Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

9) Chapter 101.1 ♬

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Chapter 101: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.5)


Translator: Mimi

The carriage stopped all of a sudden, finally made Fu Zhi withdrew his sight from the center of his palm, and then turned his head to the window of carriage without any worry, trying to see what happened outside.

However, a hand suddenly appeared, directly blocking the window, made him couldn’t see anything.

Fu Zhi looked at the owner of the hand and withdrew his sight without interest.

Seeing he no longer looked at the window, Si Yuan smiled and ridiculed, “You have better look at the mark on your hand more, it will leave you soon. I will deal with the outside’s matter. My little sister is certainly wait for your soon to untie marriage, don’t make any mistakes in this last year.”

Si Yuan’s words made the remaining warmth in Fu Zhi’s face disappeared instantly. He said indifferently, “I have already told Si Ying that I only regarded her as a little sister.”

Si Yuan doesn’t care and said with a smile, “What use saying it, you have to bring someone you like back to marry, only then she will believe it, otherwise how could she give up easily with her character. Anyway, as a brother, I still have to help my little sister.” After speaking, he got out of the carriage and closed the door.

After Si Yuan got out of the carriage, Fu Zhi didn’t take the other party’s words seriously, instead looked up casually out of the carriage’s window.

He swept through all the people he could see, and then took back his sight with some disappointment.

He had never deliberately kept himself from looking at anything all these years, but the mark on his hand was getting more and more shallow.

The system had just started to count the list of names in various places. After hearing Chu Ci’s yell, he said doubtfully while doing his own thing, “What’s up?” As the system was just counting things, he doesn’t need to concentrate his attention completely, so he was fully capable of doing something else for Chu Ci.

Chu Ci was in shock and said with somewhat incoherent speech, “I…I seems to accidentally marry a little girl when I was four years old!!!”

The system thought himself had misheard and repeated, “Marry? Married? You?”

Chu Ci was completely disturbed by the news, he squatted down and recalled, “It was the first month when I just came to this world. I accidentally touched the space tree and was sent to a stranger home. At that time, there is a little girl. I’m afraid that she would cry and accompany her to play and made a space ring with her. I just learned that making a ring with others means getting married!!! System, help!”

The system was silent for a long time before saying, “The ring is a very sacred thing in this world, why on earth you have to play this!”

Chu Ci wailed, “How do I know that there is proposal ring and wedding ring! Meng Chen doesn’t let me go out and doesn’t teach me this, this body is small and don’t know anything.”

“My fault!” The system suddenly took over the responsibility and said, “Although the above didn’t tell me to ensure that you understand the background and customs of this world, I should remind you.”

Chu Ci quickly agreed, “So why didn’t you remind me at that time?”

The system immediately said innocently, “I think I may not be there that ten minutes, otherwise I will remember what happens after you touching the space tree.”

Chu Ci sadly held his head and pulled his hair, “Then what should I do now? Can I get a divorce?”

In order to conceal that he knew the target was the same person, he subconsciously covered up, “I already planned to go by myself in this world, and now this happens, I’m very sad ah!”

The system remembered the divorce method in this world, and quickly consoled, “Rest assured, you can divorce. Just like the marriage proposal, as long as you don’t see the woman for twenty years, the marriage can be lifted.”

“Twenty years?” Chu Ci quietly calculated with his fingers, “I’m sure that fourteen years have passed!”

“Then just six years left, very soon. Anyway, the target hasn’t found yet, it’s not urgent. Moreover, I’m sure the woman’s side is more careful than you. Therefore, you can relax, it’s okay when you don’t see the woman.”

Hearing the system’s words, Chu Ci felt a lot of relief, but still worried, “You have better go to help me check the surname of the little girl, I will hide from the woman of that surname later.”

“Okay!” The system promised and said, “However, it need time to trace it back, so you should pay attention to it first.”


Settling the matter in his heart, Chu Ci finally relieved, so he patted his butt and was ready to stand up.

“Troubling everyone to let we pass, we have to catch up with the time to register to the academy.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice passed into Chu Ci’s ears.

He stood up straight, looking around to find the source of the voice.

“Blessings the newlywed, and thank you for everyone understanding.”

Chu Ci quickly looked in the direction of this voice.

The crowd gradually dispersed and he finally saw the speaker.

When Chu Ci saw the familiar face, he felt as if he was back to the previous world for a moment.

“Sy…System…I saw Yu Yuan!” Chu Ci shouted unbelievably in his mind.

In the distance, the man who asked people to make way looked exactly the same as Yu Yuan when he was young, even his smile didn’t have the slight deviation.

Chu Ci felt for a moment that this person was the target.

He didn’t wait for the system to reply before subconsciously lifting his foot to go in that man’s direction.

When Si Yuan turned around, he found a boy about his age staring blankly at him, he said with a good-natured smile, “Excuse me, may I ask is there some matter?”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes and shook his head.

Si Yuan raised his eyebrows and turned his head to look at the street. Seeing the crowd had dispersed, he walked back to the carriage.

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