Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

4) Chapter 119.2 ♬

Chapter 119 Part 2:

Fan Chuan was too lazy to exchange pleasantries with him and directly said, “Go to the Yingshi City now. The person who play the third male lead has a traffic accident and need to replace. I recommend you, so you hurriedly go over! The other companies certainly also know this matter and they might sneak their own people to grab this position. It’s your job to catch up them. This drama is starred by Quan Gan and the TV series he starred in has always been popular.”

“Okay, I will set off immediately.” When Chu Ci heard Quan Gan’s name, he immediately picked up his coat and rushed out. At the same time, he asked the system for advice in his mind, “How to go the fastest?”

The system said, “Go by taxi. The taxi driver must know the fastest way to get to the Yingshi City, in premise you give them enough money.”


Sang Qi earned a small amount of money because of the small popular and bought a small apartment in a good place. As soon as he went out, he saw that a taxi had just arrived and hurriedly waved.

Chu Ci got on the taxi and directly took out a hundred yuan bill from his bag and handed it to the driver, “This money is all for you, go to the Yingshi City, the sooner the better!”

“Okay!” The driver looked at the red banknotes and stepped out of the accelerator.

Sure enough, it was no obstruction all the way.

When the taxi arrived at the Yingshi City, Chu Ci got out of the taxi and rushed straight in. He had followed the system’s guidance in his mind to the fastest journey to the crew.

Finally, he saw a group of people under pressure ahead.

The system said, “It’s the third male lead of this crew who has an accident. Everyone is waiting for an interview and the filming progress has stopped.”

Chu Ci quickly ran over.

In the crowd, the eyes of the fat man with bald head lit up when he saw him, and he quickly waved to him.

Chu Ci stood in front of him gaspingly, “I…I’m here for an interview.”

“Hurry in to audition, the director is unoccupied now.” Xu You urged, at the same time threw a book into his hand, saying, “Give you five minutes, wait for me to mark out the place and then come to the stage.”

Chu Ci knew from Sang Qi’s memory that this person was the performer director.

He quickly read the script given by the other party. While reading, he searched for Sang Qi’s acting experiences.

Sang Qi relied on his acting skills to be a little popular.

Chu Ci quickly excavated Sang Qi’s memories about acting, and then merged these memories with himself, preparing to turn himself into Sang Qi when acting.

Then Xu You dragged him to the front of the head director and said, “Here here, the auditioner is here.”

A middle-aged man wearing a hat in the crowd looked at him.

In Sang Qi’s memory had the impression of this person, he was director Shao Cheng, who often filming conscience dramas and all would be hot (popular). Of course, he also had quite high requirements for the quality of actors.

Shao Cheng glanced at the interviewer and nodded, “The figure is very suitable, just need to look at the acting skills.”

Three minutes later, Chu Ci could almost comprehend thoroughly the character he was about to act.

He directly handed the script to the staff on the side and then said to the director, “Director, I’m ready.”

The director nodded with satisfaction, “Let’s get started.”

Chu Ci immediately entered the character and acted.

Two minutes later, a scene was finished.

Chu Ci put away the emotions just now and looked at the director, at the same time surprised by Sang Qi’s talent.

If he doesn’t have depression and given him another script, he could have become a first line star. Truly what a pity.

The director looked at him for a while and nodded and said with a smile, “What’s your name?”

“Chu Ci.”

The director nodded and said, “Chu Ci, congratulations on your selection. Your conditions are very suitable for this role.”

Chu Ci couldn’t help be proud of Sang Qi.

At this time, the people who talked to him or looked at him, looking behind him one after another, as if there was something behind him.

Chu Ci curiously turned around to see.

“Is this Quan Gan?” His eyesight was good, and he recognized the person who changed to the ancient costume at distant. The real Quan Gan was much more handsome than that on the poster, and he also had a kind of highest quality temperament. If it was not for the system personally inspected it, he wouldn’t believe that this person was impotence.

The system ridiculed in his mind, “How was it? Have you swoon by him?”

“Almost!” Chu Ci shook his body, trying to see more of his sweetheart, at the same time said, “Such a person, if that ‘Chu Ci’ dare to touch him, I will cut him.”

“I heard that something happened to the person I play with today?”

Quan Gan’s voice was also as sexy as his man.

The director smiled, “Yeah, but God helped me, I found another one, and he is as good as the previous one.” He pointed in the direction of Chu Ci.

Quan Gan looked over casually.

Chu Ci was looking infatuatedly at the target of this world.

He was almost forty and yet still so handsome, making people crazy about!

However, because he was too focused, he directly collided with Quan Gan’s line of sight.

Chu Ci was dumbfounded, and only recovered after the other party took back his gaze.

“System, it’s over, I’m being found.”

The system comforted, “Rest assured, there are a lot of people who infatuated with him, he has long been used by people looking at him like this.”

Hearing the system’s words, he was not happy, to be used, meant that the other party couldn’t remember him.

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