Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

35) Chapter 63.1 ♬

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Chapter 63: I Became Eunuch (3.17)


Translator: Mimi

In the morning, Chu Ci was awakened. Since he woke up from coma, he and Moqi Sui had lived like before unconsciously. The only change was that no more women had appeared in the palace. However Moqi Sui’s mind was more and more difficult to guess, such as the strange reaction every morning. He doesn’t know whether it was caused by him or this person was starting to think of women.

Chu Ci had endured for a long time, before couldn’t help but sit up and looked at the person who was wearing his clothes, “Actually, if you want to do that thing, I can do it.” He wanted to say this sentence for a long time, since you can’t see a woman, I will just do it reluctantly.

However, Moqi Sui’s hands in clothes just stopped consciously, before calmly said, “You sleep more.” After finished speaking, he left the sleeping quarters under Chu Ci’s disgruntled eyes.

Compared to the previous fool, when he encountered this matter, the current Moqi Sui could get up and change clothes casually, and then went out as if nothing had happened.

Chu Ci had to give this man a thumb up despite his complaint.

Ever since the old physician came, Chu Ci has lived a life of no worries, but every time he wanted to seduce Moqi Sui, it was always the same as today, like hitting a soft cotton, and his full of enthusiasm was gone all at once, and it instantly became a simple topic of eating together.

The system was useless, and he doesn’t know what Moqi Sui was thinking, or what could stimulate Moqi Sui to restore his memory.

After Moqi Sui left, Chu Ci went to chat with Luo Mei and consulted with her for advice. This way, he spent half a day to come and go.

At the meal time, Chu Ci obediently went back to wait for a certain person to come back. Fortunately, although Moqi Sui was busy but he would come back to eat with him. This was probably the only place where the relationship between the two of them have improved.

Today Chu Ci waited in the palace hall as usual, but after waiting for a long time, he only saw Liu Quan in the end.

“Your Majesty has an imperial decree, An Ning will move to Bie Courtyard from now on, and you can’t come out without orders.” Liu Quan immediately read out the imperial decree just after entering the room.

After this was read out, Chu Ci thought he had heard it wrongly and asked, “Liu Quan gonggong, Your Majesty wants to put me in Bie Courtyard?”

Liu Quan nodded and said, “Your Majesty just asked you to live in Bie Courtyard, the emperor’s family is like this, you should obey the destiny.”

Liu Quan knew better than Luo Mei about his relationship with Moqi Sui, and the meaning of his words was of course very clear.

Chu Ci was thinking for a long time while knelt on the ground, and suddenly realized that he had done a big wrong thing these days.

He was too confusing, so Moqi Sui finally began to get bored.

Chu Ci resigned to his fate and got up. He looked at the sleeping quarters. Nothing in it belonged to him. Eventually, he followed Liu Quan empty-handedly and returned to Bie Courtyard where he once lived.

After he entered, Liu Quan withdrew from Bie Courtyard, and then he heard the sound of locking gate.

Chu Ci ignored it, and just looked around at this place that he had not come for a long time, and found that it seemed to have been sorted out.

Haha, he was at last a bit conscience.

Chu Ci unhurriedly walked into the house. At first glance, the furnishings in the house seemed to be the same as when he lived with Moqi Sui, but he remembered that these things were taken away when they left.

“System, quickly come out. Is Moqi Sui really intends to put me into the cold palace like this?”

System: “You feel it yourself.”

Chu Ci couldn’t help but say, “System, you are really getting more lazy in this world, you don’t tell me even this kind of thing?”

System: “The time is long, you can properly enjoy the life.”

Chu Ci hummed and walked towards the inner room, the bed was the same as before. He couldn’t help but guess, “That man should not restore his memory, right? What happened?"

The system remained silent.

When he was just about to lay down on the bed, he faintly heard the sound of the door opened from outside.

Chu Ci pricked up his ears to listen, he was a little suspicious in his heart. He was an eunuch who being sent into the cold palace, is there more thing?

He suddenly thought that he hadn’t eaten yet, and couldn’t help but wonder: Is it the people who come to deliver the meal?

After all, he was just ordered to be locked up and should not starve himself to death.

Chu Ci lay in bed for a while, before sat up again. If the people came to deliver food, he had better properly eat it.

He walked to the door of the room and extended his head to see, but he saw two familiar figures.

Luo Mei and Moqi Sui?

The man who said to have a shadow over the woman stood with a woman casually.

“System, I will give you a chance, you said we are still friends, when this man is well of his illness afraid of the woman?”

“He never got it from the start.” The system unhurriedly said such a sentence.

Chu Ci was already gritting his teeth at this moment.

Moqi Sui, you’re tossing me like this, I’m going to take revenge in the future!

Moqi Sui turned his head and saw Chu Ci. He waved his hand at Luo Mei to let her take the food out of the the meal box, and then said, “Let’s eat.”

Chu Ci drew the corner of his mouth and walked to the side of the table, waiting for this man to give an explanation, or to give him delighted.

Seeing this man’s appearance, it was obviously not because he got tired of him, but there must be a reason for him to do this, was it because he wanted to marry a wife, or he wanted to hide himself so as not to taint his reputation.

However, Moqi Sui said nothing. After the chopsticks were set up, he directly sat down to eat, as if here was the sleeping quarters.

Chu Ci stared at him. When he saw his favorite dishes were about to be eaten up, he also promptly sat down.

He was also hungry, and directly began eating regardless of others.

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