Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

36) Chapter 63.2 ♬

Chapter 63 Part 2:

During the meal, Chu Ci looked at Moqi Sui from time to time, and there was another doubt in his heart.

Is this man recover his memory?

But, he had no clue by this observation alone.

Think about it, he has this look since he woke up,

After the meal, Moqi Sui didn’t leave.

Chu Ci was still a bit grudged regarding himself was suddenly locked here. When he saw the culprit, that person didn’t leave or explain. He directly went back to the room to prepare for a nap.

He had developed this habit long ago, and must sleep every day, so that the boring days of ancient times could pass faster.

He vaguely felt that he had returned to that night when Moqi Sui was drugged here. The scent in his nose was very similar to that time.

Slowly it became more and more clear.

Chu Ci suddenly opened his eyes, then sniffed heavily, he suddenly realized that it wasn’t just a dream, and the smell of that drug was indeed in the room. He quickly got up and turned to look outside, only to see Moqi Sui not only didn’t leave but also followed to the room, and the door was closed.

He turned his head to look at the table, and saw that an incense burner was slowly smoking.

Chu Ci stared at Moqi Sui and said, “What do you want to do?”

Moqi Sui smiled at him gently, “Do what we’ve done before.” Then, he walked to the bedside and hugged him into his arms.


Under the influence of the drug, Chu Ci was easily taken care of by Moqi Sui, and it was the next day when he woke up.

While bear his uncomfortable body, Chu Ci stepped on Moqi Sui’s face with a foot, and said fiercely, “When did you recover your memory!”

Moqi Sui completely doesn’t get angry, he touched his leg and smiled, “When you are poisoned.”

Chu Ci gritted his teeth and scolded, “Asshole.”

Moqi Sui pulled the man back and touched his head, “I’m sorry.”

Chu Ci finally threw his previous suffer in silence out of the nine heavens, he swatted Moqi Sui’s hand and said, “What is your reason to deceive me for so long?”

Moqi Sui stretched back his hand, at the same time honestly explained, “I want to see how you hook me! Attract me a few times.”

Chu Ci thought of himself trying hard to seduce this person again. This person actually tricked him. He said angrily, “Since you like me, why do you put me here?”

“A golden house to hide one’s beloved.”


A year later, when the emperor was married, it was said that he married the daughter of the He family. However, because the emperor was selfish, no one except the He family had seen what the future empress looked like.

Chu Ci wore a heavy women’s wedding dress, and became a formal married couple with the emperor under the witness of all court officials.

Moqi Sui hid him in Bie Courtyard for a year, and then pretended to be dead. At the same time, Moqi Sui announced that he was recover from the illness afraid of the woman and was about to marry the daughter of Senior Official He to become the future emperor. However, he had long known that Miss He had eloped with others, and threatened Senior Official He to agree to this marriage in private, and he would arrange other things.

Of course, he doesn’t know these things from Moqi Sui himself. All these things were secretly handled by this person. Chu Ci threatened the system, only then the system told him reluctantly. At the same time, he also learned that the old physician’s diagnosis was false. Each one of them were good actors.

After Chu Ci finished the ceremony, he was send to the room. He was nervously waiting for Moqi Sui to come, but he turned his worry into appetite, and the food prepared in the sleeping quarters had been half gone by him.


The door of the sleeping quarters was pushed open, and Moqi Sui impatiently walked inside.

Chu Ci had long lifted the red headscarf.

Moqi Sui looked at Chu Ci, he picked up the red headscarf that was thrown aside and smiled, “Shouldn’t this thing be lifted by the husband?”

Chu Ci smiled and said, “I don’t believe it. But you took an eunuch as the empress, aren’t you afraid of Heaven’s punishment?"

Moqi Sui hugged him and said with a smile, “I don’t believe it.”


A few decades later.

Chu Ci put on his best clothes and looked at Moqi Sui who was lying in bed and the lifespan had exhausting to the limit, he said fiercely, “My name is Chu Ci, I will never change my name. You better engrave these two words in your soul. If you dare to forget me again, I will not recognize you even if I see you in the next life, and then ran away with others to let you regret it.”

Moqi Sui smiled as usual and promised, “Yes, it must be carved in the soul.”

As Moqi Sui’s hands gradually loosened, Chu Ci’s primordial spirit was also brought back into the void by the system.

The system ridiculed, “Is it fun to fall in love in this lifetime?”

Chu Ci came back to his senses and said, “Not bad, I decided to let him be my partner in the future.”

The system said, “Don’t forget your mission even if you are addicted to a world for a while, otherwise the other party engrave your name on his soul but you will disappear first.”

Chu Ci sighed heavily and said, “Got it! You first tell me about the next world, let me take a break.”

Speaking of things in the next world, the system suddenly became solemn, “I told you before, because your intervention, it caused the outcome of the target to change and become unpredictable, so you may have to work hard in all the remained worlds. Now, all I can tell you is what had happened to these people.”

Chu Ci frowned and said, “All changed? Is this going to be do a mission while keeping a life?”

The system said, “You can say that, but I will be there for the whole time, as a compensation for these things.”

Translator Note:

The End of Arc 3 :) We'll enter the fourth world next chapter ❤

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