The headmaster sighed and answered first, “He just checked whether Fu Zhi has other wound. I already knew about the injure cause by the black mist.”

Chu Ci turned to look at the headmaster and said worriedly, “Headmaster, you must save him, I can help no matter what to do.”

The headmaster shook his head and said, “It’s a bit difficult. The damage that the black mist cause to him was not an injure, but a curse, the absorbing life curse. Although it’s blocked by the marriage pact, the curse is still there, and he will continue weakening because of the curse. It’s hard to solve, and it takes a long time, but he doesn’t have much time to hold on.”

Chu Ci doesn’t care about the headmaster’s long line of words, he only cared about the first few words.

“It’s a bit difficult means there’s a chance, right?”

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