Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

5) Chapter 142.1 ♬

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Chapter 142: Master, Don’t Cultivate Immortals (9.3)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci looked at his wife stern expression before him and said completely unbelieving, “You made me soak in that kind of place. Are you get this heartless?”

Zi Yan doesn’t avoid his sight and calmly said, “It’s a little difficult, so I hope you can study hard.”

You actually didn’t deny it directly?

Chu Ci stared at the man before him and softly complained, “Did you not love me? The previous you used to spoil me.” He tried to rouse the man before him with this.

However, Zi Yan was completely unmoved, instead he said seriously, “I’m me, not the previous me, only the current me.”

For a moment, Chu Ci was unhappy because of Zi Yan’s negation of the past, and then he suddenly realized something and beamingly looked at the man in front of him, saying, “You say this, doesn’t because you jealous of your previous lives, right?” Otherwise why he actively denied the previous himself even if he took over the memories.

Zi Yan doesn’t answer, but instead shifted the topic, “I need to go to the Wenxin Hall to discuss affairs with other elders, you should study hard here. If you haven’t accomplished it before dark, you will sleep in the cold pool at night.” After speaking, he turned to leave.

Although he didn’t admit it, his attitude had already explained everything.

Chu Ci looked at Zi Yan who disappeared at the door, stupefied. He thought of what he said before leaving and immediately shouted, “I didn’t sleep in your room again. If you dare to say that I can sleep with you if I learns, I promise to learn now just for you.”

After speaking, Chu Ci looked forward to hear Zi Yan’s answer, but the entire Qingzhou Hall was quiet.

He unwillingly ran to the doorway to look at it and there was no figure outside.

“He! I don’t believe you didn’t hear it!” Chu Ci walked back to the study room with the book. He sat on the cushion on the floor and leaned against the edge of the table, sloppily turning over the book that was stuffed into his hand by his wife.

Suddenly, his fingers that flipped over the book paused, and then he directly covered the book.

“I can’t read it anymore.” Chu Ci complained to the system in his mind, “I have been cultivate demons path for hundreds of years. Although I haven’t succeed, it’s also because of my own constitution. How can the concept of hundreds of years be reversed in a single day? It’s definitely impossible for me to cultivate immortals, at least in a short time!”

The system faintly said, “If the target says to learn just for to sleep with you?”

Chu Ci silent for a while and still said firmly, “That’s might able to stimulate my potential.”

“Then you just imagine the stimulate.”

“It’s useless to imagine it, I need it to be true. The best my wife take the initiative to say that.”

The system could only helplessly say, “Then you can only use a stupid way, you have better ready to go to the cold pool.”

“No, no, no!” Chu Ci refused, “I don’t have to use a stupid way. I have to think of a good way, such as using this face and body of mine to seduce him and let him willingly give up the idea.”

Chu Ci looked around, trying to find a way to take this person to bed.

Of course, it was out of the question to use a tough posture, because he was not an opponent of Zi Yan at all, he had to think of a half-forced method.

Chu Ci saw that there was no inspiration in the room, he immediately got up and threw the book away.

He first went to the door of the study room to look around. After making sure that there was no one, he slipped out.

Chu Ci strolled around and found that in Qingzhou Hall, he couldn’t find a second person. He looked at the exit of Qingzhou Hall and thought of an idea, and then immediately sneaked out.

He had to find someone to ask something.

Just after Chu Ci stepped out of the Qingzhou Hall, Zi Yan immediately detected it.

Not long after he walked out of the Qingzhou Hall, he met an attendant boy. Chu Ci immediately recognized that person was the one who gave him clothes in the morning, and he immediately followed.

“Wait a moment!”

The attendant boy turned his head to see when he heard someone speaking. When he saw the person, he immediately recognized him. When he thought back about the matter in the morning, the attendant boy immediately looked at his clothes and saw that the man was already wearing normal clothes, and then let out a sigh of relief. Thinking of the situation he saw in the morning, he couldn’t help blushing again.

“What can I help you?”

Chu Ci stepped forward and quietly said, “Are you the one who has been responsible for Zi Yan’s daily life?”

The attendant boy saw that the man in front of him call the elder’s name, he immediately forgot his previous random thoughts and quickly corrected, “You should call him Master.”

“Ah, yes! I’m still not used to it, thank you for reminding me.” Chu Ci admitted his mistake with a good attitude, and then went straight to the subject, “Do you know what Zi…Master care about the most? What’s his favorite? What’s he most afraid of?”

The attendant boy blinked his eyes and said, “Do you want to ask the elder’s weakness?”

Chu Ci quickly nodded and said, “Yes, yes, exactly his weakness.”

The attendant boy shook his head and said with a smile, “The elder has no weaknesses.”

“No weakness?” Chu Ci said with disbelief, “How can there be no weakness?”

“Really not.”

Just when Chu Ci wanted to let the attendant boy to think carefully, the system suddenly said, “The target’s weakness is probably you.”

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