Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

44) Chapter 46.2 ♬

Chapter 46 Part 2:

The night after decades.

Two old men were lying on the bed hand in hand. Both of them wearing a pair of sunglasses.

This was a holographic online game linker.

At this moment, Chu Ci and Chui Yan were seeing the scenery in the game.

Chui Yan walked in the front, and Chu Ci walked in the back. The two of them slowly walked across the Flower Ocean.

Suddenly the person in front stopped his footsteps and said, “I’m a little reluctant, what’s to be done.”

Chu Ci also stopped and smiled, “Then you wait for me, walks together, maybe we can still meet in the next life.”

He learned from the system that the target’s lifespan would come to an end tomorrow, and obviously Lu Jiang was aware of it. These years, because of the effect of his primordial spirit, although they were both old men, they were very healthy. But he should be able to feel that the oil of the lamp was exhausting to the limit.

Chui Yan turned his head, his appearance was still look the same as when he was young. He seemed to have figured it out and bent the corner of his mouth, “Okay.”

Chu Ci was pulled out of the second world in his sleep.

He returned to the void again. Suddenly left a place where he had stayed for decades, it was inevitable that there was a burst of melancholy in his heart.

System: “Congratulations for complete your second mission.”

Chu Ci stunned, before said with a smile, “People have soul, Lu Jiang should really wait for me, right?”

System: “Don’t think about it, he can’t wait for you even if he want to wait, he has a place to go.”

Chu Ci smiled bitterly and said, “System, what’s to be done, why do I have a feeling of living enough?”

System: “This is just the aftermath of staying in a world for a long time. Think about the future’s dimension world, it’s much more interesting than these worlds.”

Chu Ci took a deep sigh to adjust his emotions, only then he said, “Let’s go to the next world!”

System: “Okay!”

Chu Ci felt that his body just lightened for a moment before sank again. It seemed that he had entered the body, but he couldn’t open his eyes temporarily.

System: “Your body has just been drowned so you need your primordial spirit to repair it. I will pass the information to you first.”

After the system’s words fell, the information of this world appeared in Chu Ci’s head.

Chu Ci looked strangely and said, “Don’t you say that you have long been prepared the information of this world? Why is it so little?”

System: “At this point, there are too many variables so I don’t want to mislead you.”

Chu Ci said doubtfully, “So what do you spend so long doing?”

System: “In order to prevent the target from having the situation like in the first world, we have to observe carefully.”

Chu Ci suspiciously looked at the information sent by the system.

This time, it was actually ancient times world! After Chu Ci stayed in the modern times, and he recalled the ancient times he had experienced, it was uninteresting and boring, and his whole person was discouraged.

“I didn’t expect the thing that I’m worry about still happening.” He heard from people who have become demons that the time of the parallel worlds were not necessarily the same, so it was inevitable that ancient times would appear.

System: “What?”

“I don’t like ancient times.”

But seeing that the target was a prince, Chu Ci was a bit comforting. The prince’s life was the best in ancient times. Moreover, he was a crown prince. After he became an emperor in the future, it would be more comfortable.


“System, the target actually a fool? Are you mistaken? He is a crown prince.”

System: “Don't worry, this is only temporary, he would return to normal in the future.”

Chu Ci continued to look at the information suspiciously. The target of this world liked a palace maid. This palace maid seemed very ambitious and wanted to be an empress, but the target became a fool, made her happiness turned into nothing. She had not reconciled, so she hook up with the candidate of the most likely to become the next crown prince. But step by step of the wrong, she directly led the target to no longer believe in women.

“How do I do this? Will I need to persuade the female lead to be a bit sober?”

System: “Didn’t you say you want to go on your own? Why do you have to persuade the female lead?”

Chu Ci said, “That’s a special situation, but being bottom for a lifetime is hard to take, all right!”

After finished speaking, Chu Ci looked at the information of the original owner. It was very simple, without father and mother, and was a servant beside the crown prince, named An Ning. He was very satisfied with this identity. He could skip the step of building the relationship. It was very difficult to get close to such a person as crown prince.

System: “Done reading it?”

Chu Ci said, “Done.”

System: “Then get up.”

After Chu Ci determined that his primordial spirit fully repaired his body, he tried hard to support his eyelids, and the light slowly enlarged.

The antique room appeared before his eyes, and his nose smelt the moldy wood scent.

He looked around and silently sighed, “Ai, the shabby bed, the shabby quilt, the servant and the crown prince are really very different as sky and earth. I have enjoyed the blessing two lifetimes in a row, I’m afraid that I will suffer hardship in this life.”

“Oh, An Ning, you finally woke up!”

Chu Ci looked at the door. A fair boy ran over and said, “You at last woke up! No one is there at His Highness the crown prince’s side for several days. You can hurriedly return.”

Chu Ci was lying down in the bed and said, “I just woke up from drowning, can’t you let me rest?”

“We are eunuchs, where the turn to get the master feel sorry for you ah.”

Chu Ci frozen for a moment, making sure the words that he had just heard, before quickly reached out his hand to touch his crotch.

“System! You are not a true friend!”

“Isn’t this an eunuch…”

“Why don’t you just let me be a woman, that’s more convenient.”

“The eunuch is the most convenient in the imperial palace like this. Anyway, you are here to do the mission, and not to get married and have children.”

“He, I break off relations with you for a day.”

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