Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

5) Chapter 99.1 ♬

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Chapter 99: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.3)


Translator: Mimi

After the screaming of Mrs. Gou Lan, everyone gathered over, and when they saw the rings in her hand, they immediately became in a mess.

Fu Zhi confused when he was brought to the room where the adults at home would usually go to when they discussed the big matter.

He was surrounded by a group of people and found that everyone had worry look on their face.

Fu Zhi was the eldest son of the Fu family. His marriage event was regard as more important to everyone. They never thought it would happen like this suddenly. The crucial point was that no one knew how he was tied up to this marriage.

Gou Lan crouched in front of Fu Zhi and calmly asked as gentle as possible, “Fu Zhi, tell mom who made this ring with you?”

Fu Zhi blinked his eyes doubtfully and said, “A boy as big as me.”

After listening to her son’s words, Gou Lan’s face that already had a bad complexion, immediately became ash like dead. If it was not for someone supported her, she might be fainted.

She took a deep breath to stabilize her emotions before saying without give up, “Fu Zhi, are you not mistake? Really a boy? Not a girl who looks like a boy?”

Fu Zhi nodded seriously and said dissatisfiedly, “Boy and girl, I still know clearly.”

With red eyes, Gou Lan turned around and threw herself into her husband’s arms, crying.

“How can such a thing happen. If it’s a girl, let it be. Why to be a boy.”

Fu Xi patted her shoulder and comforted, “What about the two men, it it common for two men to be together now, right?”

Gou Lan wept, “Although it’s everywhere, but Fu Zhi is your eldest son! How can he marry a man as a wife!”

Fu Zhi seemed to understand the conversation between his father and his mother. Although he doesn’t understand that himself obviously hadn’t exchanged a ring with the other party but arose a marriage, he still said, “Since the marriage has already happened, I will marry him even if he is a boy.”

As soon as he said this, Guo Lan covered his mouth with fright, “Fu Zhi, don’t talk nonsense, the marriage can still be solved.” She said wonderingly, “Why a four years old kid can freely enter and exit the Fu family?”

The old man on the side stroking his beard and said, “According to Fu Zhi’s words, it can be known that this child came in using space technique. But the Fu family have so many experts of Magic Instructor level and no one aware of it shows that he has no spell fluctuations. Using space technique without spells fluctuates, as far as I know, only the space tree in the Misplace Forest can do it.”

Guo Lan wondered, “Is it the tree that can take you anywhere for ten minutes when you touches it?”

The old man nodded, and then asked Fu Zhi, “Did that child mention the word ten minutes?”

Fu Zhi nodded his head.

Fu Xi smiled and patted his wife’s shoulder, “It should be a child of the space mage. This marriage may be a misunderstanding. The two of them should not see each other again.” He turned his head to look at the old man and said, “I remember you have that spell to remove the marriage, how many years can be reduced on the basis of 20 years?”

The old man nodded and said, “Yes, it can be reduced by five years.”

Fu Xi said, “Just 19 years old and grow to adulthood, not too late.”

Gou Lan impatiently held his son to the front of the old man and said, “Then please hurry up.”

The old man took Fu Zhi’s hand and stroked his palm a few times, and soon a gray heart appeared in his palm. He could see it beating when he looked closely.

Fu Zhi was full of interest in this gray heart.

After finishing, the old man pointed to this gray mark, “This is the boy’s heart shape, gray represents the color of the magic attribute of the space division. When the mark disappears, it means that the marriage pact between the two people is broken. During this period of time, you must go out less, it’s better not to go out. If two people accidentally run into each other, the time will be back to zero.”

Gou Lan quickly nodded, “We’ll pay attention.”


Chu Ci completely didn’t know that what he did inadvertently caused a certain place in this world to fall into a vigilant state. Seeing that he came back, he ran to the tree of his house.

At the same time, he asked with concern in his mind, “System, has Meng Chen returned?”

The system said, “Not yet, you hurry up. I see him ready to come back, he will appear in front of you in five seconds.”

“Got it!” Chu Ci inhaled and worked hard to speed up the pace.

However, his body was too small, and his running speed was unstable. He wobbled all the way, and almost fell off several times.

Finally, he stood under the big tree.

Chu Ci looked up and found that he had come down from such a high place, suddenly a little admire his courage.

But now was not the time to think about this, he had to go back first.

Chu Ci rubbed his hands symbolically and grabbed the rough vine to climb up.

It was much more difficult to go up than come down, especially because he still used small arms and legs that was not strong.

However, he ran down himself, he had to crawl back.

“The old man is coming back!” The voice of the system suddenly sounded in his mind.

Chu paused, helplessly looking up at the tree that had only climbed halfway, holding the vine and burying his head in the tree leaves with resigned face.

“Forget it, wait for scolding.”

“3, 2, 1, appear!” The system counted down in his mind.

Meng Chen returned to the tree house and found that he didn’t see Ye Xin who should have practiced the spell at the doorway. He couldn’t help somewhat frustrated and scolded that person who made him returned late.

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