Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

43) Chapter 46.1 ♬

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Chapter 46: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.21)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci was leaning at the bathroom door, listening to the sound of water inside.

Today he officially married the target, and now it should be the legendary wedding night.

Lu Jiang was a very decent man. Before they got married, he didn’t want to touch him and said that lovemaking was a lifetime’s matter. If he did it before married, he would die with a remaining grievance if he accidentally died.

However, Chu Ci didn’t believe these. He secretly felt that Lu Jiang was likely to have a disease. He remembered a word called impotence.

Because Lu Jiang has never kissed him since they met in reality to now married. The relationship between the two of them was just holding hands and hugging. Moreover, he learned from the system that Lu Jiang also has never do it with Bai Yimeng. So there was definitely a problem!

The sound in the bathroom suddenly stopped.

Chu Ci quietly walked away.

When Lu Jiang came out of the bathroom, he saw Chu Ci pretended to be looking at the scenery.

After Chu Ci saw that he had come out, he immediately turned around and looked at him. His eyes unconsciously aimed at his lower body, but unfortunately he couldn’t see it because of the bath towel.

Lu Jiang noticed his line of sight and said, “Want to see it?” His tone was calm, but has a trace of tempting.

Although Chu Ci didn’t fall in love with Lu Jiang, this man actually to his liking, and couldn’t help but swallowing, “Yes…we are married, and you still hide your little guy from me?”

“So you want to see.” Lu Jiang said affirmly.

Then he loosened the towel without the slightest hesitation.

Chu Ci looked at the thing between Lu Jiang’s legs.

It turned out to be a big guy!

Chu Ci couldn’t help but compare Lu Jiang’s with Xuan Lin’s, it seemed almost the same. The curiosity just now turned into fear in an instant.

His body was still young. He didn’t forget his first experience, and he might would never forget it.

It was painful!

But after a second thought, Lu Jiang was impotence, and there was nothing to fear.

However, it didn’t take long for Chu Ci to discover that this man was not only didn’t sick but also very healthy!

The same movement, the same primordial spirit. When Chu Ci was made to be unconscious and thought that it ended, he only found that life has just begun~


They rolled in the sheets again last night. So as usual, Chu Ci could relax on the bed and accompany Lu Jiang for breakfast. At the moment, he was lying in bed to restore his body, and Lu Jiang has gone out to the company.

Since the two of them together, Chu Ci has been responsible for beautiful, and Lu Jiang was responsible for making money to support the family, although they were not short of money.

Although Chu Ci was recover his body, his head didn’t stop to rest.

He has been thinking about one thing recently.

Since he buried something in the previous world, he would also bury something in this world. Anyway, he was not short of money.

He has already ordered a pair of diamond rings online, the most expensive and limited edition one. He originally wanted to buy one, but after thinking about it, he decided to buy a pair. Anyway, he buried a pair in the last world. It was a good thing and not too much.

The place to bury it has been chosen, just at the corner of their residence. At that time, he would plant something there to make it easy to find later.

The items would probably arrive today.


His stomach that used to eat on time began to protest.

Chu Ci could only slowly get out of bed to eat.

Lu Jiang also knew that he would be uncomfortable, so he placed the food beside the bed.

After eating his fill, Chu Ci reached out his hand and took the game helmet on the bedside, then put it on. Playing game doesn’t hinder his body repair, maybe he would be completely healthy at the time he went offline.

As soon as Chu Ci went online, he received a secret chat from Chui Yan.

[Secret Chat] Chui Yan: Come to this matchmaker, get married.

Chu Ci curled his lips, but he still went to the matchmaker.

Lu Jiang company has produce a lot of games, and he would play every game. When he played a new game, the other party would follow over. The first thing that he would do was to get married, saying it was fun.

It didn’t take long for their names to appear together on the World. Chu Ci looked at Chui Yan’s face and said, “Why do you make your face so ugly?”

Chui Yan calmly said, “I’m afraid that you are jealous.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows.

People, too good memory was not good.

In the last game, Chui Yan’s face didn’t alter too much, and then he started attracting bees and butterflies as soon as he entered the game. Chu Ci right away stopped playing in a fury.

Then the man learned his lesson.

In the evening, Chu Ci’s timing reminded him before he came down slowly from the game.

The new game was always more attractive, so he couldn’t help but play longer. Now he doesn’t do business, rather join the sect and tried hard to become a highly skilled great god. The object of practice was his own man.

Chu Ci took off his helmet and saw Lu Jiang standing in front of him, while holding a small box in his hand.

Lu Jiang shook it and said, “Did you buy the ring?”

There was the trademark of this brand on the box, which was specially made for the ring. Lu Jiang would know at a glance.

Chu Ci didn’t avoid the topic and happily nodded his head, “Yes! Super nice! Do you want to see it?”

Lu Jiang nodded and handed the box to his darling.

Chu Ci simply opened the ring box and held it in front of Lu Jiang as if he was offering a treasure.

Two gorgeous diamond rings appeared in Lu Jiang’s field of view.

Lu Jiang bent the corner of his mouth and said, “This is the first time you have given me a gift.”

Chu Ci’s originally proud expression solidified after hearing Lu Jiang’s words.

He didn’t intend to give it to the target, but the target seemed to think it was for him...

Experience told Chu Ci that he couldn’t tell the truth.

He looked at the two rings that were supposed to be his own hard money, and endured heartache as he put one of the rings on Chui Yan’s finger and said, “I think this ring is especially suitable for you so I bought it.”

Lu Jiang was really excited, he reached out for another ring and put it on Chu Ci’s finger.

Then the person on the bed was stripped clean by him.

The tears in Chu Ci’s heart turned into a river. Knowing that Lu Jiang wouldn’t change his heart, so apart from himself, he had never given the other party anything.

He didn’t expect that a ring could excite the target like this. It seemed that he has to treat him better in the future.

But forget it, he would stay in this world for so long, the next time definitely come.


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