Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

7) Chapter 50.1 ♬

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Chapter 50: I Became Eunuch (3.4)


Translator: Mimi

“Chu Ci?”

Moqi Sui asked curiously, “Why does A-Ning have two names and I only have one name?”

Looking at by Moqi Sui this way, Chu Ci pretended to look solemnly at the person in front of him and said mysteriously, “Because…I’m not the real A-Ning.”

“Then who are you?” Moqi Sui said with interest across his whole face.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes and said, “I’m a heavenly immortal, and I will be your empress in the future.”

Moqi Sui didn’t the least bit doubt it, he looked at Chu Ci with admiration and said, “A-Ci is so awesome!”

Chu Ci also knew that he has to stop the joke. A burst of cold wind blowing over, made his body trembling. He reached out his hand and pushed Moqi Sui, “Don’t you say you want to sleep, let’s go back to the room, it’s so cold outside.”

Moqi Sui nodded obediently, he pulled Chu Ci’s hand and walked into the room.

Chu Ci felt the warmth from his hand and raised his eyebrows, he should not feel proud of himself in his heart.

After they returned to the room and closed the door, Moqi Sui didn’t let Chu Ci served him. He took off his outer garment himself, completely doesn’t look like a crown prince.

As Chu Ci watched him doing these things, he suddenly thought of what Moqi Shan gave today and said, “In the future, if your younger brother give or send something to you, you have to let me check it first, only then you can eat.”

Moqi Sui turned his head and looked strangely at Chu Ci, then as if he understood the point, he nodded and said, “Okay, I don’t eat alone, I will wait for A-Ci to eat together.”

Although this was not what he meant, but as he could achieve his purpose, he doesn’t care about the reason anymore, he nodded and said, “Yes, you have to wait for me.”

Since Moqi Sui could do everything by himself, he went to bed first.

Once he covered in the quilt, he really felt that people had to stay in the room. In the future, even if he was angry, he should not harm his own interest because of anger.

Chu Ci looked sideways at Moqi Sui who was about to go to bed. Because his mood had completely recovered from the previous matter, he even thought to court and get hold of this person before his eyes imminently.

He saw Moqi Sui lay down next to him, and said while looked at him with a smile, “The people there have to give the person that they likes a kiss before they go to bed.”

“A kiss?” Moqi Sui looked at A-Ci doubtfully, and suddenly understood the meaning of his words. He said happily, “Ah, I get it!”

Seeing Moqi Sui was so clever now, Chi Ci felt some little joy in his heart. He smiled and watched Moqi Sui slowly approaching him, and then Moqi Sui pecked on his cheek.

After pecking, Moqi Sui said innocently, “Is it like this?”

Chu Ci who felt proud just a moment ago, immediately calmed down after this peck. He wanted to say something, but after saw Moqi Sui’s pure eyes, he felt a defeat.

Forget it, he was actually still a child, this kind of thing could wait until he regained his wisdom.

He said perfunctorily, “Yes, yes.” Then he moved his body to face the wall and started to think.

If this man could understand this, he wouldn’t be so easily deceived now.

At this moment, two hands stretched out of his side, and then he was pulled back by those hands until his back was resting on a warm chest.

Moqi Sui didn’t make a sound, he directly rested his head on Chu Ci’s shoulder, and let out a satisfy tone, before his breath slowly slowed down.

Today was not the same as yesterday, Chu Ci was considered to have exhausting. Listening to the even breathing at the side of his ear, he gradually became sleepy and slowly entered his own dreamland.



Chu Ci hazily felt that the person beside him who supposed to sleep quietly was getting out of bed incessantly, and it was mixed with the sound of closing door. Because the activities of the person beside him, the quilt gradually cooled down.

Chu Ci who being frozen intolerable, finally opened his eyes.

He opened his eyes just right when Moqi Sui got up, and the other party ran out immediately after getting out of bed, and then he heard the sound of door opened.

Chu Ci suddenly felt something was wrong.

He quickly got up and chased out. The night was a bit cold, as Chu Ci’s body quivered.

It was midnight at this moment. Besides the screams of insects, he heard the sound of person vomited outside. Fortunately, the weather was good, and there was moonlight in the sky. With this light, Chu Ci could see the place where Moqi Sui squatting. The vomit sound came from him.

Chu Ci quickly walked over and patted Moqi Sui’s back, “What’s wrong with you?”

Moqi Sui seemed to be much more relaxed after vomiting, he wiped his mouth and said with grievance, “A-Ci, my stomach feel unwell.”

Chu Ci quickly helped him into the room. With the candle light, he found that Moqi Sui’s complexion was very bad. After entering the room, Moqi Sui still retched from time to time but couldn’t vomit out anything.

“A-Ci, I feel so unwell.” Moqi Sui began to grieve at Chu Ci after finished retching.

Chu Ci also hasn’t method, he could only reach out his hand to pat him and said, “Are you eat something besides the meal and grape today?”

After being asked by Chu Ci, Moqi Sui said very aggrieved, “I didn’t eat anything.”

It must be stomachache because of bad food, the only possibility was the grape that Moqi Sui ate before he slept.

Chu Ci frowned. Moqi Sui was like this because of a grape. If he was not there, wouldn’t that man directly want to let Moqi Sui die? The competition for the throne in the imperial palace truly made people gasp in amazement.

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