Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

38) Chapter 44.2 ♬

Chapter 44 Part 2:

At this moment, the two people in Bailu building, one was not in a mood to look at the World channel and the other was not interesting.

As soon as Chu Ci stepped into the front hall, he met with Chui Yan. The other party looked at him like nothing happened, as if the one who had just threatened Red Moon in the World was not him.

He was silent for a while and said, “You are not the richest person in the Dream Back now.”

Chui Yan nodded and said, “I know.” The relaxed look on his face was as if he only spent a few hundred yuan in the game.

Seeing this kind of expression of Chui Yan, he couldn’t help but ask fiercely, “These money are saved by your hard work in playing game, right? Just for such a trivial matter, all gone. Don’t you feel distress? Moreover, so much money, I can’t afford it.”

Chui Yan looked at him innocently, and didn’t seem to think he had done something wrong.

Facing Chui Yan, Chu Ci always has a feeling of helplessness. He frowned and said, “Why are you so good to me. We don’t seem to have known each other for long.”

Chui Yan looked at Chu Ci, he wrinkled his eyebrows and said doubtfully, “Am I need a reason to be nice to the person I like?”

He thought about it and continued, “The reason is I like you.”

Chu Ci stunned, he was looking blankly at Chui Yan. After a while, only then he said, “You like me?”

“Yes.” Chui Yan’s tone was firm, without the slightest hesitation.

Chu Ci said doubtfully, “Aren’t you a straight man? Why would you like me who’s a man?”

Chui Yan slightly frowned and then seemed to understand what he said, “You are a man?”

Chu Ci frozen again.

Does this man think he was a woman?

He looked at Chui Yan’s face and said fiercely, “I thought you like me wearing women’s clothes, I didn’t expect that you actually thought I was a woman.”

Roared by the person in front of him, Chui Yan sized up again the person wearing men’s clothes in front of him, and suddenly felt that what this person said might be true, so this person’s various behaviors were explained.

After a moment of silence, Chui Yan suddenly said, “If this is not the reason that you specifically find to reject me, I hope you can come up with evidence that you are a man.”

Seeing Chui Yan’s hesitating look, Chu Ci thought this person was willing to believe him, but he didn’t expect that he has the same conduct as Bai Yimeng, wanted an evidence.

He sat on the chair and said helplessly, “I’m the evidence. Could it be that you unable to tell that I’m a man or a woman at all these days? Moreover, am I look like a woman besides my adjusted face? Is your eyesight very bad?”

After saying this, Chu Ci said teasingly, “Or do you originally like men?”

Chui Yan was still unconvinced and said calmly, “I want a photo or video.” Then he said slowly, “Or meet up in the reality.”

Chu Ci also didn’t want to keep Chui Yan in the dark, after thought for a while, he said, “My current body is not convenient. If I can wake up at that time, I will go to the Dream Back’s offline gathering. If you want to see me, you can come!”

This time, Chui Yan caught the main point and said, “Wake up?”

Chu Ci spread his hands and said, “I’m actually a patient.”

Chui Yan looked at Chu Ci seriously, and recalling in his mind the fact that this person almost never went offline these days, and suddenly guessed that this person’s general problem. He said softly, “That is not urgent, if at that time it’s not convenient for you to meet me, I will come to see you.”

Chu Ci just said it casually, but he didn’t expect that Chui Yan actually believed it. He couldn’t help gritting his teeth: When I seriously explained before, he doesn’t belief it. Now I said casually, he actually believe it?

Why does it feel like this person want to see me? You’re not going to beat the people to eliminate your anger, right?

Chu Ci suddenly shook, he glanced at Chui Yan and thought that he should not be such a person.

He grinned and said, “Let’s talk about this later.”


Since the matter was clear, Chu Ci finally put down his worry. He looked up at the World. It was still unrestrainedly talking about baseless things, but the several main characters of the topic didn’t say anything again.

“Your money…I might going to pay you back slowly.” Although Chu Ci said doesn’t change, but he couldn’t easily put down this matter in his heart. As he looked at the World channel, he took the initiative to mention it.

Chui Yan didn’t seem to be affected by how he silently stood in his exclusive position to do his own thing. He said without lifted his head, “The money in the game is spent in the game, it doesn’t matter even not pay back.”

Chu Ci secretly curled his lips and said in his heart: Rich person is really good.

Thinking of himself and Chui Yan were still in awkward relationship that caused people misunderstanding, Chu Ci couldn’t help but suggest, “How about we divorce this marriage? So as not to made people continue misunderstand.”

Chui Yan completely doesn’t mind, he still didn’t raise his head and said, “I will not divorce before things are clear.”

Chu Ci stared at the distant man unbelievably and said, “You mean that you don’t plan to divorce if I don’t see you?”

The word “Yes” was speak by him.

Chu Ci didn’t expect that Chui Yan was such a cheeky person, but because he was responsible for the next series of misunderstandings, he could only stare helplessly and sulky.

He changed more than ten positions on the chair and finally felt bored. After thinking, he got up and walked to the guild territory.

“I’m going to sleep.”

After speaking, he went into the back hall without looking back.

Chui Yan opened the guild interface which only he could see and saw Chu Ci’s location changed from the Yangzhou City to the guild territory. Only then did he put down the work in his hands and seriously held this matter in detail one through.

He didn’t like men as he was not very experience in this matter, but at the moment he didn’t seem loathe it.

Chu Ci rested for a while in the guild territory, and when he woke up, Chui Yan was offline.

Although the matter has been explained and only lack the meeting’s step, Chu Ci still deeply concerned about his gender being misunderstood.

After thinking for a while, he took a few Invisible Pellet from the storage cabinet, before put on the emerald green short skirt given by Chui Yan and went out.

He ran to the gate of Yangzhou City and looked around. Eventually, he saw White Swordsman.

Chu Ci quickly waved his hand and said, “White Swordsman, over here.”

When White Swordsman saw Chu Ci, he immediately walked over with smile across his whole face, and said, “Oh~ Little Beauty Chu Ci is here specifically waiting for me?”

Chu Ci extended his hand and patted White Swordsman’s shoulder, he said, “Speaking normally! I have something to speak to you.”

White Swordsman picked his hair and said, “This is how I normally speaking.”

Chu Ci was also too lazy to get tangled in this matter. He stood in front of White Swordsman and said solemnly, “Do you think I’m a man or a woman?”

White Swordsman shook his fan and said, “Are you kidding me? Aren’t you a little beauty?” He said while picking up the fan handle, and wanting to raise Chu Ci’s chin.

Chu Ci raised his hand and waved away this dishonest fan, he asked while wrinkled his eyebrow, “You always think I’m a woman?”

“Will I pay attention to you if you’re not a woman?” White Swordsman continued to shake the fan unconcernedly and said, “Why are you asking such a strange question.”

Chu Ci didn’t answer and continued to ask, “I always use the male voice, right?”

White Swordsman raised his eyebrow and said, “I know ah. Everyone has a little hobby, I can understand.”

Chu Ci still doesn’t believe it, and unyieldingly said, “Don’t you ever doubt my gender?”

After White Swordsman heard Chu Ci’s words, his hand that shaking the fan suddenly paused, then he sized up Chu Ci once and said, “Don’t tell me you are a man.”

Chu Ci frowned and said, “I never tell you that I’m a woman.”

White Swordsman pointed the fan to the person in front of him and said angrily, “Are you really a man?”

“If I’m lie, I will strike by thunder!” Chu Ci nodded his head.

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