Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

4) Chapter 141.2 ♬

Chapter 141 Part 2:

The Sect Master of the Clear Mountain saw that the spiritual master Zi Yan who had left in a hurry came back so quickly, and he even brought a person back.

He looked at the person following behind Zi Yan. Although the other party was wearing the spiritual master’s robe, his face doesn’t look like an ordinary man at first glance.

“Zi Yan, who is this man?”

Zi Yan said directly to the Sect Master, “Reply to the Sect Master, this is my newly accepted disciple, Chu Ci. He will stay with me in the Qingzhou Hall in the future.”

Chu Ci gave a decent salute to the Sect Master.

“Disciple?” The Sect Master looked at Chu Ci and said, “Is he precisely the disciple who you’ve been searching for so long? So he is really exist?”

Zi Yan’s face doesn’t red and his heart doesn’t jump, as he said, “Yes.”

After paying respect to the Sect Master, Chu Ci obediently followed his wife to his residence.

Zi Yan took Chu Ci to a sleeping quarters in the Qingzhou Hall and stay, “You stay here, someone will bring you clothes tomorrow.” He was ready to leave after he finished speaking.

Chu Ci saw that his wife wanted to leave, he blocked him, “You don’t stay with me?”

“The identity of master and disciple is different.”

“Okay.” Chu Ci felt that this reason was somewhat irrefutable.

When Zi Yan was about to bypass him to leave, Chu Ci recalled something and held his sleeve and said, “That’s it?”

Zi Yan looked at him and wondered, “Otherwise?”

Chu Ci thought that the two of them were considered to be a real old husband and wife, and directly flirted with him, “With our relationship, shouldn’t we enjoy this great time?”

Zi Yan said calmly, “We’re just master and disciple.”

“Ah?” Chu Ci looked at Zi Yan’s face in disbelief, “Master and disciple? Are you addicted to play?”

“You have a rest first, you will start to cultivate tomorrow.” Zi Yan left behind such a sentence and left regardless of Chu Ci’s sour face.

Chu Ci fumingly looked at Zi Yan running off, and then turned into the house.

“System, what’s wrong with him? He want to take me to be the immortal path cultivator? Even Fei Chen, as a taoist, return to normal life for me. He actually want to take me to be the immortal path cultivator? And I was originally a demon cultivator.”

The system actually lighthearted and comforted, “Maybe he want to be with you forever?”

Chu Ci said in disbelief, “How could he know that this is the last world of my mission? If he can remember me after my mission is completed, I will thank heavens.”

Chu Ci helplessly lay down on the bed and said, “No matter what, I don’t believe that I can’t hook him to bed after going to this point.”

Early the next morning, Chu Ci’s door was knocked.

Chu Ci unwillingly got up and opened the door.

“Chu Ci, the elder asked me to bring you this…” The person at the door didn’t finish his words and was surprised by Chu Ci’s coquettish clothes. Chu Ci’s face plus this way of dressing made the face of the person outside the door was entirely red.

Chu Ci took the initiative to take the clothes. Seeing the other party’s shy look, he lowered his head to look at his clothes.

The robe given by Zi Yan had long been taken off after going to bed, and now he was wearing the light yarn clothes he wore at the South Wind Building last night. And now it was daytime, it was clearer to see than at night.

At this moment, he happened to catch Zi Yan walking towards him.

Chu Ci immediately put a hand on the door frame and other hand on his waist, and then said to the blushing attendant boy, “How was it, do you think I’m especially good-looking dressing like this?”

The attendant boy stuttered and said nothing, but Zi Yan behind him ordered, “You can withdraw.” His tone was cold, as if wanting to freeze people to death.

However, Chu Ci didn’t eat this cover at all.

The attendant boy ran away as if he got amnesty.

Chu Ci looked at the distant person and pouted, “What are you doing to scare children?”

“Change to the clothes you holds.” Zi Yan ordered.

Chu Ci raised the corner of his eyes and said, “Change, change.” He didn’t close the door and directly turned to walk to the side of the chair, and then began to loosen the thin yarn clothes on his body as soon as he put the clothes in his hand.

He also deliberately stood in the line of sight that Zi Yan could see.

There was only a layer of yarn clothes on Chu Ci’s body, after such a strip without warning, it directly exposed his entire back to Zi Yan’s eyes.

Zi Yan didn’t expect Chu Ci to do this. When he saw the scene in front of him, he froze and then used the spiritual power with his eyes to close the door.

“Humph, outwardly cold but warm inside!”

Chu Ci lightly snorted when he heard the door closing.

After he put on the clothes properly, he opened the door and found that Zi Yan was still standing outside the door, as if he had not moved during his change of clothes.

Zi Yan saw that Chu Ci came out and directly said, “Come with me.” Then he directly turned to take a step.

Chu Ci followed this outwardly cold but warm inside person, making wry face from time to time.

The two entered the study room of Qingzhou Hall together.

Chu Ci followed Zi Yan to stand in front of the bookshelf and a book was handed to him.

Zi Yan completely focused as he said, “This is the primary cultivation method to teach you to cultivate, you learn it before going to bed today.”

Chu Ci took the book and turned it over, all in densely packed words. He frowned and said, “Darling, let’s not cultivating immortals?”

Zi Yan calmly looked at him and corrected, “Call me Master.”

Chu Ci saw that he liked this kind of appealing title, so he followed his wish, “Master~ how beautiful the world is, please don’t cultivate immortals!”

Zi Yan was completely unmoved and said, “If you haven’t memorized the primary cultivation method before going to bed, go to the cold pool in the back mountain to sit at night. That water can let you break through the first layer of cultivation.”

Chu Ci drew the corner of his mouth and asked the system, “What is the cold pool?”

“Listen to the name, you know that it’s a very cold pool. It’s cold but it doesn’t freeze you to death. You are an ordinary person now, sitting in it can be said that it is better to die.”

Chu Ci trembled just after hearing the system’s words.

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