Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

41) Chapter 45.2 ♬

Chapter 45 Part 2:

Bai Yimeng still didn’t answer when Chu Ci’s shoulders were embrace by a hand from behind him.

“Yimeng, I didn’t come here to find you. The two of us had already over when you proposed to break up. I won’t play the Dream Back game again, so you’re on your own.”

If ear could move, Chu Ci’s ears must be shaking.

Isn’t this Chui Yan’s voice?

Because the hand wrapped around his shoulders, he could only look sideways at the person beside him. He found that Chui Yan was the man who had not spoken and was wearing a mask before.

Chu Ci inspected countless beauties. Looking at him so close, he could see that Chui Yan was a beauty even if it was only the side and he was wearing a mask.

After speaking to Bai Yimeng, Chui Yan pulled Chu Ci to walk out of the crowd, at the same time he softly said, “Let’s go to a place with few people to talk.”

Chu Ci was stunned by the man pulled, but he didn’t forget to turn his head to the bodyguards who wanted to rush to him and gave an okay gesture, only then they calmed down.

Chu Ci just let Chui Yan pulled himself out of the event place and then into a good cafe.

Chui Yan took him to the seat by the window and said, “Sit down.”

Chu Ci sat down promptly and obediently. Chui Yan sat opposite of him, at the same time took off his mask.

Chu Ci pursed his lips, he felt his saliva almost came out.

Chui Yan’s look was much better than the photo. No wonder he need to wear a mask. Of course, Chu Ci could understand why ordinary people not dare to confess to him, because this distance feeling was too big.

Chu Ci lightly coughed and pretended to be serious, “Now you believe that I’m a man?”

“Yes.” The appearance of Chui Yan has changed but the way of him talking was the same as in the game, simple and clear.

“Then…do you still like?” Fearing that the other party didn’t understand what he meant, Chu Ci explained, “I mean if really because of my appearance in the game let you misunderstood, I will be responsible.”

Chui Yan raised his eyebrows and said, “How to be responsible?”

Chu Ci pretended to be hesitant and said shyly, “If you feel that you can accept this relationship between two men, we can continue it.”

This was the only way Chu Ci could think of to hook up with Chui Yan without a trace.

After saying this, the little bird in his heart cheerfully flapping its wings, shouting: quickly nodded, quickly nodded.

If Chui Yan was not disgusting with it, then he would try to find him in the next world. Faithful was his specialty.

However, Chui Yan remained silent and didn’t answer his question, before slowly said, “Are you going to play tomorrow?”

Chu Ci was frozen for a while and said, “I maybe go online.”

Chui Yan said, “Then I will wait for you tomorrow.”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes, his heart couldn’t help but feel sad. Was he being rejected?

“System! Did you see it!”

System: “I saw it, the other party seems to only want to have a relationship with you in the game.”

Chu Ci wrinkled his face and said disappointedly, “Okay.”


The two people ordered a drink. Chu Ci was ready to go back after drinking.

The plan failed, he was not interested to have fun anymore. Seeing that face of Chui Yan, he felt even worse.

What made him sad was that Chui Yan actually didn’t leave him, the two of them went out of the cafe and parted ways.

Chu Ci returned home at 11:30 o’clock, just in time for lunch at home.

Even if he said that he wouldn’t return at midday, his grandmother still prepared his share.

The concern and care of Yu family for him made Chu Ci felt a lot better.

Yu Xin’s family members were so nice. Since he occupied this body, he should show filial piety properly to them.

After a meal, Chu Ci also thought that since there was no hope for the next world, he should cherish this world and living well. Just manage to cultivate for a thousand years and has a lifetime as human, he considered to be lucky compared to ordinary people.

Chu Ci began to work hard recuperate and ready to welcome a new life.

Since the confession failed, the system never appeared again. It seemed that he also had no hope for him.

The next night, Chu Ci still thought of his agreement with Chui Yan.

He walked to the door of the room where the game cabin was placed and thought deeply, and finally decided not to meet.

If he wanted to play the game, he must ask father and mother. If they don’t permit it, he has to disturb grandmother. The main point was that the relationship in the game was not of any use to him.

After half a month, Chu Ci has been very healthy.

His body was completely recovered, he heard from his family members that his birthday was coming, and they also became busy.

Chu Ci heard that it was because this birthday party not only to celebrate his birthday but also celebrated his woke up. Therefore, the family held a very grand banquet and also invited various friends to come.

Chu Ci, who had given up the next world, began to secretly think about his lifelong major event.

He only has this lifetime, he should do whatever he want to do.

A human should be dating at this age. He doesn’t know if he could meet his future’s other half and living a happy life.


Lu family.

It was summer vacation now. Lu Jiang couldn’t go with ordinary college students to eat, drink and be merry. He has to go to the company to learn during the day, and he would take time in the game for a while at night.

But Chu Ci has never been online since returning from the offline gathering. At first he would wait until eleven o’clock, then slowly lost hope and went offline more and more early.

In the past, even if he was alone, he could stay in the game for three hours, but now he couldn’t even stay alone for three minutes.

Today, he stayed in the game for ten minutes before uninterestingly went offline.

He was intend to wait for a month. If this person never appeared, he could only use irregular means.

Dream Back game was a product of Lu family’s subsidiary company, it actually didn’t difficult if he wanted to check someone’s information, but he very much hope that this person could come out himself and explained the reason why he didn’t go online.

Lu Jiang just went offline, when his mother came over to find him.

“Jiangjiang, there will be a birthday banquet tomorrow, you must participate. Get off work early and we’ll go together.”

Lu Jiang looked at his mother strangely and said, “What birthday banquet? Didn’t you go before?”

“I heard that Yu family’s youngest son who was in a vegetative state after involved in the car accident a few years ago, woke up. This birthday party is not only to celebrate his birthday but also his recovery. This child is the favorite of the old lady of Yu family. But I heard that he could wake up thanks to that Dream Back game of our Lu family. You may be able to be a friend with him, and you should make more friends in the circle. It will always be helpful to you in the future.”

Lu Jiang repeatedly recalled his mother’s first sentence in his mind.

He squinted his eyes and said, “Okay.”

His mother stunned for a moment before said happily, “You’re really grow up, then I will wait for you at home tomorrow to set off together.”

Lu Jiang looked at the game cabin at the side and said, “Yes.”


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