Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

6) Chapter 120.2 ♬

Chapter 120 Part 2:

Chu Ci saw that the other party took the initiative to change the topic, he immediately put a fake smile on his face and said, “How can ah. Sang Qi (桑齐) is sound the same as sàng qì (丧气 = unlucky). I thought of how myself can’t get popular, so I went to the temple to ask the monk to help me. They said that if I changed to this name, I can be popular, so I tried it. As a matter of fact, just after I changed the name, I luckily entered this crew.”

The performer assistant director touched his chin and sized Chu Ci up, “It’s not the best, he’s not the one you can climb. No matter you change how many names you can’t climb over that position to be keep by him.”

Chu Ci curled his lips secretly, I still fixed to climb on this high branch.

“Chu Ci, right? It’s your turn to act.”

Suddenly, a man squeezed in to remind at this moment.

Chu Ci seemed to catch the life-saving straw. He arranged his skirt and stood up, saying happily, “Okay, let’s go, don’t let the male protagonist wait.” Then he dragged that man away from this trouble spot.

Xu You looked at his distant back, from the expression on his face, one knew he was thinking of something bad.

Chu Ci quickly looked at his script before squeezing into the site. Sang Qi had a good memory, of course he who inherited the body also inherited this ability. By the time he entered the filming site, he was already able to know the lines by heart.

The moment he stepped into the site, he immediately exploited Sang Qi’s acting skills. At the same time, there was a little excitement in his heart.

This scene was where he threatened Quan Gan while ‘take liberties’ with him. He could touch his face, his shoulders, and his waist.

Chu Ci shouted in his heart to make this kind of perverted plot even more!

Chu Ci’s role in the drama was a big person, so he had been on standby in the main seat of the hall before the filming began.

After Quan Gan who attired in an ancient costume finished mend his makeup, he also came in.


The director ordered everyone to be ready.


Chu Ci started to act the scene with Quan Gan.


“I hope Qian Sui will save my wife’s life!”

Chu Ci freely leaned back in his chair, and after hearing Quan Gan’s words, he slowly got up and walked to the front of him. He dragged his long skirt and put one hand on his waist, he turned around him and touched him a circle, and then stood in front of him and looked at him with flirtatious expressions. He used the hand on his waist to rub his cheek while said slowly, “Do you have any reason to made me save your wife?”

“As long as I can save my wife, I’m willing to work for you.”

Chu Ci circled behind him again and said with a smile, “Okay, I will save your wife, and you will be my people in the future.”


“Cut! Very good! A scene is done.”

After the scene was over and the director spoke, Chu Ci immediately came out of the acting. At this time, he was standing face to face with Quan Gan, and he quickly bowed slightly, “Thank you, my name is…” Chu Ci. He just about to say his name, when a bunch of assistants gathered around and buried what he wanted to say next.

Quan Gan didn’t look at him more, and was surrounded by assistants out of the room.

“System? Am I not good-looking? He actually don’t even look a glance?”

The system said helplessly, “He is not interested in all good-looking things.”

“Tsk!” Chu Ci leaned down to pick up his troublesome big skirt and prepared to go out to stay outside. They were still going to shoot the next scene here.

He didn’t have many scenes, just appeared at the beginning of the drama, and then appeared several times in the middle, it could be finished today.

However, he could touch Quan Gan’s face was worth it. He would find another opportunity to tell him his name, even if he was done today.

Chu Ci happily went out of the room, waiting for Quan Gan to come back after changing his costume. When the person came back, he hid in the best place to see his sweetheart at the door. His remain scene had to wait for Quan Gan to finish shooting before his turn, but he couldn’t wait for himself in here and kept stay until Quan Gan finished shooting.

He deserved to be a film emperor, even if he looked at the scene, he had a feeling of experience it for himself.

Quan Gan’s scenes could all be done in one go, so he actually finished shooting all his scenes in this setting before lunch.

Chu Ci looked at Quan Gan who was surrounded by his assistants walked out, preparing to rush up and introduce himself.

I will attract his attention first.

“Chu Ci!”

Someone suddenly called his name before Chu Ci could rush over.

He stared at Quan Gan for a moment, and then he turned his head to look at the direction of the voice that called his name and said, “I’m here!”

“It’s your turn to act!”

The shout was quite loud, and Chu Ci affirmed that Quan Gan would definitely hear it if he cared, so he went directly to shoot the scene.

Quan Gan did hear it and obviously stopped his footsteps, and then turned his head to look at the man who answered. He found that it was the one who had just acted with himself.

He calmly watched him run into the room, and then said to the assistant beside him, “Go to inquire about this Chu Ci.” After that, he turned around and entered his recreational vehicle.

Quan Gan closed his eyes and allowed the makeup artist to remove his makeup, but in his mind, he recalled the man named Chu Ci in his dream. Since he met ‘Chu Ci’ and kept him, there had never been any people with the same pronunciation names appeared beside him anymore. This person seems to be the first in four years.

Soon, the assistant came back.

As soon as he got into the car, he said directly, “That Chu Ci is the substitute that suddenly appeared today.”

Quan Gan actually didn’t care about these, he opened his eyes and asked the question he cared about the most.

“Which Chu and which Ci?”

The assistant thought about it and said, “Chu of the distinct, and Ci of the eloquence.”

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