Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

9) Chapter 137.1 ♬

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Chapter 137: The Fox and Taoist (8.5)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci was originally still making an angry low growl. When he heard Fei Chen said this, he was finally appeased.

After sniffing his nose a few times, he lay on the other’s arms and shook his ears, letting Fei Chen hug himself while hurry on.

Fei Chen seemed to be tireless and hurried all the way, without even resting on the road.

They stood in front of a city wall before the day get dark.

Chu Ci felt that the person holding him stopped, and then he lazily narrowed his eyes and looked up. The sign on the city wall written: Sanlin County.

He remembered that this was what Fei Chen’sjunior brother said.

Fei Chen looked at the fox in his arms and thought about it, and finally stepped into the county city, still holding the fox.

As soon as he got in, he caught the attention of many people.

Either because of his clothes as a demon catcher, or because he was holding a fox in his arms.

Fei Chen didn’t forget the task. After entering the county city, he turned on his searched demon magic tool and searched in the direction indicated by the magic tool.

Chu Ci slept all the way, and then looked around curiously. When the smell of food drifted to the tip of his nose, his stomach sounded.

Then Fei Chen saw the fox in his arms pricked up his ears and his black nose sniffed as if looking for something.

Chu Ci remembered that he ate two chicken legs last night. Although his half-demon constitution was not easy to be hungry, but he ate it so long ago. And Fei Chen had been on the road all the time, he had no chance to eat food.

He looked up at Fei Chen and said, “I’m hungry.”

However, only the sound of ‘ao ao’ could be heard in his mouth.

But he still successfully attracted Fei Chen’s attention.

Fei Chen gave him a glance and reached out to touch him, and was ready to continue on the road.

Chu Ci obviously felt Fei Chen didn’t understand his words, and let out the sound of ‘ao ao’ again, and then his mouth began to bite the hand Fei Chen put on himself.

Fei Chen paused, only then he realized that Chu Ci seemed to have something to say to him. Because he could feel that Chu Ci didn’t deliberately want to bite him, he only felt a small itchiness in his hand, and he stopped his footsteps.

Chu Ci saw that Fei Chen stopped and quickly put down his hand, and then turned over to his belly and patted his stomach with his foreleg.

“Hungry?” Fei Chen finally knew what he was saying.

Chu Ci quickly nodded his head.

Fei Chen put away his magic tool and looked around, and then went to the stall to buy the steamed bun, and bought two white steamed buns.

When Chu Ci watched Fei Chen pay, he quickly pulled his sleeves back with his mouth.

He doesn’t like to eat this! He was a carnivore, he doesn’t eat the steamed bun!

However, Fei Chen thought he was extremely hungry and paid faster.

In the blink of an eye, he watched Fei Chen take the steamed bun in his hand and broke a piece to hand in front of himself.

Chu Ci tilted his head and used his action to show that he wouldn’t eat this thing.

Fei Chen frowned and said, “You don’t eat this?”

At this time, a familiar smell of meat floated to Chu Ci’s nose. He immediately turned his head to look around and found a restaurant not far away.

He struggled to jump from Fei Chen’s arms to the ground, and then ran to the entrance of the restaurant. He stared at the building in front of him, and then turned his head to see Fei Chen behind him, hoping he could understand what he meant.

This time Fei Chen indeed understood. He strode to Chu Ci’s side and picked him up, before walking directly into the restaurant.

The taoist entered the restaurant was uncommon to outsiders, and customers in the restaurant looked at him one after another.

“This is the demon catcher, right?”

“It’s the first time I saw the taoist enter the restaurant!”

“It’s also the first time I saw the demon catcher carrying a pet!”

The waiter stepped forward and secretly looked at the taoist holding the fox, and said, “Customer, please inside.”

The voices of the people around him could clearly pass into Fei Chen’s ears. He directly took out the money from his bosom and put it on the counter, “Give me a private room.”

The waiter was also a person who had seen the world and knew that he couldn’t someone by appearances, he pointed upstairs and said, “Then, please go upstairs.”

Fei Chen then disappeared in the line of sight of everyone.

After sitting in the private room on the second floor, the waiter took out a wooden board with a row of dish names engraved on it and said, “Customer, see what you want to order.” At the same time, he gave a kind reminder, “Vegetarian dishes on the most left.”

Fei Chen looked at Chu Ci who he put on the table, he silent for a moment before saying, “I’ll order a roast chicken.”

He remembered that this fox demon smashed him with a roast chicken with two legs missing that day. He probably went to the restaurant to order that.

“Okay!” The waiter left the room after wrote it down.

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