Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

8) Chapter 148.2 ♬

Chapter 148 Part 2:

Chu Ci looked around and a familiar feeling emerged again, he sighed helplessly, “Sure enough, everything in this world feel familiar!”

He looked at the garden inside. A small rose grew in a small corner of the garden and the flower bloomed well.

“Young man, what’s the matter?”

Chu Ci just thought about from where to go, he heard the voice. He looked at the direction of the voice and saw that there was an old man standing there. He looked quite old with gray hair but very healthy.

That person was looking at him cheerfully.

Chu Ci cleverly pointed to roses in the courtyard, “I see roses in your courtyard are growing well, can you give me one?”

“That’s it.” Xuan Ping nodded and said, “If you want, dig it yourself, there is many in the courtyard. This old man has nothing to do and can only play with flowers and plants.”

Chu Ci saw that this person so easy to talk, he quickly walked in and said, “Thank you, old man.”

“Come in for a cup of tea if you don’t dislike it.” The old man said as he turned to walk towards the house.

Chu Ci originally wanted to refuse, but when he saw the old man’s appearance, he inexplicably couldn’t bear to refuse, he nodded his head without thinking, “Thank you, I was quite thirsty.”

He followed the old man into the house, even the things in the house were not unfamiliar to him. He only regarded this situation as the illusion of his first time came to the parallel world as a demon cultivator.

After Chu Ci sat on the sofa, the old man went to pour tea.

Ding dong— The doorbell rang.

“Help me open the door, thank you.”

Chu Ci immediately ran to open the door.

At the doorway stood a man of medium appearance a little bit above average.

However, when he opened the door and saw the man at the door, a stronger sense of familiarity appeared.

“Hello, is Mr. Xuan Ping here?” The man at the door asked politely.

Chu Ci shook his head to let that feelings go away.

“Dr. An, long time no see. Come in and have a cup of tea.”

Before waiting for Chu Ci’s reply, the old man who made the tea took the initiative to invite the new guest into the house.

Chu Ci silently followed behind them, thinking that since the old man had someone to talk with, he should find an excuse to dig the rose.

“Housekeeper, what’s the matter suddenly contacted me?”

“You see that I’m already old. I know you well, so I want to give you all the property under my name.” Xuan Ping looked at the young man who was invited into the house by himself and recalled the personal matter he was going to speak, he said to Chu Ci, “Young man, I’m so sorry, you can pick the rose you want yourself in the courtyard. I will go to the study room with this old friend to discuss things.”

Chu Ci helplessly listened to things he was not interested, his mind was all about stinky tofu.

When he saw the old man take the initiative to let him dig the rose, he quickly nodded and said, “Please do as you wish! I can do it myself, you are busy.”

Chu Ci beamingly watched the two men go upstairs. After he heard the door of study room closed, he finally relieved.

He immediately stood up and walked to the courtyard, he took a hoe just outside the corner.

Chu Ci smiled and walked to the little corner with the rose after picked up the hoe, and then waved the hoe to dig out.

After digging a few times, the hoe bumped into something slightly hard.

Chu Ci was very happy and immediately squatted down to dig out the thing with his hands.

He impatiently removed the outside bag and opened the small iron box inside. Two rings wrapped in the plastic bag appeared before his eyes.

“Hahaha, diamond ring!” Chu Ci happily took the ring out and said, “Who’s so wisely hide the diamond ring here?”

Although he doesn’t know this world particularly, in most of the world, diamonds were very expensive. If he sold this thing, it was absolutely no problem to buy the stinky tofu.

He hurriedly buried the soil back and took the rose. Then he contentedly picked up the hoe and prepared to leave.

Chu Ci just turned around, and was scared as the hoe he had just picked up fell.

He patted his chest and said, “Dr. An, have you discussed it so quickly?” He looked towards the house’s direction, but he didn’t see the old man’s figure.

Fu Li came to this world followed the memory of his first primordial spirit fragment, and he turned into the appearance of that person named Chu Ci in this world. He found the place where that thing was buried in the memory, but discovered that someone done it first.

He looked at the thing in the other party’s hand and said, “Can you sell this thing to me?”

Chu Ci was originally very nervous, hearing what the man before him said, he surprised, “Do you want the stuff in this small iron box?”

Fu Li nodded and said, “Yes, you make a price!”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes, seeing the other party’s serious look, he was embarrassed to demand too much and said, “Fifty yuan, I want to buy something to eat.”

Fu Li was a little surprised, but he still took out a hundred yuan from his wallet and said to him, “I give you a hundred.”

Chu Ci’s eyes lit up and smiled, “Since that is the case, even the flower will be given to you.” Then he handed everything in his hand to the man in front of him.

Fu Li looked at the ring and rose stuffed in his hand and suddenly asked subconsciously, “What’s your name?” He remembered that only that person knew the thing buried here except for him.

Chu Ci first thought of his name in the dimension world, but thinking of his current action was not very good, he gave up to say his identity as Yan Qu, and said without hesitation, “My name is Chu Ci. Chu of the distinct, and Ci of the eloquence.”

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