Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

4) Chapter 146.2 ♬

Chapter 146 Part 2:

He followed Guan Xi for a while and finally saw a large group of people from afar. When he walked in, he found that the crowd surrounded the place with a group of beautiful people drinking there. The people around were all human races, seeing those people’s appearance, they were obviously attracted by the beauty.

Guan Xi pointed at that group of beautiful people and said, “It’s them, they are all demon races.”

“I can see it.” Chu Ci was close to the same kind and couldn’t help praising, “Sure enough, all the demon race have enhance face.”

Chu Ci beamingly looked at those people who drinking, and suddenly muttered, “They are good-looking, but I always feel something is missing.”

Guan Xi patiently asked, “What’s missing?”

“Missing the emotionally affected!” Chu Ci thought for a while before suddenly realized and spoke such a sentence, and then helplessly said, “I found that although they are good-looking, but I’m not emotionally affected, it seems only pure appreciation. What’s wrong with me, it shouldn’t be!”

Guan Xi cautiously said, “Is there someone you like in your heart?”

“Haha.” Guan Xi’s words directly made Chu Ci laugh and said, “I have been a radish for a thousand years, how can I have time to like someone? Moreover, those are mortals, I’m very clear in my heart, at most is also appreciate.”


Chu Ci had just finished speaking and a thunder suddenly sounded above his head, scaring him to tremble.

All the demon cultivators on the platform calmed down and looked at the sky.

The thunder sounded once and stopped.

“If it’s just once, it should be the attendant boy in the Heavenly Palace has fallen into the demon path.”

“Yes, yes, I haven’t heard any thunder in the last two years.”

“Wait a minute, maybe there is still the next. The thunder tribulation of the fallen demon is not finished in a strike.”

Chu Ci listened to the discussion of the people around him and followed to care about what happened in the sky. He said to the man at his side, “Guan Xi, can the people in the dimension world still fall into the demon path?”

“Yes, it’s very difficult for those immortal cultivators to remain indifferent forever. If they don’t pay attention, they will fall into the demon path.” Guan Xi looked at the sky with anxiety and said, “Let’s go back.”

Chu Ci shook his head, “It’s the first time I saw the fallen demon, I have to watch it to complete.”

Guan Xi frowned, “It shouldn’t stop for a little while.”


“It’s nothing.”


The voice of the two of them had just fell and another thunder sounded, much louder than the first.

After the extra sound, the surroundings gradually returned to tranquil.

“Tsk tsk, there is actually the second strike, then can I expect the third strike?” The people on the side looked lively and looked at the sky while drinking.


Sure enough, the sky lived up to expectations, the thunder rang again.

“Three thunder tribulations, I haven’t heard it in about ten years!”

Boom! Boom

While everyone was still sighing, the thunder rang again in the sly, and there was lightning in the clouds.

“It’s the first time I saw five thunder tribulations, this life is worth it!”

“What are five thunder tribulations? I have seen eight, but it seems to have happened thousands of years ago.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three thunders that sounded again shocked the older generation who had just moved.

Chu Ci counted the thunder while listening to the emotions of the people around him, and then patted Guan Xi, “If there are eight thunder tribulations, how many are there?”


Chu Ci rubbed his hands and looked at the sky, “I suddenly a little looking forward to the ninth strike.”

At this time, the lightning in the sky had been interwoven in a place not far away, it seems that the fallen demon was there.

“Will…will there be the ninth strike?” A young demon cultivator among the onlookers finally asked the question everyone wanted to know.



The thunder in the sky suddenly sounded twice urgently and continuously. The last one almost deafened Chu Ci’s ears.

“Ten times! There are actually ten times!” After the thunder sounded, the people on the platform were flaring up.

“This life is really worth it!”

Chu Ci looked around blankly and patted Guan Xi again, “Don’t you say that the maximum is nine? Why is it become ten now?”

While Chu Ci was puzzled, the young onlookers around were not know the meaning of ten thunder tribulations.

When everyone looked at each other to find the answer, the elderly who had been silent for a long time sipped a drink before slowly saying, “The tenth strike, it’s the heavenly punishment.”

Before Chu Ci asked what the heavenly punishment was, the people on the side spoke first.

“There is actually the heavenly punishment! How many people need to go through the heavenly punishment for fall into the devil path in the Heavenly Palace?”

He also heard the key words in their words: How many people.

The Heavenly Palace was very large, there were definitely a lot of immortal cultivators, but only a few people could experience the heavenly punishment.

“Only the heavenly lord!” A dignified voice answered this question that puzzled many people.

Chu Ci turned his head to see, and there was a person behind him.

The first impression was he good-looking, but it doesn’t attract him.

“Demon Envoy!” After this man appeared, many people greeted him.

Demon Envoy? It seems that his status is not low.

When Chu Ci looked at the man called the demon envoy, the other party had just swept over him.

Chu Ci felt like he was disliked by him.

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