Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

38) Chapter 115.2 ♬

Chapter 115 Part 2:

The people present looked at each other, and then the elder on the side nodded and said, “What he said is true. I have heard a few similar things when I traveled outside, so I can be sure that the marriage pact indeed have such a function, just the method is somewhat unknown. I also agree with Meng Chen’s proposal to start from this aspect.”

Gou Lan looked at Fu Xi and then nodded, “Okay, but I will also let people start in other aspects.”

The headmaster nodded in agreement, “Since the plan has been decided and the time is pressing, let’s start.”

Meng Chen pointed to Fu Zhi on the bed, “His situation is special, we have better let him stay here, don’t move him casually. We are in the black mist, and should be able to reduce the pain of his life passing.”


“Also.” Meng Chen looked at the people here and said, “Please send someone to find the person who has the marriage with Fu Zhi. Since you want to use the marriage pact to save people, the other half will definitely play a role in it. If you find the another person, you can prevent the method from being can’t be implemented after found.”

Fu Xi said helplessly, “We only know that he is a child of the space division and about the same age as Fu Zhi, the rest is unknown.”

Meng Chen didn’t hear the circumstances of Fu Zhi’s marriage in detail, he said strangely, “Why?”

Gou Lan recounted the events during that time.

Meng Chen frowned and said, “It turns out to be so.” But somehow, after listening to what the Fu family said, made him immediately think of Ye Xin that stinky boy.

At this time, Si Yuan looked at Ye Xin who was beside him and volunteered, “Leave the job of finding that person to me. Fu Zhi is with me these days, I roughly know where to start.”

Gou Lan saw that Si Yuan could have the news, she immediately relieved, “Then I will trouble you, Xiao Yuan.”

Seeing that things had been assigned, Meng Chen looked at the people present and said, “Then please invite anyone who is free to follow me to the academy’s collection library. The collection of books there are the most complete, there is no other place, just help go over there to find. I will let my subordinates go outside to find news. Remember that there are only five days.”

Chu Ci couldn’t help saying, “What can I do for you?”

Meng Chen looked at him and said, “Of course you are responsible for taking care of him. If there are any matters, just report to us at any time.”


After allocating the tasks, everyone began to go out.

Meng Chen walked to the front of Chu Ci and comforted, “No need to blame yourself, this actually makes our responsibility.”

Gou Lan glanced at Chu Ci as she passed his side and said, “I will trouble you to take care of Fu Zhi.” There was no blame in her tone, made him feel more guilty.

After all the adults went out, Si Yuan glanced at him and said, “Think about it, he did it for you. If you don’t like him, just disappear from his side. There are plenty of people want to be with him. Fifteen years are only a blink of an eye for our two hundred years of lifespan.” Then he left without looking back.

Chu Ci waited for Si Yuan to close the door before immediately called the system in his mind.

Just now he stood on the side and listened to the content of everyone talks without saying a word.

When it came to checking the information, he immediately thought of the system. The system could have a way to find out the existence of the world’s sources.

“System, quickly come out, there is an urgent matter!”

The system was busy with the list of names and said, “Don’t disturb me, the list is almost done.”

Fu Zhi was at death’s door, Chu Ci was too lazy to care about the list now, he urged, “Put the matter of list aside first, now you have to help me save Fu Zhi, he has only five days left.”

The system was completely unmoved, “Even if the target is dead now, I also can’t save him, let alone save an ordinary person. Life and death are ruled by fate, just accept the situation and move on.”

Although the system’s words were ruthless, Chu Ci didn’t have time to be angry and requested, “I didn’t ask you to save him, just ask you to help find the information!”

Seeing him like this, the system said helplessly, “What information? Can the information save people?”

Chu Ci said firmly, “Help me find out if the marriage pact can save people. I just heard Meng Chen said that there is this legend and he has seen this personally. I remember your ability to check information is very strong. Moreover, Fu Zhi’s current situation is also half your responsibility, you have to be responsible.”

The system thought about this matter, it was indeed his mistake, so he reluctantly agreed, “Okay, I will check it for you. But even if you can’t save him, you have to accept the situation and move on, life and death are ruled by fate.”

Hearing these words of ‘life and death are ruled by fate’, Chu Ci inexplicably felt restless in his heart. He said depressingly. “I know.”

After handing things over to the system, Chu Ci could only pray in his heart that there was really that method.

He walked to the bedside to look at the motionless person on the bed. He let out a sigh and then urged in his mind, “System, hurry up!”

“Don’t rush me, the more you urge the slower it gets.”

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