Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

40) Chapter 116.2 ♬

Chapter 116 Part 2:

He didn’t pay attention to it when seeing from afar. Now that he held it in his hands, Chu Ci recognized these ornaments at a glance. These were what he gave him at that time.

Chu Ci put down the things and carefully opened the brocade box.

There were really two identical rings inside.


Chu Ci silently sighed.

He had long forgotten the appearance of this ring, but when this ring appeared in front of his eyes, not only the memory of the ring became clear, even the process of making this ring appeared clearly in his mind, of course including the face of the little Fu Zhi.

It was really a little resemble.

Chu Ci withdrew his thoughts and quickly took out the rings, he put one on Fu Zhi’s finger and one on himself.

Although the two rings look the same size, but it was just right after putting in their respective hands, it must be the magic’s effect.

The system guided him, “Now you hold his hand, let the rings in your fingers touch each other, and then follow me to chant the spell.”

The system spoke a bunch of unclear words according to the information. Although Chu Ci didn’t understand it, he followed the words.

When he finished following all the system’s words, a blue and gray light appeared in their palms, and then the entire room was illuminated by the light.

Because the light was too strong, Chu Ci had to close his eyes.

Even with his eyes closed, he could feel the light in front of him changing from bright to dark, and then Chu Ci felt that there was liquid flowing out from the seam of his fingers that holding Fu Zhi’s hand.

Chu Ci opened his eyes and let go of Fu Zhi’s hand, there were transparent liquid on their palms. However, he doesn’t care about the water’s issue now.

“System, this…what’s going on?”

Chu Ci found that their wedding rings were gone. He had a guess in his heart, but it felt absurd, so he could only ask the system.

The system proudly said, “It’s just what you think, your wedding rings with him has turned into water, and the marriage pact on your body also untied.”

Chu Ci was still somewhat disbelief and quickly opened Fu Zhi’s palm, the mark on it was really gone.

Suddenly there was a little loss in his heart, but it was also relieved.

But he still didn’t understand and asked, “It was so easy to untie the marriage?”

The system explained, “It’s not easy. It’s accidental for you to untie it. At least one of the parties in the marriage must have serious injuries. What I just told you to chant is the spell to start the magic circle of life contract. Once the magic circle begins, it will take the initiative to gather the spell on the entire marriage pact to the life contract, which will be used to treat the body of the injured party. This time, because the nature of injury received by Fu Zhi is absorbed, so in the process of healing, all the magic power on the black mist’s curse is absorbed by the life contract, and the two kinds of magic that resisted each other finally dissipated. So the marriage pact is released on its own.”

Chu Ci nodded and said, “I understand.” Then he let out a sigh of relief, “Finally, this matter is solved perfectly. This is considered to be a blessing in disguise.”

“Forget it.”

Chu Ci put the storage ring that he had taken off from Fu Zhi’s hand back into his hand. He looked at the brocade box and ornaments that he had put aside, and could only put them in his storage ring.

The marriage pact was dissolved, he could no longer use Fu Zhi’s ring.

After packing things up, Chu Ci sat down again, he looked at Fu Zhi and said, “Is he all right now?”

The system said, “Yes, he’s just a little weak and can’t wake up immediately.”

“Then I’m relieved.” Chu Ci took a deep breath and said, “Since he is already okay, then I decided to leave this school tonight!”

The system said while processing the final list, “Think so open? Not a little bit reluctant to part with him?”

Chu Ci said calmly, “Si Yuan is right, since I can’t respond to him, I shouldn’t drag him.”

“Okay, okay.”

Chu Ci suddenly thought of the situation that night and determined, “Is the rift still there?”


“That’s good, I’m worried that it will be fixed after such a trouble.”

Chu Ci sat at the side of the bed until late at night, trying to make his primordial spirit to treat Fu Zhi as much as possible, hoping that everyone would see a healthy person after returning tomorrow.

It was very late at night, the whole school was quiet except for the library.

The system reminded, “It’s half past eleven.”

“Yeah.” Chu Ci responded, he looked at Fu Zhi and then got out of the medical room.

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