Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

4) Chapter 65.2 ♬

Chapter 65 Part 2:

Chu Ci only felt a pain in his neck, and knew he was hit, as he was bounced back into darkness. He stayed in the darkness and said doubtfully, “System, why did the target hit me? I still speaking well just now.”

“You are too dirty, Lian Cen has mysophobia.” The system said with disdain tone.

“Mysophobia?” Chu Ci repeated. He suddenly startled and said, “This is a serious matter. If he has mysophobia, is he able to accept to do that thing with men? Like this, he become can’t accept a man?”

The system also seemed to help him think about this problem and suggested, “You can come to the pure love.”

Chu Ci couldn’t do it, he said dissatisfiedly, “Can mysophobia be cured by my primordial spirit? I saw in Qin An’s memory that I will have a rut, and I have to do that kind of thing during rut. How can I play the pure love? I can’t court the target while have physical affair, right?” The crucial point was that if this Lian Cen and Moqi Sui were really the same person, then he certainly couldn’t has an affair, he wouldn’t let his future partner down.

The system was silent for a while and suddenly said, “You still have to hook the person first, otherwise everything is just talking, maybe something like love can make him unable to stop himself? By then, there will be no illness.”

Chu Ci thought it was right, and temporarily doesn’t tangle with this. But thinking of the attitude of the man named Lian Shan just now, he quickly said, “System, help me see if I have been thrown out?”

The system said, “Don’t worry, Lian Cen has let you stay.”

“Hehe.” Chu Ci laughed in the darkness.

Just as he was about try to wake up, the system suddenly said, “You should have been in a coma for an hour, but your primordial spirit will make you wake up early. My suggestion is that you had better unconscious a bit longer.”

The system just finished his words at this side, and Chu Ci had already recovered his consciousness before he could answer.

The white tiles were right in front of his eyes, he seemed to be thrown face down on the floor.

Chu Ci propped his arms and was about to stand up. But when he was about to get up, water was pouring down from above his head.

The water was still cold, and he felt that his fine hairs were all erected.

Chu Ci’s body subconsciously shook. He immediately stood up without hesitation. At the same time, he raised his hand and wiped his face.

He lowered his head, and he found that he had been stripped and was taken to this bathroom when he was unconscious. He raised his eyes, and immediately saw two tall women looking at him, one holding a faucet and the other holding a bathing ball.

Chu Ci subconsciously reached out to block his key parts, and quickly shouted, “Leave leave leave, I’ll take a bath myself, I won’t bother the two big sisters.”

Although he had lived three worlds, he didn’t close to women. But, he had learned a lot about the different of men and women, so he couldn’t help being shy.

One of the women looked at Chu Ci’s body up and down and said disdainfully, “Are you an alpha? I remember that alpha is the strongest in human race, you like this is very lose face for your race, right?”

Chu Ci glared at the woman who satirized him, he was unhappy being scolded as weak as chicken by this woman.

His body was considered to be in the upper in the human race, otherwise how could he be chased to kill because of love debt.

Chu Ci was not a pushover now. He raised the corner of his eyes and looked at the woman who was as strong as himself. He laughed and said, “I see you are still a girl, right? Why do you talk as if you have seen a lot of your male beastman race’s naked bodies? This kind of words only seems to be convincing. You, a silly little girl, knows what.”

This woman doesn’t seem to be someone who was easy to deal with. She threw the stuff in her hand to the floor, and then raised her head, saying, “How I haven’t seen, our male beastmans are not like you humans who hiding it because they are small. We have a lot of natural bathing spots in open space, all males will bathe there. We have seen it a few times, and no one is as weak as you.”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes, seeming to recall what this woman had just said.

Suddenly, the other woman quickly covered the mouth of the woman who blurted out. She pulled her and motioned her to not say anything.

That woman also found herself talking too much, she snorted and left the bathroom together with other woman.

Chu Ci was now not interested in the verbal outcome, and he doesn’t care about the departure of the two women. His two eyes became bright because of what the woman said just now.

He just heard a piece of information that was very useful to him.

In order to confirm the authenticity of the information, Chu Ci immediately searched in Qin An’s memory, and sure enough the information about beastmans bathing habits came out.

Although beastmans were as developed as human society, they kept their previous bathing habits. Everyone liked to bathe in the natural pool water. The rich and powerful beastmans would build a bathing pool made of natural water in the home. Lian Cen certainly has this kind of bathing pool. He was still worried about how to see Lian Cen’s member just a moment ago, and now the opportunity came to him.

Chu Ci immediately picked the shower head and the bathing ball to start cleaning his body. At the same time, he said in his mind while grinning, “System, is the target take a bath in the outdoors bathing pool?”

System: “Yes, what do you want to do?”

Chu Ci said proudly, “What do you think I can do?”

System: “Are you too anxious?”

Chu Ci said properly, “No.”

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