Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

39) Chapter 116.1 ♬

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Chapter 116: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.20)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci restrained the emotion in his heart and sat down, silently looking at the person on the bed.

Si Yuan’s words before leaving flashed through his mind.

Chu Ci secretly made a decision and directly said to the system, “I decided that after you find the method and we save him, I will concentrate on finding the target, and not see him.”

The system was checking the information, he didn’t think about it and directly said, “Yes, my list of names is almost done anyway.”

Once the decision was made, Chu Ci’s mood was instantly clear, now he only need to pray quietly.

As long as Fu Zhi doesn’t die, everything was not a problem.

“Found it!”

When Chu Ci became more and more worried, the system that had been quiet for a long time finally spoke.

He instantly excited and said nervously, “How? Can he be saved? Properly saved?”

The system browsed through a pile of information in front of him and said, “He can be saved, and it looks quite easy. It’s simply designed specially for you.”

Chu Ci froze for a moment and hurriedly urged, “Don’t keep me in suspense, how to do it?”

The system was not joking and directly said, “From the information I found, the marriage pact contains the life and death contract, which means shares life and death. The person who created this contract at that time thought that the married couple must have this to be together. However, the later generation felt that this kind of contract was too overbearing and they tried to remove this life and death contract, but the creator’s spell was so strong that it couldn’t be dismissed. In the end, they transforms the spell of this life and death contract to the life contract. As a result, as long as the other party of the marriage pact is still alive, this spell can ensure that the injured party is also alive. This is the reason Fu Zhi didn’t die.”

The system paused and said, “Therefore, you can use the spell of life contract to heal him. But his injury is very serious, it’s unclear whether he can be completely cured. Because I only found the content on the paper materials, so the result of the treatment is unknown. But since Meng Chen said that he has seen it, it means that there is a great chance.” Then the system proudly said, “If I don’t go to find these information and depends on these people to find the information in that library, this Fu Zhi certainly can’t be saved.”

“Thank you.” Chu Ci seriously listened to every word spoken by the system, and suddenly wondered, “Then on the information you found shows how to use the spell of the life contract, right?”

The system proudly said, “It certainly have. Very simple, just put your wedding rings on your finger and Fu Zhi’s finger, and then move it close to each other and chant the spell.”

When he heard wedding rings, Chu Ci immediately fell silent. He only recently learned that there were wedding rings.

He thought about it and immediately looked at Fu Zhi on the bed. After he finished the ring at that time, he gave it to him, it must still be on him now.

Chu Ci quickly confirmed to the system, “System, can you find out where my wedding rings with Fu Zhi? I will save him now.”

The system said calmly, “Wedding rings? Isn’t it in his storage ring?”

Chu Ci immediately looked at the ring on Fu Zhi’s finger and said helplessly, “If I remember correctly, everyone’s storage ring can only be used by themselves. How should I take it out?”

“You’re stupid!” The system couldn’t help ridiculing and said, “Did you forget that you are his wife?”

Although things were urgent, Chu Ci couldn’t help but retort, “Why am I his wife, I remember it was me who take the initiative at that time.”

“Who tells you to be the one who is pushed down in every world?” The system returned to the topic, “Since you are his wife, you can use his storage ring. Although Meng Chen is very unreliable, you as a space mage doesn’t even know this, it’s too should not. Hurry up find it.”

Although the system was right, he still curled his lips, unwilling to admit it. At the same time, he said innocently, “It’s not my fault, I just left the forest not long ago.” Then he got up and gently took off the ring on Fu Zhi’s finger before put it on his own hand.

Because Fu Zhi’s finger was larger, his ring was too big in Chu Ci’s hand.

Chu Ci immediately saw the contents of the storage ring after putting on the ring. The space in the ring was quite large, because there were so many things, it was relatively messy. Just as he had a headache at how to find small rings from such a pile of things, a neat little corner caught his attention.

There was a brocade box in the corner. A pile of small ornaments were placed on the side of the brocade box. Comparing these things with other messy places, you will know that here maybe to place more important items.

Although Chu Ci didn’t want to admit it, judging from what Si Yuan told him, it was very  likely that the item he wanted was put here.

He directly took that pile of things out of the storage ring.

In the blink of an eye, a brocade box and the pile of ornaments appeared in Chu Ci’s hands.

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