Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

4) Chapter 83.1 ♬

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Chapter 83: Forcibly Buying, Marriage First Before Love (5.2)


Translator: Mimi

After leaving the room, Chu Ci led a group of people back along the same path. Jiao Zhu was deal with the aftermath.

Chu Ci made a rough estimate of Ji He’s family in his mind, whether he could buy Yu Yuan.

After all, he was the head of a big force, the financial was still very huge.

As he walked away with a cold face, he secretly consulted with the system in his mind, “I’m going to fight the price with the Long family, right? If I spend high price to buy a beautiful man on the black market, will it make the other of Ji family have an opinion?”

The system reassured, “You can rest assured and take a bold shot. You subordinates are very dissatisfied with your ex-boyfriend, and they will be happy if you can divert your attention so quickly. Moreover, this plan was devised by Long Ling. Her status in the Long family is still unstable, and those elders give her funds are limited and not much. It’s absolutely impossible for you to shoot the price until lose a family fortune. And this body just broke up, if you spend a lot of money to buy a beautiful boy back after come to the black market this time, the people at home absolutely understand you!”

“Ah? Those Ji’s five big men are concerned about the boss’s love partner?” The system’s words made Chu Ci full of question marks, he said in surprise, “Ji He has just broke up? With who?”

Chu Ci directly rummaged through Ji He’s memories while asking. When he saw his emotional life, he couldn’t help sighing, “Worthy of being the boyfriend of the big shot, he actually also a big shot. However, while their identities matches, their characters didn’t match each other.”

He flipped over his memories and found that his emotional life was not rich. Although Ji He was very powerful, he was completely blank in the emotional aspect. At 32 years old, he only had one boyfriend, and it was the other party pursued him first.

The matter of Ji He was gay also known to everyone because of this.

Unconsciously, Chu Ci had reached the elevator entrance. When the elevator door had just opened, a familiar face appeared in front of him.

Just thinking of the scum man, and the scum man appeared.

Chu Ci frowned, he believed that Ji He never wanted to see this man in front of him.

The man in the elevator was Ji He’s ex-boyfriend, Shi Cheng. He was the head of the Shi family.

Shi Cheng was a fickle romantic, as everyone knew, and he went for men and women. It took him a year to chase Ji He. The reason for becoming an ex-boyfriend was that he was found to be cheating. Ji He’s office desk may still have the intimate photos of Shi Cheng and that woman.

Shi Cheng was shocked when he saw the person outside the door, he lifted his foot to get off the elevator, and walked over to Ji He.

Chu Ci looked at this man in front of him, he frowned and then completely ignored him, waiting for him to get off the elevator to directly skip him into the elevator.

Shi Cheng obviously didn’t expect that the man in front of him would ignored him like this and stunned.

After two exchanged positions, the elevator door was about to close.

Suddenly a hand appeared in Chu Ci’s line of sight, and the half-closed door was opened again to both sides by this hand touched.

Chu Ci looked at the owner of the hand, his face still didn’t show any emotions.

This indifferent look completely doesn’t seem to be pretending, because Chu Ci hadn’t feelings for Shi Cheng, he doesn’t need to pretend indifferent.

Shi Cheng looked straight at him and bent the corner of his mouth, “Don’t give a reason? Say break up and then break up?”

“I don’t like you filthy.” Chu Ci’s face timely showed a little disgust.

Shi Cheng frowned and didn’t respond to the reason why the man said this. After thinking for a while, he suddenly showed an understand smile, “Are you find someone to investigate me?”

Chu Ci felt that the words he had spoken were already very face-saving, he said alienated, “I still have things to do and won’t accompany you.”

Shi Cheng paused and wanted to say something more, but at this time someone had come out to greet him. After thinking about it, he let go of the hand that was blocking the elevator door.

When the door was about to close, Shi Cheng suddenly smiled and looked at Chu Ci, “When I’m free, I will come to your home to see you. We will communicate properly.” It was as if what Chu Ci had just been said had no effect on him.

Chu Ci silently scolded the scum in his heart.

The auction house was on the negative fourth floor.

Chu Ci took the special passage, so this road could run through the entire black market’s special passage.

After getting off the elevator on the negative fourth floor. There was a long corridor with transparent wall in front, resembled a bridge in the air separated from the lower-status crowd outside.

It was seven o’clock now. Chu Ci went directly to his exclusive auction seat in the black market according to Ji He’s memories. At this time, the outside auction platform had just completed an auction and had entered a state of rest and reorganize. The next event was where Yu Yuan going to be auctioned off.

The special little room was divided into two parts, which were quite thoughtful.

Chu Ci was fed up with the feeling of being monitored, he let them stand in the outer room, and he entered the inner room alone.

The facilities inside were good, and without the monitoring of outsiders, he could finally being himself and rest on the sofa with comfortable posture.

At 7:58, a reminder of the start of the auction sounded in the room.

Chu Ci who had been resting, immediately opened his eyes and looked up at the screen.

There was a high-definition live broadcast of the auction platform in the room, and he could clearly see the small things on the auction platform.

At this moment, the first item was already placed on the stage.

When the time jumped to eight o’clock, the auction started on time.

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