Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

8) Chapter 50.2 ♬

Chapter 50 Part 2:

He looked at Moqi Sui’s unwell look, and felt somewhat helpless, because he was not a doctor and doesn’t understand it.

Chu Ci searched An Ning’s memory and found that there was the imperial physician in the palace, and instantly felt that he had found the savior.

At night, the imperial physician institution would also have the imperial physician who being on call at any time. Although he knew that it wouldn’t life-threatening, but seeing Moqi Sui like this, he was still very distressing.

Let find the imperial physician to stop vomiting first.

Chu Ci helped the target to the bed and covered him with a quilt, “Wait for me, I will find you an imperial physician!”

After speaking, he picked up his outer garment and wore it on his body, before hurriedly ran outside.

Chu Ci went to the courtyard and paused. It was night outside, he has to get the lighting thing.

He looked around a circle in the courtyard to find it and didn’t find any one. He directly run outside in spite of not have it.

Fortunately, the sky was bright enough that he could still see the road on the ground.

Chu Ci followed according to An Ning’s memory and finally stood at the gate of imperial physician institution.

The candle light could be seen in the imperial physician institution, there was indeed someone present.

Chu Ci quickly rushed in and said, “His Highness the crown prince has been vomiting constantly because of bad food. Imperial Physician, please quickly go to give diagnose and treatment.”

However, after he entered the gate of imperial physician institution, he found that although the candlestick was lit, but there was no one present.

Chu Ci looked around in doubt. An Ning’s memory clearly told him that there would be many imperial physician on duty at the imperial physician institution in the evening, and now none of them here, could it be that all people in the palace were sick tonight?

At this moment, a slightly younger man walked out slowly in the dark. From his attire, it was very likely that he was just a medical apprentice.

The man was holding a medicine jar in his hands, he looked at the eunuch at the door and said, “The second prince said he was worried about Your Majesty’s body, so let all the imperial physicians go to watch Your Majesty. If you need treatment, wait for tomorrow.”

Chu Ci frowned and said, “His Highness the crown prince’s current situation is also very urgent. I’m afraid that it will hurt his body if we let it go on like this.”

The man thought for a while, before put down the medicine jar and said, “If you want, I can give you a medicine to stop vomiting. My ability can only be so, I’m afraid that I can’t do anything else unless you go to the second prince to request person.”

Just from this man’s words, Chu Ci was sure that this time Moqi Shan deliberately do it, so it was useless for him to go to find that person.

He thought about it and nodded his head, “Then I will trouble you.”

It was better than nothing.

Seeing Chu Ci agreed, the man hurriedly went to the back hall. Not long after, he took a bottle out and secretly handed the bottle to Chu Ci, “You can take this pill, and don’t say it’s from me. My master won’t let me casually prescribe the medicine, but it’s very dangerous to let His Highness the crown prince to consume it. This medicine is made by my master. He said that it’s okay to consume even if he’s not sick, so you can use it with confidence. I remember that once the third prince get sick because of bad food, he’s well after took this medicine alone.”

Chu Ci looked gratefully at the little medical apprentice in front of him and said, “Thank you, I will definitely not say it.”

When he ran back breathlessly to the Bie Courtyard with the pill, he found that Moqi Sui had fallen asleep in bed.

“His Highness, are you feeling better now?” Chu Ci said while took out the pill.

However Moqi Sui seemed to sleep deeply.

Since the medicine has been taken out, it was better to take them.

Chu Ci walked to the bedside and supported the target up. He suddenly found something was wrong. Moqi Sui whole person was soft.

He forced the pill into Moqi Sui’s mouth.

When Chu Ci touched the target’s face, he realized that his face was particularly hot. He seemed to have a fever.

Chu Ci held him while felt distress, no wonder his body was weak.

It seems that I have to go for the pill that can reduce fever.

Chu Ci quickly pulled the quilt over and wrapped Moqi Sui tightly, before went to the side to take a wet towel and put it on his forehead.

After doing this, he turned around and planned to go to the imperial physician institution again.

However, he was caught by a hand before he could take a step.

The person who had just fallen asleep looked at him with his eyes open and said, “A-Ci, don’t leave. I will feel unwell as soon as you leave.”

Chu Ci looked at Moqi Sui doubtfully and said, “Feel unwell if I leave?”

“Yes!” Moqi Sui nodded earnestly.

Is it the effect of my primordial spirit?

Chu Ci thought about it and wondered if he was lose his head because of worry. He himself was a mobile elixir. As long as the target had no missing arm and leg, he would definitely recover.

Sure enough, he was messy because of concern.

“Okay, I won’t go, and I will sleep with you.” Chu Ci took off his coat and climbed into the quilt under Moqi Sui’s gaze.

Anyway, the target will be return to normal tomorrow.

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