Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

42) Chapter 45.3 ♬

Chapter 45 Part 3:

The banquet was held as scheduled.

Chu Ci gorgeously dressed by grandmother, but fortunately the appearance still seemed to be a boy.

These days he heard that grandmother always wanted a granddaughter. Unexpectedly, the grandson gave birth to one after another. Because he looked most like a girl, so grandmother felt a little comfort in her heart.

Because he just recovered from a serious illness, he didn’t need to worry about the banquet. He just had to eat, drink and be merry at the arranged seat as a mascot.

Chu Ci stayed in his own exclusive seat and eating what he liked. This position was specially arranged by his family, because they afraid that he was boring, and here he could look at the guests. While stuffed things in his mouth, he looked at the guests from time to time.

The entrance seemed to be cast with the array in general, as many neat and beautiful beauties emerged from it.

As he looked at it, a familiar face suddenly appeared in his line of sight.

Chu Ci stunned and suddenly coughed up.

Chui Yan was in formal attire talking to his father and mother at the entrance.

How could he be here? Don’t tell me the two families know each other?

He doesn’t know what he said to his mother. Chu Ci saw his mother pointed to his own direction, and then Chui Yan looked at him.

Chu Ci subconsciously wanted to hide, but while his position was convenient for him to see the guests, it was also convenient for the guests to see him.

Lu Jiang saw the familiar face as soon as he turned his head. The other party was obviously somewhat nervous when he saw him. It seemed that he still knew what he did wrong.

“I’ll talk to him.”

After speaking to the hostess, Lu Jiang lifted his feet and walked toward Chu Ci’s direction.

Chu Ci not dare to look away and could only swallow down. If he hid now, it would prove that he has a guilty conscience. He should not feel guilty, but confessing.

He suddenly felt that it was very impolite action to not go online at the appointed time. He doesn’t know if it was too late to apologize. By the way, he must quickly think of an excuse.

Chu Ci watched the target slowly approaching himself. There was no excessive expression on the other party’s face, but he felt guilty.

He thought of a good reason, just used grandmother!

Chu Ci promptly put down the food in his hand, he waved his hand to Chui Yan and said, “Master, what a coincidence ah.”

Sigh, I always feel that this way of greeting is a little weird.

Chui Yan walked to the front of Chu Ci, he didn’t speak and just stood there, looking at him.

Chu Ci couldn’t hold it any longer and could only shift his attention, he patted the place beside him and said, “Would you like to sit down…and eat something?”

Seeing this person refused to explain first, Lu Jiang could only helplessly say, “Why didn’t you go online that day?”

Chu Ci quickly used the reason he had just figured out, he said with aggrieved tone, “Because my body just recovered, grandmother doesn’t let me play.”

Chui Yan raised his eyebrows and said, “Is it recovered properly now?”

Chu Ci nodded his head, “Yes.”

“Then, why didn’t you go online afterwards? Did your body recover properly today?”

You don’t have to question intensely like this, right?

Chu Ci was asked into speechless.

He obviously didn’t have to be afraid of Chui Yan, but he couldn’t help terrified to offend.

At this time, he could only pretend to be pitiful. This method, he never failed over when he was still a radish.

Chu Ci immediately looked pitifully at Chui Yan, “I like you, so I don’t want to be a couple with you only in the game. I think it’s better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony, and decided to break early.”

Lu Jiang frowned as he looked at Chu Ci, obviously it was effective.

“When did I say that I wants to be a couple with you in the game?”

Seeing it was effective, Chu Ci continued to say pitifully, “Didn’t it precisely what you said?”

This time, Chui Yan was silent. The atmosphere was somewhat heavy.

Chu Ci then recalled what he had said in a mess, but one couldn’t retrieve what they said out, just let it be.

He quietly picked up a cherry and put it in his mouth.

At this time, Chui Yan suddenly said solemnly, “I don’t like to give unreliable promise, so I plan to report this matter to my parents first to get permission, before I tell you.”

Chu Ci’s mouth was bulging stuffed with fruit, he immediately stopped chewing because of Chui Yan’s words.

Chui Yan doesn’t care about his bulging cheeks, he looked straight at him and continued, “My parents already agree to let me marry you.”

Chui Yan’s words were like the bomb, as it dropped one by one in his ears, and the power was also bigger than the other, which directly blew Chu Ci.

Happiness came too suddenly.

Chu Ci was in a daze for a while before slowly came over. There was still something to eat in his mouth but his mind was not affected by this.

“Ahhhhhh! System, quickly come out! Super emergency!” Chu Ci now doesn’t know whether he was excited or nervous or at a loss.

“Be quiet, I’m going to be deaf. What the matter?”

Chu Ci couldn’t pretend to be calm in front of the system, he shouted, “The target, he like me!”

“Wait a minute!” The system was silent for a moment, before said doubtfully, “Really bent by you?”

“Bent bent!” Chu Ci was screaming excitedly while said to the system, “I won’t believe you anymore. What straight as heaven pillar, all of them are flexible! If the female lead’s morality and conduct is still like this in the next world, I will directly take the stage myself.”

The system said indifferently, “The data on my side has been almost collected. Currently, it seems that the target of the next world is also a straight man. If you have the ability, just go break off his relationship.”

“Break off just break off!”

“My name is Lu Jiang, do you willing to spend your future’s days together with me?” Chui Yan’s voice rang in his ears.

Chu Ci returned to his senses by this voice. He found that Chui Yan unknowingly walked to behind him. At this moment, he was stick close to his body and talked at the side of his ear.

He could only nodded blankly, “Will…willing.”

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