Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

7) Chapter 148.1 ♬

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Chapter 148: Return to Reality (10.4)


Translator: Mimi

Because he was not assured, Guan Xi was ready to let Chu Ci wake up before letting him go to the parallel world. He was not a demon cultivator, and there was no way to physically leave the dimension world, so he couldn’t go together with Chu Ci to the parallel world. He could only try his best to help him at this time.

Guan Xi led Chu Ci to the front of the door and let him fall asleep, but he was thinking about how to solve the matter of this person’s thoughts for the heavenly lord.

The system never expected that fate was such a magical thing.

He looked at the door behind him and then looked at Chu Ci and said secretly, ‘If there is really such a thing as fate, I hope you still have a chance.’

After a long time, Chu Ci finally woke up from his drunkenness.

He opened his eyes and looked around with doubts, “Where is this?”

He found himself and Guan Xi in a space where no edge could be seen. The door was erected throughout the space, and from time to time there were demon cultivators who opened the door and entered through the door.

Guan Xi saw that he was awake and forgot about the matter when he got drunk, he didn’t take the initiative to mention it, and pointed to the door before him, “Here is the dimension door, each door can lead to a parallel world.” Then he pointed to a certain door and said, “You were drunk before and said you were going to play in this parallel world. I’m worry about you so let you wake up first before going.”

“I chose it?” Chu Ci looked at the door behind him a little puzzled, “How is this world like?”

Guan Xi said, “You’ll know after you going? Anyway, if you don’t like it, you can come back at any time. When you want to come back, you call the door number of this parallel world’s dimension door to your name tablet.” He looked at the tablet in Chu Ci’s chest and then looked up to read the number on the door, “This door number is 1000, don’t forget.”

Chu Ci doesn’t understand why he chose this parallel world, but he didn’t forget to ask Guan Xi secretly, “Isn’t you said that the demon envoy also go to the parallel world? Which door was he going to? The world he went must be very fun?”

Guan Xi already knew the scheme in his heart and helplessly looked at him, “Don’t think about it, I won’t tell you! I know you still keep the heavenly lord in mind constantly, but you two are impossible, honestly go to the parallel world to stay. You can relax your mind and also try to establish your foundation at the same time. You’ll forget him after a long time.”

“Okay, okay!” Chu Ci saw that Guan Xi started the persuasion mode again and scared, he quickly nodded his head, “I will go!” Then I will sneak back secretly.

He only dared to whisper the last sentence in his heart.

Guan Xi saw that his persuasion success and explained, “I can’t leave this place as I have something to do, so you go by yourself.”

“Okay, okay!” Chu Ci saw that Guan Xi couldn’t follow him and nodded excitedly. This way he wouldn’t be discovered when he stay there for a while and come back to change world.

Seeing Chu Ci ready to enter the door, Guan Xi suddenly thought of something and reached out his hand to jab the air wall inside the door, and the wall immediately turned into a scene.

“If demon cultivators want to have money in the parallel world, they must earn their own money. The great deity and small deity who enters the door have already laid their own foundations in various worlds, so they don’t worry about the money’s issue. You just about to go, there is no way to get the money immediately. Therefore, you can go to this place. There is a rose in the corner of the courtyard, something is bury under its root. You can sell the content inside for money, it’s unowned.”

Chu Ci quickly nodded his head casually, “Okay, okay.”

Because he had schemed to come back after coming in for a while and wouldn’t meet Guan Xi, it was absolutely impossible to use money over there.

“Good, I wish you have a pleasant time.”

“Yeah.” After saying goodbye to Guan Xi, Chu Ci lifted his feet to enter the air wall.

The scene before him flashed, and then he stood in an alley with no one around. The clothes on his body automatically became the common style in this world.

Chu Ci stood in the alley and looked up at the sky with a smile, calculating the time to go back in his heart, he had no interest in this world.

Half an hour? Guan Xi had certainly left after he saw him go in. It should be safe in half an hour.

Suddenly a scent drifted to the tip of his nose.

This scent directly distracted Chu Ci who was originally thinking about going back,.

He doesn’t know why, this scent seemed to be familiar. His mouth had begun to secrete saliva, and he subconsciously felt that this food must be delicious, must eat it.

Chu Ci looked at the sky and hesitated for a moment, and was still tempted by the scent to leave the alley.

He thought well, after playing here for a while, the time would pass quickly. Half a day could be passed in the blink of an eye. When he returned at that time, Guan Xi would certainly not be there.

He followed the scent and finally stopped at the front of a stall, the scent came from here.

Chu Ci looked around and always felt that everything here was familiar.

“Young man, do you want stinky tofu?”

“This is called stinky tofu?” Chu Ci looked into the pot and said, “How much money?”

“Twenty yuan for large portion and fifteen yuan for small portion.”

“Oh~” Chu Ci swallowed and didn’t dare to order.

After he heard the owner’s words, he remembered that he had no money and he needed money to buy things on the human world. He was a demon cultivator who came here for the first time and had no foundation. He had to earn money first to buy something.

He thought of what Guan Xi said when he came and quickly said to the owner, “I forgot to bring the money, I have to go back to get it.”

Chu Ci quickly ran to that alley where no one was there and closed his eyes, thinking about the place Guan Xi pointed to himself to see.

When he opened his eyes again, he stood at the courtyard that Guan Xi said.

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