Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

5) Chapter 66.1 ♬

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Chapter 66: Marked by Beastman (4.3)


Translator: Mimi

The system decline to comment at Chu Ci’s words and chose silence.

No need to think about how to explain, Chu Ci was happy. He started to clean his body as quickly as possible. Although Qin An was a little bastard, to be able to trick a wealthy omega to raise himself with his look, eating and drinking with him carefree and without worries, of course he has to take care of his body cleanly and refreshingly. So the dirty things on his body were just because he hitted by the car and rolled on the ground, and it became clean after he took a bath.

When Chu Ci walked out of the bathroom, he found that he was in the same room where he recuperated before, and there was a set of clean clothes on the bed.

Chu Ci picked up the clothes and put them on his body. The time of a person bathing was limited. He has to go early so as not to fall behind. Now the question about Lian Cen’s true identity was wandering around in his heart, if he doesn’t immediately resolve it, he just felt unable to sit still.

The clothes were obviously made by the beastman standard, which was bigger for him.

While rolling up the sleeves, Chu Ci talked to the system with grinning, “System, show me the way, I’m going to see Sir Lian Cen bathing.”

The system ridiculed, “I really didn’t expect you to change your heart so quickly. Obviously, you are being very much in love with Moqi Sui just recently, and you immediately changed your mind after changed the world.”

“Isn’t it what your side want for me to be proactive?” Chu Ci firmly said, “Moreover, I want to see him as soon as possible in order to finish the mission early.”

Chu Ci’s mouth said this, but he secretly said sorry to the system in his heart. He could only hide this matter, as long as the other party doesn’t explain it frankly.

The system was also comply with him and said, “After you go out of this room, walk to the left and walk along the corridor. Don’t turn after the end. After crossing the railing and walking along the outer wall of the house, you can see him. Hurry up, he will finish in about half an hour.”

Chu Ci grinned, he opened the door a crack and looked around. After making sure that no one was guarding the door, he went out as quietly as possible and quietly closed the door, then disappeared into the depths of the long corridor.

After walking to the end of the long corridor according to the system, he carefully crossed the railing and continued walking along the outer wall. Soon Chu Ci heard the sound of water flowing in the darkness. Then, he saw a lamp with excellent style appeared in front of him, which illuminated the open space in the front, including the round outdoors bathing pool. The bathing pool was surrounded by a half-height stone wall.

Seeing that the place he was looking for was found, Chu Ci immediately hidden himself.

This place was definitely the bathing pool of Sir Lian Cen. Although he didn’t see anyone at a glance, the system said he was there.

After Chu Ci stabilized his breath, he began to look for the target figure in the pool.

The system couldn’t help wondering, “Peeking at someone’s bath can satisfy you in what way? I remember you didn’t have this eccentricity before.”

Chu Ci said proudly, “You don’t understand. Moreover, you are busy before, how do you know that I don’t have this hobby?”

He concentrated his attention and quietly looking at the pool, and soon found Lian Cen was leaning against the pool with his eyes closed.

“Tsk tsk, his figure is indeed better than me.”

Chu Ci changed his angle and tried to see what he wanted to see, while saying to the system, “You said that I’m an alpha in this world, is it possible for me to be the top? I chose to be a man at that time not to be push down by a man ah.”

The system said without the slightest hesitation this time, “It’s unlikely, the other party is a beastman after all.”

Chu Ci frowned and said, “Why can’t you find me a stronger body? Every time I’m a weak group. No matter how, I’m a thousand year old spiritual radish, it’s too unspeakable to always being pressed. If it go out, I’ll become a laughingstock.”

The system said helplessly, “This is not my fault. It’s not easy for a big person to approach him. Besides, various factors must be considered. Your body is already our choice after various eliminates.”

“Ai!” Chu Ci sighed silently in his heart, he narrowed his eyes and looked into the pool. But, because it was night now and the key part of Lian Cen was under the water, and he still stood so far, it was simply impossible to see clearly.

He changed the angle a few times to no avail, and then secretly hid there waiting for Lian Cen to stand up.

Anyway, in less than half an hour, this person would done bathing.

Although saying this, Chu Ci became sleepy after waiting for a while in the small corner. The person inside was sitting there motionlessly as if absorbing the essence of the sun and moon, making him completely unable to lift his spirits.

“Have you seen enough, Chu Ci?” Just as Chu Ci tried to concentrate his attention, Lian Cen’s voice floated gently from the direction of the pool, and his originally sleepy head immediately sober up as if being splashed with a bucket of ice water.

He clearly very careful, how could he be found?

Sure enough, you can’t do this kind of secretly peeking things.

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