Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

6) Chapter 83.3 ♬

Chapter 83 Part 3:

The man beside her quickly reminded, “Miss, you have already added your own money, and those people in the Long family certainly won’t give you more money. There are more ways to establish the power, we don’t have to take this risk.”

Long Ling could only withdraw her hand. At this time, the deal had been completed. Her perfect plan to swallow the Yu family for herself to establish her power had dashed.

Chu Ci beamingly looked at Yu Yuan who opened his eyes when heard the knocking of the small hammer. His tearful look made him look very happy. If his smile was not on the good face, it must be vulgar as the outsiders.

After the auction was over, Chu Ci impatiently went out of the room.

He was going to take his little beauty back now, so many people coveted him, he had to take him home to be at ease.

Chu Ci walked to the outer room and directly said to the two guards, “Go take the thing I won back to the car intact.”


Seeing the two strong men leave, Chu Ci walked out of the auction room in a good mood.

At the same time, the two doors next to his auction room also opened, and two familiar people came out.

Long Ling was stunned when she saw Ji He. She remembered that this man was seriously injured. How could he appear here? Moreover, she just seemed to hear the words ‘the last auction goods’.

She said with a smile, “Uncle Ji will also come to the Yang Market, it’s really rare. Could it be that young man is the thing you won over?”

Long Ling was about the same age as Yu Yuan, and Chu Ci belonged to her elders, so he doesn’t need to be particularly careful. He glanced at her calmly and admitted, “Yes.” Then he nodded slightly, “I have to leave first.”

Shi Cheng behind them listened to the dialogue between the two and couldn’t help saying, “You actually came to the Yang Market to find a man. It seems that I didn’t know you enough before.”

Chu Ci snorted silently without even looking at him, and directly walked to the exit. He was too lazy to deal with the disgusting man, Ji He certainly also thought so.

Shi Cheng withdrew his eyes from the distant man and looked at Long Ling, “Is there any hidden secret in the last auction goods? You actually fight over this person with Ji He.”

Long Ling blinked her eyes innocently and smiled, “Uncle Shi thinks too much, I just have nothing to do at home and come out to watch a lively. But Uncle Ji was hurt quite deeply by Uncle Shi, he might know that you are here, so he deliberately buy this man to piss you off.”

Shi Cheng touched his chin and glanced at the distant man, “Little girl, don’t talk nonsense, your Uncle Ji is just angry with me.”

After speaking, he also left.

Long Ling looked at the distant man with gloomy complexion and turned her head to signal the man beside her to enter the room to speak.

After the two returned to the auction room, Long Ling said, “Go ask Jiao Zhu, has anyone asked him about Yu Yuan.”


“Also, don’t you say that he was shot at the middle of his chest? Why does Ji He seems all right to appear here?”

The man said affirmatively, “Seeing the man collapsed, he must be injured very deeply.”

“Could it be he using a stand-in?”

“It’s unlikely. The reason why we have the opportunity to hurt this man is because he broke up with Shi Cheng and planned to come out to take a fresh air. It’s impossible for the stand-in to replace even the sad feelings.”

Long Ling clenched her fists resentfully and left directly.


It didn’t take long for Chu Ci to get on the car. His two subordinates who he sent to take Yu Yuan came out after a while.

His car door was always open, and the two subordinates went to the front of the back car, saying, “Sir Ji, let’s we look after the man, he might hurt you.”

Chu Ci was remain unmoved, “Put he in.”

Seeing that he disagreed, the two men could only obey and put the man on the car.

After he got the man, of course they right away returned.

On the way back, Yu Yuan was very quiet. Even if without bondage, he doesn’t struggle.

Because there was a driver in front, Chu Ci could only secretly observe the situation of the person beside him. Yu Yuan was still wearing the clothes that made people spraying nose blood.

Chu Ci directly took his coat off and threw it on the other party’s body, he ordered, “Put it on.”

This was all he could do.

However, Yu Yuan was motionless as if he didn’t hear it.

Chu Ci couldn’t show too obvious and could only ask the system.

“What’s wrong with this young man?”

The system said, “He thought you are his father’s enemy, he endure silently and want to revenge.”

Chu Ci said speechlessly, “He accuse wrongly, do I have to play oppressive love with him?”

The system doesn’t hate the thing very much, “Maybe it is!”

Chu Ci doesn’t like to play oppressive love. He looked outside the window and said, “I don’t mind you want to be like this, I can just hold you in the car.”

Yu Yuan finally moved.

“You dare! I’m the successor of Yu family, and they will come to your door soon!” His tone looked very angry.

Chu Ci was being pressed in the previous few worlds, seeing such Lian Cen, he felt inexplicable excitement. He pretended to threaten, “There is nothing I don’t dare. You dress like this to seduce me, I can let you see whether I dare or don’t dare.”

Yu Yuan glared humiliatingly at him, and then reluctantly put his coat on his body. Although he doesn’t have any contact with other forces, the news was not blocking. He knew that this man called Ji He was gay.

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