Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

7) Chapter 143.1 ♬

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Chapter 143: Master, Don’t Cultivate Immortals (9.4)


Translator: Mimi

Just after Chu Ci turned out of the back mountain, a person suddenly appeared in front of him. Because of the plan in his heart, he was frightened and took a step back.

“Ouch!” His foot accidentally stepped on the uneven stone behind him and sprained his ankle. Chu Ci’s body shook and was going to fall to the ground. He quickly reached out to pull the culprit.

When Zi Yan saw Chu Ci fell backward, he also unconsciously pulled him up.

The two pulled each other finally let Chu Ci stood firm and he didn’t fall to the ground.

“It scares me.” Chu Ci let out a sigh of relief and carefully patted his chest to ensure that the little fruit wouldn’t be damaged or found by the person in front of him.

“What are you doing here?” Zi Yan looked at Chu Ci and said calmly, “The book I gave you are already memorized? Or are you ready to spend the night in the cold pool, so come over to take a look at it?”

Chu Ci pursed his lips and denied, “I’m strike a balance between study and rest. I’ve been studying carefully after you left, this is tired, so I go out to relax for a while. I just prepared to go back.”

Zi Yan looked at the man in front of him and didn’t break his lies.

Looking at Zi Yan like this, Chu Ci was somewhat guilty. In order to conceal his little plan, he rolled his eyes and pretended about to walk. Just after walked a step, he was pretend unstable and stretched out a hand to pull Zi Yan’s sleeve, then his other hand supported his ankle and said, “Ouch, I seems to have sprained just now, it’s hurt.” Then he looked at Zi Yan and blinked his eyes, “The way back to the Qingzhou Hall is so far. I don’t know when I can walk to there.”

Zi Yan looked at Chu Ci, there was a trace of helplessness in his eyes.

Without saying a word, he directly held Chu Ci’s waist and flew back to the Qingzhou Hall in the same posture with when he took him out of the South Wind Building yesterday.

The two arrived at the entrance of the main hall, and then Chu Ci was led by Zi Yan with one hand to return to his room.

Chu Ci sat down on the bed and looked at Zi Yan on the side, “Aren’t you going to talk to discuss affairs with the elders? Why did you come back so quickly?”

Zi Yan calmly said, “It’s over.”

Chu Ci looked at Zi Yan and suddenly had doubts about his words, “Do you have something that can locate my position? Otherwise, how did you suddenly go to the back mountain?”

Zi Yan continued calmly, “Since you are injured, just rest.”

Chu Ci sneered in his heart.

Hehe, changing the topic again, this man is so outwardly cold but warm inside!

But even if Zi Yan changed the topic, Chu Ci doesn’t plan to let him go. Chu Ci lay down on the bed, and then looked pitifully at the man beside the bed, “Can you stay with me? I heard the people always particularly vulnerable when they’re injured, so I’m worried that I will let my imagination run wild when I’m alone~”

After saying so, Chu Ci pretended to give a long melancholy sigh.

Zi Yan calmly reminded, “You just sprain your ankle.”

This sentence directly brought the desolate atmosphere that Chu Ci just created back to the original atmosphere.

Chu Ci pouted and complained in his mind, “I heard that the immortal path cultivator don’t have seven emotions and six desires, this look of Zi Yan shouldn’t be the emotional cease to exist to cultivate, right?”

Zi Yan broke the atmosphere and decisively turned to leave his bedroom.

Chu Ci watched Zi Yan’s figure disappear from the door and suddenly sat up on the bed.

Fortunately, Zi Yan didn’t help him to see his twisted ankle, otherwise it would be exposed.

His leg was indeed twisted just now, but it was very slight, and with his super healing ability, he had been completely well before he reached the Qingzhou Hall.

Chu Ci looked outside the door, and after confirming that no one was there, he put his hand into his clothes and carefully took out the ** fruit.

On closer inspection, some fruits were still crushed by him.

Fortunately, he took a string of it, even if some were crushed, most of it was still good.

Chu Ci looked at the ** fruit and thought for a while, and then directly picked one and stuffed it into his mouth. This kind of thing was not easy to preserve. If it was found, it would definitely be gone, so as to avoid night long dream more, he had better eat it now.

Although for other purpose, Chu Ci still tasted the flavor. It was astringent and completely not tasty.

After Chu Ci swallowed a piece of ** fruit, he placed the rest on the side of the pillow. He lay down and waited for the effect to come out.

After lying down for two minutes, he began to roll on the bed boringly, there was nothing wrong with him.

“Is it not enough?” Chu Ci muttered and looked at the side of the pillow, he reached for another one and threw it into his mouth. Because the taste was not good just now, he chewed a few times and swallowed it casually.

Chu Ci sucked and muttered to himself, “How did it feel a little sweet?”

In order to confirm the flavor, he picked another one and threw it into his mouth.

“It turns out sour this time?” Chu Ci seemed to have discovered the new world.

As if cracking melon seeds, he picked one and put it in his mouth from time to time. After several times, he found that this thing tasted different every time. There were sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, even slightly salty and astringent.

After tasting the flavor, he thought this fruit was really magical.

“What are you eating?” Zi Yan subconsciously asked. After he asked for a bottle of wine from the spiritual master Qing He and came back, he saw Chu Ci lay on the bed eating red fruit. From a distance, it looked a little bit like the ** fruit.

Chu Ci had just picked another fruit and was about to throw it into his mouth, when another person’s voice suddenly appeared, startling him.

His hand shook and the fruit fell directly on his chest, and then rolled to the bed.

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