Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

4) Chapter 98.2 ♬

Chapter 98 Part 2:

Although Meng Chen would tell him when he asked something, he had not been allowed to go down this month.

Meng Chen worried that he would be in danger, he could understand, but his adult soul really couldn’t stand to stay for so long in the house.

Chu Ci confirmed to the system, “Meng Chen didn’t finish entangled with his old lover, right?”


“That’s good.”

After confirming that Meng Chen wouldn’t return, Chu Ci immediately moved to the vine and crawled down.

Chu Ci stepped on the ground smoothly and hurriedly trot towards the glowing tree. He just came to take a look at its appearance, to satisfy his curiosity, and then returned after seeing clearly. Afterwards, treating it as if nothing happened.

Anyway, Meng Chen couldn’t see what he did.

Along with his pace, that tree was getting closer and closer.

After near it, only then he realized that this tree was quite big, but it was not as big as the one they lived in.

Chu Ci ran to the front of the tree and looked up with satisfaction.

Upon closer inspection, he found that this tree was still ordinary tree, but it was surrounded by white lights. Moreover, it had only branches and no leaves. It was completely different from the trees on the side, as if it had withered.

When Chu Ci saw it was no big deal, he turned around, ready to go back.

It was harder to go up than came down, he had to keep time to climb the tree.

However, he just took a step to go back, when he slipped under his feet, and falling back.

When he fell to the ground, he found that the scenery above his head changed instantly.

There were no leaves, no branches, and there was no familiar scent of the forest at the tip of his nose.

It turned into a bright and spacious room. The floor was also soft, seeming to be carpeted.

Chu Ci quickly stood up.

This was a luxurious room that he had never seen before.

Chu Ci was certain that he bumped into the space tree when he slipped, and then was transferred here.

Chu Ci patted his chest.

Fortunately, he didn’t fall to anywhere terrible. But if this matter was known to Meng Chen, he would be finished.

Anyway, he would be sent back in ten minutes, just find a corner to past it.

Chu Ci patted his chest and turned around, his whole person suddenly froze.

Behind him stood a child as big as him, looking like a doll.

This should be a girl, right?

Chu Ci subconsciously thought in his heart that Meng Chen would change to like this child if he saw her. Because he had seen what he looked like, he looked quite ordinary, he was nothing compared to this child in front of him.

The other party was obviously frightened by the sudden appearance of Chu Ci, and stood there staring blankly at him.

Chu Ci quickly placed his finger on his lips and let out a sound of ‘hush!’.

However, the other party didn’t respond.

Chu Ci thought that she was scared silly, afraid that she would call the adult after reacted over, he quickly said, “Don’t be afraid, I’m not a bad person!”

He quickly found an excuse, “I came to perform magic for you, and I only play with you for ten minutes, so you should cherish it.”

Children, it should be no problem to trick them down casually.

After speaking, he took a small ornament that he had just done from his storage ring, and pretended that himself changed it out, showing off, “How was it, I didn’t lie to you, right?”

The other party had obviously recovered from the surprise just a moment ago, but he was not interested in Chu Ci’s magic, just muttered, “I will too.”

Chu Ci saw that the child extended her index finger to draw a circle in the air. At the same time, an ice ring appeared in the air along the path of her circle. It was small, only about the size of the ring.

For the first time, Chu Ci unexpectedly saw the other magic besides the space division, and sighed, “Are you from the ice division? It’s better than me.” He was curious and moved close to see it.

The ice ring was not complete, there was a little flaw at the interface.

Obviously, the child also found it. He deflated his mouth and said, “There is flaw again.”

Chu Ci found that this person was about to cry. He was afraid of attracting other people to come, and quickly comforted, “No no, it’s very beautiful and very unique.” He pointed to the flaw and bragged, “This place is like a small hill.”

“That’s right.” Chu Ci reached out to the ring in the child’s hand and used his own space magic. After finishing, he said, “Now your ring is so amazing, you can put things, you try it!” He handed over all the small toys he had just taken out.

The child withdrew the tears in his eyes and tried it curiously. Sure enough, everything disappeared after touching the ring.

At this moment, Chu Ci felt his body shake, and he stood in front of the space tree again.

He let out a sigh of relief, ten minutes finally passed.

The child froze as he looked at the empty place with the ring in his hand.

Suddenly, the door opened.

“Fu Zhi, don’t stay alone, play with your brothers and sisters.”

When Gou Lan saw the strange ring in her son’s hand, her eyes flicked. Then, the ring slowly became two under her eyes.

She gaped and incredulously took the two rings in her child’s hand and screamed.

“Who is with Fu Zhi just now!!! This is the wedding ring, what’s going on!!!”

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