Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

8) Chapter 100.2 ♬

Chapter 100 Part 2:

He saw a young man in worn-out clothes running over to this side, chasing by a burly man behind him.

Obviously, the young man was not the big man’s opponent and got caught by the big man just before running to the front of Chu Ci.

The big man grabbed the young man’s collar and lifted him up, saying angrily, “How dare you peek my daughter take a bath!”

At the same time, a girl came out from behind the big man and said angrily, “Dad, bathing is not the key! I said he took my ring!”

“Oh, right!” Being reminded this, the big man quickly said to the shaking young man, “Say, did you steal it!”

The young man seemingly frightened and stuttered, “I didn’t steal the ring, how could I casually steal the people’s ring!”

The girl on the side said angrily, “My ring is in the box you stole!”

The boy was taken aback for a moment and immediately took the box out of his storage ring. He handed the box to the big man and said at the same time, “I didn’t know, also didn’t open it, so it don’t count, right?”

The girl took the box and opened it.

There was a ring in the pile of jewelry.

She picked up the ring and shook it, nothing happened.

The big man looked at her like this and immediately wrinkled his face and said to his daughter, “Give it to him to try?”

The girl handed the ring to the young man who had been put down by her father.

The young man seemed to understand something, he took the ring and shook it, and the contents of the ring were shaken out immediately.

Chu Ci was the space division, so he knew that the person who could take out the contents of the storage ring was the owner of the ring.

At this time, the voice of the stall owner sounded behind Chu Ci, “Ah, the marriage proposal ceremony is still done.”

Chu Ci doubtfully turned his head to look at the person behind him, “What?”

The owner looked at him in surprise and said, “Don’t you know that exchanging rings means propose marriage? Do your elders or parents don’t teach you these?”

Chu Ci nodded immediately and said, “Teach, but I didn’t expect that accidentally steal also count.”

The owner sighed, “The ancient magic likes to tease people.”

Chu Ci looked back at the young man. At this time, he had lost his energy and could only apologize, “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose, I just need money. The things all with you, and I promise not to appear in front of her for 20 years.”

The big man said with a loud voice, “Is this you can decide? My daughter is the victim, so let her decide!”

The girl looked at the young man and said, “I think he’s okay, I don’t mind getting married.”

The young man looked at the generous girl in surprise and was embarrassed.

Seeing his daughter liked this young man, the big man immediately smiled, “Since my daughter like, then let everyone present be a witness for the two to hold the marriage pact.”

Chu Ci watched dumbfounded as the young man and the girl made a ring together.

The young man was from the gold division and the girl is from the wood division. The two made a golden ring encircled with the plant. Then, the ring turned into two under everyone’s gaze.

Chu Ci’s head stopped suddenly, a scene from a long time ago quickly appeared in his mind, and an ominous premonition suddenly rose in his heart.

I hope it’s not the case! Absolutely not!

Chu Ci had no mood to think about other things. He could only point to the ring of the two people and turned his head to look at the stall owner behind him, saying, “Owner, can you tell me what’s the wedding pact? Isn’t the marriage just exchange of rings? When’s there still be this one?”

“Tsk tsk!” The owner shook his head and looked at Chu Ci, “The person who teach you is very incompetent. The exchange of rings is the marriage proposal, but not everyone has a proposal ring prepared by their parents, so there is a second process. To truly become a married couple, you must go through this process of the wedding pact. That is, let the couple use their own abilities to make a wedding ring. As long as the ring can be divides into two, it means that the two are official married couple.”

After hearing this, Chu Ci’s whole person was not good, holding the last trace of wishful thinking, he asked, “If an ice division casually made a ring, and then a space division turn this ring into storage jewelry, is it counted?”

The owner smiled and said, “That must be, unless one of the two people is married, then the ring can’t become two, and it won’t complete.”

“WTF!!!” Chu Ci roared this word regardless of anyone around him! Then wailed to the system in his mind, “System!!! I accidentally married a girl!!!”

At the same time, a carriage came over from distant place.

There were two beautiful men sitting in the carriage, one of them was looking down at the palm of his left hand, the gray mark on it was almost invisible. As soon as the mark disappeared, his relationship with that person was completely broken.

This time, the speed of this mark beating suddenly accelerated, which made the man’s face showed a trace of gentleness.

That person must have encountered something.

Since the mark appeared on his hand, he found that the mark was beating very slow at night, like sleeping. It would speed up during the day and occasionally faster. Later, when he asked the elder who cast the spell, only then he knew that the mark was similar to that person’s heart, with the same frequency of beating.

The man next to him looked at him a glance and smiled, “It seems that there’s one year left, right? The headmaster has already confirmed that there is no suspicious space division student in the academy, so it’s no problem for you to go there.”

Fu Zhi looked at his palm and quietly replied ‘en’.

At this time, the carriage was blocked by the encircle of crowd in front who watching the lively, and had to stop.

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