Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

7) Chapter 100.1 ♬

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Chapter 100: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.4)


Translator: Mimi

“Okay, wait a moment.”

Chu Ci found that the place he was transporting to was a rather prosperous city, and quickly found a remote corner to get in.

He made sure that there was no one around before telling the system, “Now you can pass the thing to me, just quietly put it on my palm.” Chu Ci immediately clenched his fist.


As soon as the voice of the system fell, Chu Ci felt something cold on his palm, and the shape felt like a small glass bottle.


Chu Ci immediately lifted his arm and loosened his clenched fist to see what was sent by the system, and he saw a bottle with a half-finger size lying in his palm. There was only a thin black thread inside?

“What is this?” Chu Ci frowned and looked carefully at the thing in the bottle, “Don’t tell me it’s a hair?”

The system affirmed, “Yes, it’s a hair, do you think it’s a thread?”

Chu Ci held the small bottle up to look at the sunlight, and didn’t feel that there was anything special about this hair.

He was a little speechless, “Are you say it took you fourteen years to get a hair?” Moreover, it was such a short hair, but it looked like he got it with difficulty.

The system apparently heard the dissatisfaction in Chu Ci’s tone, and immediately retorted, “Although it’s hair, it’s really not easy to get such a small root.”

Chu Ci pondered about this sentence of the system, then pretending to ask casually, “So the target is a very powerful person?”

The system realized suddenly that himself couldn’t say too much and immediately said, “Knowing too much is no good for you.”

“Okay okay, I’m also not interested.” Chu Ci immediately put away his thoughts for further inquiries, but there was already a vague guess in his heart. With a rough goal, it will be convenient to find the man in the future.

He shook the bottle and continued the conversation, “So you plan to let me take this hair to see who’s in this world, whose hair is the same color, length, and thickness as it? Even this street is full of people with black hair, isn’t it too difficult?”

The system quickly corrected, “It’s not for you to find the exact same hair. This hair is the target’s, so the man who can absorb this hair is the target.”

Chu Ci frowned, it was not as difficult as he thought, but it was still very difficult. He couldn’t help but say, “Is there any other tips? If I have to jab everyone’s skin with this hair, then the amount of work is too large. Moreover, I still have to complete the mission after found the target, also going to make him like someone who deserves to like. Now that I’m grown up and he is the same age as me, then he must be the case too. If the target is accidentally scummed, I will spend time to save him and then appease his injured heart. I’m afraid the time is too tight.”

“Wait a minute!” The system was silent for a while, then said, “Found it. It’s said that the target was born in the home of this world’s nobles, so you just have to find the child from the wealthy household who is as big as your to test it.”

Chu Ci nodded, it was better to have information than nothing. He plainly said, “You move quickly to help me make a list of names, see which ones are nobles in this world, and which childs are there in their home about my age. I will take your list and exclude them one by one.”

The system agreed, “Yes.”

Chu Ci couldn’t help but remind, “You must hurry up.”

“Got it!”

Chu Ci came out of the hiding place and strutted to the densely populated place. He put the bottle in his storage ring and no longer paid attention to this thing.

He didn’t expect to recognize the man with this hair, not only it was slow but also dangerous. It was so small, it would be bad if it was lost.

Anyway, after the system made the list of names, he just need to look a glance at those people when they took a bath. This hair was the last confirmation step after he confirmed the object.

Chu Ci looked around, and suddenly thought that he was in a big city and quickly said, “How about you give me the list of nobles in this city first, I will solve it in passing.”

“Okay. But you can go strolling first, I will tell you immediately after lists it.”

“All right.”

The system that was going to be busy suddenly reminded, “This is the Starr City, Meng Chen said that Shangge Academy is here. Would you like to learn first? The mage who grown to adulthood in this world all will go to academy to learn. The academy that Meng Chen recommended to you is the Starr City’s nobles school, maybe the person we are looking for is there.”

Chu Ci hesitated for a while and then refused, “Although I want to study but the mission is important, definitely not all nobles children in the school, or you determine the target for me a little faster. Moreover, I heard that such place as the academy, one can’t come out casually after entered. I will wait until I settled the target before thinking about it again.”

The system thought it was also right, “Okay, it’s up to you.”

After the system left, Chu Ci’s curiosity immediately came up, and hurriedly ran to a small stall on the roadside. The stall was lined with green plants planted in the tile jar, one of which looked like his original body.

He couldn’t help but ask, “What is this for?”

The owner said, “You have good taste, this radish’s leaf juice can make the wound quickly recover and be used to manufacture medicine.” He beamingly looked at Chu Ci, “Don’t know this, you must be just grow to adulthood, remember to go to the academy to study well.”

Chu Ci sticked out his tongue and said, “Thank you for your concern, I’m intend to go.”

“Stop! Don’t run!”

Chu Ci just thought to ask about the effects of other plants, when he suddenly heard an angry roar from distant place.

He was a person who like lively. He had been staying in the Misplace Forest for more than ten years, and he was almost suffocating. He was eager to rush into the most lively place. Therefore, he immediately turned to look over.

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