Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

37) Chapter 115.1 ♬

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Chapter 115: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.19)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci listened to the conversation between Fu Zhi’s mother and Si Yuan, standing at the side at a loss what to do, thinking about whether to say he was that person or not.

Gou Lan and Si Yuan glanced at each other. Seeing that he didn’t seem to be deceiving her, Gou Lan turned to the side at the elder who cast the spell for Fu Zhi for help, “Uncle, what’s going on? Don’t tell me…”

The person who Gou Lan called uncle nodded calmly, “The dark color means Fu Zhi and that person have met again, and the time of the mark has been reset.” The elder sighed and said, “Maybe the two of them really have this fate, there is one year left and everything back to the original form.”

“No!” Gou Lan obviously couldn’t accept it and shook her head, saying, “Clearly all good in 14 years. How can all our efforts waste all of a sudden? Isn’t the school has been inspected!”

Fu Xi who was beside her patted Gou Lan’s shoulder and said, “A-Lan, put this matter aside first. At the moment, the marriage is not the focus of the matter. Fu Zhi is seriously injured and we have to find a way to save him.”

        * “A-” -- prefix used before a person’s name to express familiarity.

Gou Lan stunned after reminding by her husband, and then turned to look at her son who was lying quietly, she nodded and said, “Right! We have to save him!”

Si Yuan was also stunned for a long time because of the matter of the mark reseted. How could he not know when Fu Zhi finally met that person, because during this time, he always went in and out with him.

He checked every person he met in his mind, and when he looked up, he suddenly saw Chu Ci’s tangled face.

Si Yuan was stunned and suddenly there was a guess in his heart. Moreover, the more he thought of this guess, the more he thought it was the answer.

Fu Zhi’s mark was still light when they were on the way to the academy, which means the matter of seeing that person happened next. The mark on his hand affirmed that he had found his marriage partner already appeared, but he said nothing.

When this person named Ye Xin appeared, he had a favorable impression on him. At the same time, after he knew that the person he had been thinking about had already appeared, he still approached Ye Xin without any worries.

Si Yuan recalled Fu Zhi’s attitude to Ye Xin these days, the answer became more and more clear.

He slowly walked away from the elders who were concerned about Fu Zhi’s affairs, quietly retreating to Chu Ci’s side and whispered, “You are Fu Zhi’s marriage partner?”

Chu Ci didn't want to hide it, since Si Yuan asked, he quietly answered ‘yeah’. Whether he would tell Fu Zhi’s parents or not was just follow him.

After Si Yuan got the answer, he angrily clenched his fist and said, “So are you just listening to my words as a joke?”

Chu Ci calmly glanced at him, “No, I just know more.”

Seeing that the matter had reached this point, Si Yuan asked without scruples, “Since you know Fu Zhi’s intention, then do you like him? Knowing that you have the marriage pact with him but still sticking with him, do you like him?”

Chu Ci opened his mouth, but couldn’t answer. Although he also knew about the marriage pact just now, this problem was indeed very acute.


While the two of them were still in confrontation, the sound of the door opened was heard behind them.

The two silent men turned their heads to see, it was the headmaster who came.

After the headmaster entered the door, Meng Chen also appeared in Chu Ci’s line of sight.

Meng Chen entered the door and glanced at Chu Ci, and then followed the headmaster to walk to the direction of the bed.

When Meng Chen passed Chu Ci’s side, he patted him on the shoulder to comfort and said, “I got it, hand it to us.”

Meng Chen crossed the headmaster and walked in front of the Fu family, he respectfully bowed, “I’m very sorry for Fu Zhi’s matter. This is our academy management mistake, we will bear all the outcomes. But I hope that everyone put Fu Zhi’s life first.”

The headmaster nodded and said, “We will do our best to save Fu Zhi, there is still hope, please allow us to discuss countermeasures together.”

The Fu family was not unreasonable, Fu Zhi was the top priority. Things have become like this, so they all know that now was not the time to shirk responsibility, the crucial point was saving the person, so they nodded and made an agreement.

Seeing the other people nodded, Meng Chen plainly said, “Then let me take a look at his situation, I know more about the black mist.”

The Fu family stepped aside and Meng Chen walked to the bedside to check Fu Zhi’s situation. Then he took out a pendant from his storage space and hung it on Fu Zhi’s chest. He lamented, “No one has ever been survive after surrounds by the black mist, it’s a miracle. But although he survived, his life is still being devoured. This pendant was given to me by the person who sealed the black mist, which can suppress the speed of life being devoured, but even then we only have five days of time.”

Fu Xi worriedly stepped forward to ask, “So what should we do now?”

Meng Chen said after silent for a while, “I heard from the headmaster that Fu Zhi can survive thanks to the marriage pact. As you all have heard, there are many unknown hidden secrets in the ancient marriage pact. I thought a lot on the way here, I feel we can only start from this aspect. Because all the methods I know are too long for Fu Zhi and he can’t wait, so I suggest that us focus to find the experience of the method that I said which have more chance.”

Gou Lan said somewhat worried, “The secrets in the marriage pact are all legends, are they credible?”

Meng Chen confidently nodded, “The reason I made this request is because I have seen it personally once, but that is what happened when I was a kid, so I forgot the specific steps.”

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