Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

8) Chapter 84.2 ♬

Chapter 84 Part 2:

Yu Yuan had long been prepared in his heart and already figured out a way. But, he never imagined that Ji He actually had such hobby. Although it was better than sleeping with him, his plan could only be put on hold.

He immediately grabbed the thing on the bed, saying, “I’m not gay.”

Chu Ci said indifferently, “I wasn’t originally.”

He was not talking about Ji He, but himself.

Yu Yuan didn’t make a pointless rebuttal, he directly took off the pants worn in the bathroom in front of Chu Ci.

Chu Ci immediately looked at his certain part without hesitation, and the big stone in his heart finally lifted.

Yu Yuan’s member was exactly the same as before.

After confirming Yu Yuan’s identity, Chu Ci immediately started to tease again. He couldn’t help but look at his member and said, “That part of you is grow so big, it’s really a waste.”

Yu Yuan paused, and when he noticed that the older man staring at his certain part, he immediately speeded up his movements, and put on his pants again immediately after putting on the underwear. The older man didn’t say that he couldn’t wear pants.

After teasing him, Chu Ci got up and announced, “In order to cultivate our feelings, you have to sleep in the same bed with me from today onward.” Since he doesn’t take the sadomasochism love, then he had to take the route of really moving his feelings. He remembered the system said that Yu Yuan liked Long Ling started from the life-saving grace. He not only saved him but they also involved in the previous worlds, it was certainly no problem to bend him.

Yu Yuan was very happy when he heard Chu Ci’s words, sleeping in the same bed just convenient to carry out his plan.

Chu Ci didn’t know what Yu Yuan was thinking. After that, he went to the wardrobe, prepared to take clothes to take a bath, and then slept in the same bed with Yu Yuan for the first night in this world.

He just searched in the wardrobe, when the system suddenly said, “Be careful, the target secretly took the razor blade in the bathroom and want to sneak attack you.”

Chu Ci paused and sighed, “Oh, I forgot to explain to him about his father.”

With the reminder of the system and Ji He’s skill, Chu Ci easily blocked the razor blade in Yu Yuan’s hand.

Yu Yuan had already estimated well, so this man would definitely be killed. But he didn’t expect that this man was so powerful, or that his life was big.

Seeing that his purpose had been revealed, he directly scratched the razor blade to his neck. He had intended to kill Ji He to avenge his father, and then committed suicide. Now he could only hand over the revenge’s matter to his uncles. For him, dignity was more important than life, so he would rather die than being others plaything.

Chu Ci was startled to see that he was about to cut himself, and immediately took action to stop him. If Yu Yuan died, he also couldn’t live.

Fortunately, Ji He reached experiencedly, quickly grabbing Yu Yuan’s wrist and squeezed hard. The razor blade fell to the floor.

Chu Ci was very angry and funny, but he could only push the man firmly on the bed like Ji He, pinching his neck aggressively, saying, “Do you want to avenge your father?”

Things had reached this point, Yu Yuan no longer pretended to be timid. He gritted his teeth and said, “Yes!”

Chu Ci let out a heavy sigh and reached out to pat his face, “You heard me clearly, I now tell you to clarify. Yu Xiangming was not killed by me, nor by anyone in my Ji family. His death was caused by the Long family. I spent 16 million to save you from the Long family, you don’t thank me and actually thinking of killing me? Is this how your father teach you to treat life-saving benefactor?”

Yu Yuan silently looked at the man in front of him and suddenly wavered.

Although he doesn’t appear in the public eye, but as the successor of the Yu family, he had been involved in the matter of forces aspect. His father had always evaluated Ji He very highly. The Yu family and the Ji family were quite frequent to have dealings with each other, so he was also doubt it when the person who kidnapped him said it was the Ji family’s order. But because of Ji He’s humiliation made him forget this point. Now Ji He said that, he calmed down immediately.

But he wouldn’t believe it until the matter was clear.

Chu Ci let go of him after confirming that he was wavering. He picked up the clothes and picked up the razor blade on the floor before walked to the bathroom.

Yu Yuan suddenly said, “Why don’t you send me back if you want to save me? The 16 million, the Yu family can afford it.”

Chu Ci said shamelessly, “Because I like you, so I won’t let you go until you like me.” After speaking, he closed the bathroom door with confident and at ease.

This Ji He was relatively old-fashioned, so even the razor was traditional type. At this time, the razor in the bathroom had left the carcass. Just good, he could replace it with a new one.

After Chu Ci coldly entered the bathroom in front of Yu Yuan, he began to disturb the system.

“How was it? Did he properly thinking about it?”

The system said, “He should be wavering. He actually has great potential. The reason why he was deceived by Long Ling on the original life path was because his eyes blinded by love. You must be careful and hold tight, waiting for him to grow, it’s no good to cheat.”

Chu Ci frowned and said, “So troublesome? I originally want to play slowly.”

When Chu Ci came out of the bathroom after taking a bath, Yu Yuan had fallen asleep in the bed.

Chu Ci went to the other side of the bed to sleep quietly, but he still told the system just in case, “Don’t forget to pay attention to my life safety. If he want to kill me again, call me up.”

After all, he was just a fake boss and couldn’t be as alert as the original owner.

The system said, “Sleep, he won’t do it.”

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