Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

42) Chapter 117.2 ♬

Chapter 117 Part 2:

Chu Ci rushed into the medical room, and Fu Zhi was still lay there just like when he left.

He rushed over urgently, because considering that the hair would cause extraordinary image, Chu Ci walked to the front of the bed and took off Fu Zhi’s pants.

“It’s really him!” Chu Ci looked at a certain place in surprise, actually having the urge to cry.

Because the system concerned about the development of the situation, he also payed attention to Chu Ci’s every move. He originally wanted to remind Chu Ci to leave the school gate and tried again. He didn’t expect Chu Ci directly pulled down Fu Zhi’s pants after entered the door.

What kind of action was this?

At this time, Fu Zhi’s eyelids moved slightly, and then he slowly opened his eyes.

He was stunned when he saw the tearful Chu Ci, but the other party obviously didn’t discover that he had awake.

Fu Zhi followed Chu Ci’s line of sight to his lower body, only to find that his pants were inexplicably taken off.

His eyes slightly deepened and said, “What? Is this means you are agree to devote your life to me?”

Chu Ci was stunned and then turned his eyes to look at Fu Zhi, he sniffed his nose and said, “Yes!”


The next morning, the people who tried to find the information in the library the whole night were dragged their heavy bodies back to check Fu Zhi’s physical condition.

They had just pushed the door and saw two people sleeping on a single bed.

At this time, Fu Zhi who was supposed to be seriously injured and in a coma, sat there refreshingly, while the person who stayed behind to take care of him was still asleep.

Guo Lan blankly looked at the situation in front of her for a moment, and then tremblingly pointed at the two people on the bed and said, “This…what’s going on?”

Fu Zhi pulled the quilt to the person beside him and said seriously, “Mother, he is the one I want to marry.”

Guo Lan originally still exhausted body was sober entirely. She suddenly remembered that this man named Ye Xin was Meng Chen’s people. She quickly looked at Meng Chen behind her and said, “Is this your family’s child? Quickly take him away.”

Although Meng Chen was a little shocked, he just laughed, “Now shouldn’t we care about Fu Zhi’s body? Moreover, the two child are both willing, just let them together.”

Seeing Meng Chen refused to stand on the same side with her, Guo Lan complained tearfully to Fu Xi, “Can’t be like this! I have been waiting for fourteen years, hoping that he can break away of the relationship with men.”

Fu Zhi quickly said, “Mother, he is that boy I have the marriage with in my childhood. I just want to marry him.”

Gou Lan was speechless by her son, she looked at Fu Zhi and then looked at Meng Chen, and directly rushed out of the door.

Fu Xi looked at his son and then looked at Meng Chen and sighed, “Fu Zhi likes him, I won’t object. But my wife is a little conservative, don’t mind it, I will persuade her.” After finished speaking, he chased out.

“This stinky boy saved you and didn’t tell us, cause us to find the information all night in vain.” Meng Chen looked at the person who was still asleep, saying, “Since you’re saved, I can be at ease to go rest. I’m exhausted after researching the information all night. I also had to inform the two people in the library.” After speaking, he left the medical room in a big swing.

“I cause trouble for you.” Fu Zhi said before Meng Chen went out.

When the room returned to calm, Fu Zhi lowered his head to look at the person who was still sleeping peacefully.


A hundred years later, Fu Zhi came to the end of his life. Chu Ci pulled his hand and said, “Remember, my name is Chu Ci, not Ye Xin, and I will come to find you.”

Fu Zhi gently grasped his hand to show that he knew, and then slowly closed his eyes.

After the strength in his hand was completely loose, Chu Ci also left the sixth world and returned to the void.

Because he was full of confidence for the future, he didn’t feel too sad this time. He just felt that he was one step closer to being with that person.

“Congratulations, you completed the sixth world’s mission.” The system that disappeared for a long time arrived punctually.

Chu Ci nodded and took the initiative to ask, “Do you have something to ask me?”

The system didn’t expect Chu Ci to ask first, and then admitted, “Yes.”

Chu Ci said with a smile, “I never expected you to hold back until I completed the sixth world’s mission before asking.”

“It’s nothing, my time here is passing quite fast.” The system then asked, “When did you know that the target is the same person?”

Chu Ci didn’t answer immediately and actually said mischievously, “Will there be bad consequences if I say it?”


After get guaranteed, Chu Ci said, “I begin to have doubt from the third world.”

The system puzzled, “Just rely on that?”

“Otherwise?” Chu said, “It’s so big in every world. As the one being pressure by that many times, if I don’t have doubts, then I’m a fool. Moreover, I said that I’m a single-minded person.”

“Ai—” The system sighed and thought about the future affairs, he had better not say it, “It’s fine to know, anyway, in the next world, even if you don’t know before, you should know.”

Chu Ci said doubtfully, “How?”

“You will know when you go.”

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