Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

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Chapter 45: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.20)


Translator: Mimi

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Chu Ci stood in front of the mirror and carefully checked his clothes and image.

He has an illusion that the power of his primordial spirit was increasing, otherwise how could he change from the withered look to the current complexion that was better than normal people in just a few days.

It should be known that it took several months for Xuan Lin to restore his health.

Chu Ci smiled at the mirror, and the person in the mirror smiled at him.

He didn’t expect that Yu Xin’s real look was even better than the adjusted face in the game. Now he was completely a boy with feminine face, and his face value was super-high.

If he now wore long hair and dressed in women’s clothes like in the game, he would be thought a girl unless he spoke.

However, because of the body he used, Chu Ci was not very satisfied with this face. He chose to be a man because he wanted to be a man. He liked to has the kind of heroic spirit’s beauty. Therefore, Chu Ci asked the stylist to dress himself in the way of the real boy.

Looking at his handsome look in the mirror, Chu Ci nodded with satisfaction.

The main purpose he attended this offline gathering was to clarify his gender, so men has to be a bit masculine.

However, Chu Ci felt that if this body was really a woman, then his mission would surely able to complete without worry. There was no need to be as scared as now to think about countermeasure.

In these few days, he has thought a lot about Chui Yan’s matter. He has thought of wearing women’s clothes to make Chui Yan forgot that he was a man, but after thinking again, he still felt that frankly acted as a man was the right thing to do. After all, it was a lifetime thing, gender issue was not easily solved.

This time, if it was success then his mission would complete, and if it was failure he would just let it go.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes at the mirror and went downstairs.

He still on the stairs when he was frightened by the lineup in the living room.

The whole family actually got up early in the morning and waiting for him. If outsider saw it, they will think he was going to go forever.

As a result, Chu Ci’s departure time was delayed for three hours.

Because grandmother doesn’t feel reassured, she explained all kinds of possible dangers he might encounter and provided solutions. At the same time, the two bodyguards that originally decided were added to ten.

But Chu Ci also understood that these were the kind intentions of the elders.

Chu Ci who went downstairs at seven o’clock only got on the car at ten o’clock.

The Yu family was not far from the activity center. Half an hour later, Chu Ci stood at the entrance of the gathering place.

At this moment, it was the peak period of gathering. Seeing the flow of people at the entrance, he knew how lively there was inside.

Chu Ci happily looked at the two big man behind him. Under his oppression, the remaining eight bodyguards were all left in the car. Because even if they only wore ordinary clothes, ten huge men gathered together would be very scary. He liked to be a bit low-key.

When he stepped into the gathering place, his whole person was driven by the atmosphere inside, as if excitement being poured by the holy water.

When he was radish, he was lonely for very long, so he especially liked the lively places. He has always been with the target who doesn’t like the lively in the previous world, so he didn’t have the opportunity to go to the lively places, this time was regard as the first time in thousands of years.

Chu Ci made the two bodyguards station far away to enjoy the feeling of people walking around him. He was wishing he could take root in this place.

Although he excited, he also didn’t forget his main purpose of coming here.

Chu Ci began to look for Dream Back’s booth. At the same time, he took out his cellphone to find a photo from the album.

It was the photo of a man and a woman, the main characters that he would meet today: Bai Yimeng and Chui Yan.

He specially copied this photo from the game, just to make it easier to find these people.

Chu Ci was observing the people around him while looking for the Dream Back’s site. The two people were most likely gathering with other players.

Dream Back was currently the most popular online game, so it was not difficult to find it. It didn’t take long for Chu Ci to see the sign with ‘Dream Back’ words.

There were a lot of people around. If it was not for the display sign was big enough, he might miss it.

Looking at the crowd, Chu Ci was eager to join in the fun, and ran quickly to be an onlooker.

It was important to find people, but it was not too much to rest for a while.

The booth was surrounded by circles of people, but Chu Ci didn’t feel pressured.

Although he looked a bit feminine, but other aspects were normal male specifications. Most of the people in front of him were shorter than him, his line of sight was quite wide.

He couldn’t help but somewhat disappointed when he saw clearly what was being watched.

It was not some interesting or good-looking things. It was just five people, three men and two women. Four of them have ordinary appearance. The other one was in distant and seemed very relaxing, but he wore a mask. His side was to his direction, so he couldn’t see clearly.

The five people seemed to be quarrelling.

Chu Ci uninterestingly glanced at the woman who was speaking, and stunned. He quickly picked up his cellphone and looked at it.

The woman in the photo looked exactly like the woman who spoke.

Chu Ci was surprise that he had found Bai Yimeng. Then he looked at the man who was holding another woman. Didn’t that Intoxicated Heart?

He didn’t forget the agreement at that time.

Chu Ci tried to squeeze into the crowd sideways, but it seemed a little difficult because of the crowd.

He could only turn his head to beckon the bodyguards who had been placed a little further away. He originally didn’t want to use this secret weapon.

It didn’t take long for Chu Ci to finally push people away and squeezed into the middle of the circle.

Regardless of the tense atmosphere of the five people, he walked to Bai Yimeng’s direction in a good mood.

Although there were five people, only Bai Yimeng and Intoxicated Heart were speaking.

Intoxicated Heart was viciously pointing at Bai Yimeng’s face and said, “If you don’t give back what you cheated from me, I will made you unable to play the game properly!”

Bai Yimeng also doesn’t give him a face and said, “You’re so disgusting, you gave it to me yourself…” She suddenly felt that someone in the crowd walked towards her and subconsciously looked over. She dumbfounded.

A handsome guy was looking at her with a smile as he walked to her direction. Bai Yimeng’s heart couldn’t help but jump, and she began to recall whether there was such admirer of her in the game.

Chu Ci didn’t look at the other people on the scene. He walked to the front of Bai Yimeng and said, “Hello, I’m Chu Ci in the game.”

Bai Yimeng’s eyes widened.

“You’re really a man.” Her words didn’t has that kind of harshness to Chu Ci in the game.

Chu Ci smiled and said, “I said that I’m a man, I hope you don’t get it wrong again later.”

Many of the onlookers were people who playing the Dream Back, and couldn’t help but discuss about it.

“This is actually that Ou Emperor with great luck?”

“Little brother is so handsome and beautiful!”

“F*ck, I feel like I’m going to bend.”

“You mustn’t bend, the competition between we women are already very fierce.”

Although Chu Ci showed off his good looks, he also didn’t forget that he still has to find Chui Yan. He asked Bai Yimeng, “Did you see your ex-boyfriend? I have matter to find him.”

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