Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

4) Chapter 134.2 ♬

Chapter 134 Part 2:

After the wolf demon fled, Fei Chen put away his magic weapon, and then directly turned to look in a certain direction, “Come out.” There was no emotion in his words.

Chu Ci saw that he had been found and walked out of the tree trunk without evasion.

He didn’t plan to hide anyway, he followed this man here to meet him.

Fei Chen stunned when he saw the person.

He thought it was just a little fox demon passing by and wanted to sort it out casually, but he didn’t expect that fox demon in the restaurant to follow him here.

Fei Chen who originally prepared to make a move, subconsciously retracted his hand back. He was a conscious person who was not affected by the demon, but in the face of this person in front of him, he actually had no desire to attack, he doesn’t even want to hit him. However, he could feel that the other party was just a little fox with little abilities, and it was impossible to use the illusion technique that would confuse him.

This feeling was very strange.

Even so, he said indifferently, “Why are you following me?”

Chu Ci walked to Fei Chen without a fear, he smiled and eased the atmosphere, “I want to invite you to eat chicken.” That he lifted the chicken that had no two legs in his hand, “Actually, after seeing in the restaurant, I fall in love at first sight to Great Master, so I want to ask Great Master if you need a boyfriend?”

Fei Chen suspiciously looked at the little demon in front of him.

The word boyfriend doesn’t exist in this world, but it appeared in his dream. But it wouldn’t be strange if the little demon invented the word.

He put away his curiosity and looked at the meat in front of him calmly, and then turned to leave.

Chu Ci saw that he wanted to leave and quickly walked to catch up with Fei Chen, “Great Master, look at my feelings of seeing you at the risk of being killed, didn’t you a little bit be moved? I’m also a beauty.”

Fei Chen stopped his footsteps and looked at him, his expression unchanged, “I give you an incense stick of time to leave, otherwise don’t blame me to attack.”

· *‘An incense stick of time’ -- a poetic way of referring to a short time span, generally 5 minutes.

However, Chu Ci was not threatened at all.

“No need to give me an incense stick of time.” He shook his head fearlessly, “I won’t leave, or will you try to hit me back to the original form?”

Fei Chen’s face was cold, but he couldn’t lift his hands to strike.

Knowing his heart had a problem with the person in front of him, Fei Chen frowned and looked at the fox demon in front of him, “What the hell do you want to do?”

Chu Ci said beamingly, “I just want to tell you, I’m Chu Ci, that person in your dream.”

Fei Chen stunned.

Although he mentioned the things in his dream, he was never disclosed his name to outsiders.

Seeing that there was a clear movement on Fei Chen’s face, Chu Ci continued, “I said, I will go to the next world, and find you in this world.”

Fei Chen looked back and said, “I don’t know why we can keep memories of the past, but the past is over. Now that I have entered the taoism, I can never continue with a fox demon. Since we’ve met, let’s these past events go.” Then he passed by beside Chu Ci while he was in a daze.

After hearing Fei Chen’s words, it was impossible for Chu Ci not to be hurt, but even more was still angry.

Knowing that the two of them had mutual affection in so many worlds, how dare he say to let it go?

Chu Ci turned his head to look at Fei Chen who didn’t look back, and ruthlessly threw the chicken in his hand to his direction.

The chicken slammed straight on Fei Chen’s back, leaving a greasy stain on his cloth.

Chu Ci shouted, “I tell you what it means to let it go. If you dare to strike me back to the original form now, I will believe your nonsense of letting it go! Don’t leave if you have the ability!”

However, Fei Chen only paused a little, and then continued to move forward without even daring to look back.

Chu Ci saw that Fei Chen without even this courage, and sneered, “Since there are previous memories, how can you not learn the previous case well, no one so awkward like this world, like a turtle that pulls its head in!”

Chu Ci looked at Fei Chen until his figure disappeared into the darkness, only then he kicked the tree trunk next to him angrily, “System, you tell me what is wrong with him!”

“The taoist always talking about the different paths of the person and demon and so on.”

Chu Ci said angrily, “He can refuse the emperor’s bestow of marriage because of the dream, why can’t he accept reality because of the dream?”

The system reassured, “As he is now, obviously his heart is shaking, now he’s just outwardly retiring but deep and passionate inside.”


Fei Chen returned to the Xumi Temple, and the junior brother who was about to go out suddenly sniffed his nose when he passed him. When he saw the greasy stain on the back of Fei Chen, he surprised, “Senior Brother, did you actually go to the tavern to eat meat?”

Fei Chen thought about the little fox demon he had just met and subconsciously paused, and then calmly said, “I meet the old friend.”

The junior brother subconsciously guessed, “Is it the entangled fate that the master said? How is it? Are you settle it?”

Fei Chen remembered what Chu Ci said when he left and said, “No.”

“Tsk tsk.” The junior brother speechlessly said, “Master said your fate is both predestined love and love calamity, he is close to you with a purpose, don’t be fooled by him.”

“I won’t.”

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