Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

6) Chapter 135.2 ♬

Chapter 135 Part 2:

Chu Ci wouldn’t let him run away easily, he quickly stepped forward to grab the man who was already scared witless and touched in his bosom. He took away all the silver banknotes and the jade pendant hanging in his waist before letting go of the man who had stood unstable.

“Tut! I didn’t eat you anyway!” Chu Ci disdainfully kicked the man who had fallen to the ground and stuffed the jade pendant and silver banknotes into his bosom, and then left to go to the cave.

Just wait for the bastard to go down tomorrow.

Chu Ci returned to the cave and let the system paying attention to whether the man was as amazing as he said, and then see when Fei Chen went down.

It was dawn.

Chu Ci became a fox again. For his own safety, he wouldn’t go out casually.

But as soon as he woke up in the morning, he began to concern about that man’s situation.

“System, did that man send the news to the Xumi Temple?”

“Not yet, Mr. Zhao has just been found in the alley by the family members and carried back. He should soon wake up.”

Chu Ci wandered in the cave, his heart somewhat worried.

If Fei Chen directly went down, then he went out or not went out.

From the memory of this little fox, he could know that there were more humans in winter who want his fur to get through the winter.

He appeared in this form would be dangerous.

He suddenly thought of a problem. He took out the silver banknotes and jade pendant that he snatched yesterday and asked the system, “System, are these things valuable to that person?”

“The silver banknotes are not precious, but this jade pendant is very valuable. It’s the Zhao family’s heirloom.”

Chu Ci said with satisfaction, “That’s good.” Since Fei Chen was going to help Mr. Zhao to capture the demon, he would definitely find him, so he just had to wait here.

Chu Ci boringly turned over in the cave and then lay down to sleep.

“That man woke up and he sent a signal.” The system suddenly said, “The Xumi Temple’s side is really immediately received it. The head directly let Fei Chen set out.”

Chu Ci happily rolled on the haystack, “Just wait for him to come.”

He ran to the cave entrance and looked at the vast area of whiteness outside, before resting his head on his front paws and said, “Will he arrive after dark? I prefer to let him see me in the human form, otherwise if he see my fox form, he is more rejection toward the love between the human and demon.”

The system directly said, “Then you don’t go out. Because you don’t even have the demon energy now, he can only find nearby and there is no way to find your real hiding place. However, in order to complete the task, he will definitely wait. You just have to wait until night before come out.”

“I actually forgot this matter!” Chu Ci covered his head with his paws, and then happily rolled and said, “Then I’m relieved.”

He directly sat at the entrance and waited until he saw Fei Chen was stepping on the snow step by step toward him.

The cave where he lived was in the barrier, so the people outside could only see the white snow.

Fei Chen stopped at the edge of the barrier, because the fox demon’s breath had disappeared.

He saw a lot of demons and roughly knew there is barrier here. But he didn’t want to destroy it.

When that man said that he saw the fox demon, Fei Chen subconsciously thought of Chu Ci. He believed that even if he doesn’t destroy the barrier, he would take the initiative to come out to meet him.

Chu Ci watched Fei Chen sitting down cross-legged only a foot away from him.

“Tsk tsk!” Chu Ci probed at the edge of the barrier, sniffing with his nose. Because of the effect of the barrier, he couldn’t even smell it.

He could only sit behind Fei Chen and sized up the person in front of him.

“In fact, it’s not bad to look at him quietly.”

The system said, “I think it feels better to curl up and sleep in the arms of the person you likes.”

“Shut up!” Chu Ci flicked his tail and held the hay as close as possible to Fei Chen, and lay down to enjoy the ‘world with only two people’.

Let’s wait until it gets dark.


“Get up, it’s already dark.”

The system shouted at Chu Ci who unconsciously sleeping.

Chu Ci shook his body and turned his head to look behind him. Fei Chen was still sitting there.

He changed back into the human form, and then put the jade pendant and the silver banknotes thrown in the cave into his bosom and stepped out of the barrier.

Fei Chen was meditating with his eyes closed, as if he didn’t notice his presence.

Chu Ci moved close to the front of Fei Chen, but the other party still didn’t open his eyes. He kept trying to get closer, and when he thought he could kiss him, his slightly closed eyes opened.

“Tsk.” Chu Ci pouted and stood up straight, he looked down at the man in front of him and said, “Why, finally decided to continue the former fate with me?”

When Fei Chen felt the person close by, he felt his heart stagnate, but as the other person moved away, it returned to normal. He put his hands together and said, “I’m here to get back the jade pendant you grabbed from Mr. Zhao.”

He clearly shouldn’t be so polite, but he couldn’t help but say it first.

Chu Ci took out the jade pendant from his bosom and shook it, suggesting, “After getting the jade pendant, you should still beat me back to the original form like other demons!”

Fei Chen calmly looked at him and said, “It’s not easy to cultivate. I hope you won’t do this again next time.”

“Then I must?” Chu Ci raised his eyebrows provocatively, “As long as you are not together with me, I will cause trouble to people every day, unless you beat me back to my original form now. Oh no, even if I beats to the original form, I’ll steal the chicken while still alive!”

Fei Chen frowned.

All the demons were afraid of being beaten back to the original form, yet he never showed mercy. But the person in front of him was unafraid of being beaten back to the original form, but he couldn’t start.

“Since that is the case, then it can only be this way.”

As soon as Fei Chen’s voice fell, Chu Ci found himself sucked into a sphere.

He patted the curved wall and said, “System, where is this?”

“In the beads of Fei Chen.”

“Is he really hard-hearted?”

“No, he just lock you up and take you away.”

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