Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

6) Chapter 142.2 ♬

Chapter 142 Part 2:

“Ah, right.” By such a reminder of the system, only then Chu Ci let the attendant boy before him off.

“I almost forgot the person he like the most. But isn’t it all because of his bad behavior?” He looked around and said while looking for something, “Since I’m his weakness, then I have to just make use of myself.”

The Clear Mountain was built among the mountains. Chu Ci originally wanted to see if there were any dangerous places around, so he could go there to threaten Zi Yan.

But he found that he couldn’t find it.

Chu Ci could only wander around in the sect, trying to find a good place.

After such a stroll, he unknowingly wandered to the back mountain.

Weeds grew everywhere here, and at first glance one could see it deserted place.

Chu Ci stopped his footsteps and doesn’t want to go forward, because ahead was the forest and the most dangerous ferocious beast in the forest, but it was not easy to control.

“Be quiet, don’t be heard by people.”

“How could someone come to the back mountain, you can rest assured.”

When Chu Ci was about to turn around to leave this place, he suddenly heard people whispering.

Obviously there were still people in this place.

Chu Ci was boring and immediately became interested in the two people who spoke quietly.

He hid himself and walked quietly.

Finally, he saw two people whispering to one another behind a small mound not far away, their age were not too old.

Chu Ci moved close to see the two of them encircled a plant with bunches of red fruits like grapes, and curiously said, “What is this?”

His voice scared the two people into straight their back.


They immediately denied and one of them quickly grabbed the dead leaves to cover the small plant, and the other quickly turned around to block Chu Ci’s sight.

“Who are you? How come I never seen you?” From Cong Qing turned his head and saw a person he doesn’t know and instantly relaxed a lot.

After Cong Shui covered the plant properly, he turned around to look at the person who Cong Qing questioned, and immediately reacted over and said like a little adult, “I heard that the spiritual master Zi Yan accepted a disciple last night, I’m afraid it’s you.”

“Hi, my name is Chu Ci. I’m the newly accepted disciple of the spiritual master Zi Yan.” Chu Ci said with a smile, and then immediately shifted the topic to the plant, “What are you just doing?”

Cong Qing and Cong Shui looked at each other and said, “Nothing, we’re playing with insects.”

Chu Ci said with a not so good smile, “Children shouldn’t lie, I just saw a plant with red fruits.”

Seeing that Chu Ci really saw it, the two people quickly made a prohibit gesture to him and said, “Be quiet!”

Chu Ci made a gesture of covering his mouth to express his attitude, and then lowered his voice, “If you tell me what it is, I will keep it secret for you.”

“Really?” The two people looked at each other again and said, “You swear!”

“I swear, if I say it, I will be expelled out of the sect by the master!” Chu Ci made a vow, but if he was expelled from the master’s sect, he could still be a husband and wife.

Seeing him so, Cong Shui said in a low voice, “This is the bone-chilling grass, the fruit it produces is called ** fruit, and it can be used to make medicine. I and my junior brother read this in the book, saying that it’s a top-notch medicinal ingredient. So when we accidentally found it, we just planted it and want to use it for refining medicine.”

After Chu Ci heard it, he said doubtfully, “If it’s a good medicinal ingredient, why is hiding it?”

Cong Qing explained, “If this stuff is only used for making medicine, it’s a good medicinal ingredient. But if the fruit is taken by mistake, it’s the most powerful aphrodisiac. So in order to prevent this medicinal ingredient from disturbing the relationship between the people in the sect, it’s forbidden to grow, and this medicinal ingredient won’t be used unless it’s a last resort.”

“Tsk tsk.” Chu Ci said speechlessly, “No wonder why I feel this name is a bit strange, it turns out to be the case.”

He had just finished talking and a great idea suddenly flashed in his head.

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows at the two of them and said, “The fruits are a lot, right? Can you give me some of it?”

Cong Shui looked at Chu Ci strangely, “You’re not study making medicine, what do you want to use of this?”

Chu Ci said seriously, “Children shouldn’t ask more about adult’s matter. But if you give me some of this fruit now, I will be on the same boat with the two of you, so you don’t have to worry about me telling your secret out.”

Cong Qing and Cong Shui looked at each other and nodded, “Okay, it produces quite a lot of ** fruit this year, I can give you a small string.” Then Cong Shui turned his body and directly reached his hand under the dead leaves, and then took out a small string of red fruits.

“Here.” Cong Shui handed the fruit to Chu Ci.

Chu Ci happily took the fruit and said, “Thank you.” Then he carefully put it into his clothes.

“I’m leaving. You need to be careful later.”

Chu Ci waved at the two people and walked back to the Qingzhou Hall.

There was no need to find any dangerous places. With these things, he would take down his outwardly cold wife.

But thinking of Zi Yan’s current cultivation, Chu Ci was not assured and asked the system, “System, do you know ** fruit? How is this stuff medicinal efficacy? Is Zi Yan able to dissolve it?”

“Your flirty ideas are more and more many!” The system first ridiculed and then said, “This stuff is this world’s most powerful aphrodisiac, Zi Yan can dissolve it, but this solution is not the other solution.”

“Hehe, the solution is not the other solution, I get it.” Chu Ci walked toward the Qingzhou Hall with satisfaction.

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