Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

39) Chapter 44.3 ♬

Chapter 44 Part 3:

The two of them considered to be have a little friendship. White Swordsman didn’t immediately turn hostile, merely backed away a few steps and said, “Why do you adjust yourself into a girl? Do you really want to cheat Chui Yan’s money?”

Chu Ci said innocently, “The game system automatically doing it, I didn’t adjust it, I only said to the most good-looking appearance. I don’t admit to cheating money. If I want money, I will just go digging treasures, no need to cheat.”

White Swordsman said, “If the big shot Chui Yan know that you’re a man, he may vomit to death. I think he is really good to you.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and said, “He know.”

White Swordsman astonished, “He know and doesn’t divorce you, even help you? I think it’s true love!”

“True love?” Chu Ci said doubtfully.

“It must be true love!” White Swordsman didn’t show disgust, he merely shook his fan and said, “It’s not something rare for two men together, I won’t discriminate.”

White Swordsman’s words moved Chu Ci’s heart. He said curiously, “How much do you think the probability of bending a straight man?”

White Swordsman once again backed away a few steps, and said in the way of a second little wife, “You feel Chui Yan is not enough, and want to bend me?”

Chu Ci gave him a sharp look, and then waved his hand, “Too narcissism, I’m leave! Go to an offline event, maybe we can meet.”

White Swordsman said disdainfully, “I had long been bought the ticket, no need your reminder!”

Chu Ci happily returned to Bailu building. He got a new idea from White Swordsman’s words just a moment ago.

He remembered Chui Yan said that he like him just before he confessed that he was a man. He remembered the system said that Chui Yan was very single-minded, he would continue to like someone unless that person touched his bottom line.

Chu Ci suddenly began to expect that the matter he was a man didn’t touch Chui Yan’s bottom line. Moreover, he suddenly has such an intuition.

But the intuition was not too accurate, or should he ask the system?

Chu Ci was just about to quit the game to find the system, when his whole person suddenly felt dizzy and pulled into darkness.

He blinked his eyes.

Was this he being kicked out of the game by the game system? But why does it feel different from the last time maintenance?

“Yu Xin?”


Chu Ci hazily heard the shout of strangers.

It was reasonable to say that other people’s voice couldn’t enter this dark space except for the system.

But wasn’t Yu Xin the name of this vegetative person he possessed?

Could it be that he was going to wake up?

Chu Ci felt a burst of excitement in his heart, and quickly concentrated his effort to open his eyes.

At the same time, he called the system loudly in his mind.

“System! There is situation, quickly come out.”

System: “I’m here. Moreover, I know you are going to wake up!”

Chu Ci said excitedly, “Aren’t you say it would take ten days to half a month? How come it is only a few days?”

System: “That’s my conservative estimate. Your primordial spirit state is very good, so the effect is remarkable.”

System: “After wake up for a while and other people ask you about the previous things, just say it’s not too clear. They will just think it’s amnesia and won’t ask too much.”

“Okay.” Chu Ci responded and asked, “System, you said the target is a straight man, but what if he accidentally like someone else and then find that the other party is a man? What will happen? Would this step on his bottom line?”

The system paused and said, “What are you doing?”

Chu Ci said proudly, “My game character is so good-looking, the target think that I’m a woman and he like me.”

System: “You…maybe you can try it.”

Chu Ci said doubtfully, “Don’t you say he is a straight as steel man?”

System: “Sigh…isn’t this to give medicine to a dead horse? Didn’t you say the mission is fail the last time? Maybe this is a turning point.”

“What about a peach blossom’s matter?”

“You also don’t like him, so it’s not count as his peach blossom.

Chu Ci said excitedly, “Then I will try it when we meet.”

After saying this, the stranger’s shout became more and more loud in his ears, and Chu Ci subconsciously opened his eyes. A ray of light appeared in front of him, at the same time the soul and body also instantly fit.

Chu Ci slowly widened his eyes. The light from the drew curtains in the room was much darker, so he doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

He was lying on the bed, surrounded by a large group of people.

The moment he opened his eyes, the room was quiet for a while, and then there was the sound of silent sob.

Chu Ci’s hand was held, and then someone said, “My Xinxin finally woke up.”


Chu Ci didn’t expect that Yu Xin’s family to be so rich, and the people in his family were also very good. After he woke up, he had already received many red packets, but he returned all back.

The day after tomorrow was the time for the offline gathering. He checked the location, the event was in this city, but he had to sell pity first to going out.

After experience a loss once, the entire Yu family wished they could keep him in a iron wall’s cage to protect him.

Chu Ci looked at the original owner’s grandmother in front of him and squeezed out two drops of tears, “Grandma, I want to go out, just for a day!”

Grandmother looked at his tears and felt her heart clutched up, “Why do you want to go out? Your body has not fully recovered.”

Chu Ci continued said, “I still remember the friends in the game, I want to see them.” He said as his tears fell down.

He has used this trick many times, but no one agrees. Grandmother was his only hope.

In fact, thanks to his primordial spirit, his body recovered very quickly. The so-called not fully recovered was because he looked very pale, which was caused by not being in the sun for several years.

Grandmother couldn’t bear to see his tears, and finally waved her hand and said, “I will let Xinxin go, take a few bodyguards to protect you!”

That night, Chu Ci once again coaxing to play the game for a while.

At eight o’clock, Chu Ci went online on time.

As soon as he was log in, he saw Chui Yan that seemed to also just entered the game. The two of them looked at each other.

Chui Yan’s eyes flashed a surprise look, then he calmly said as before, “How are you?”

Chu Ci smiled and nodded his head, “Good. So I come to tell you that I will go the day after tomorrow. See you at the event.”


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