Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

9) Chapter 149.1 ♬

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Chapter 149: Return to Reality (10.5)


Translator: Mimi

After Fu Li heard the name, he smiled at his man. This face began to match up with the face in his memory.

His eyes suddenly flashed, and then all the sounds around him instantly disappeared. At the same time, tree leaves that had just fallen down were motionless in the air. Only Fu Li was moving in the whole visible space.

He lifted his feet and slowly walked to Chu Ci who was as static as his surroundings. He looked down at this face that had never appeared in his memory, he slowly raised his hand and subconsciously touched it.

At the same time as his hand touched Chu Ci’s face, his spiritual sense immediately entered his mind.

With the entry of his spiritual sense, the memory in Chu Ci’s mind slowly appeared in Fu Li’s mind.

He shared Chu Ci’s memory.

As soon as the latest memory shared over, Fu Li saw the situation when he fell into the demon path, and at the same time felt Chu Ci’s feelings when he saw him at first sight.

When Fu Li saw that Chu Ci fell in love with himself at first sight, the corner of his mouth unconsciously showed a smug smile.

He kept looking back at Chu Ci’s memory until the time when Chu Ci was struck down by the heavenly thunder, and the last moment he was about to dissipate.

The result was exactly the same as what he had investigated.

Chu Ci obviously couldn’t bear the heavenly thunder and his primordial spirit was going to destroy entirely, but he successfully passed through the tribulation and entered the dimension world in the blink of an eye. What must have happened in the between.

Fu Li no longer pay attention to Chu Ci’s memory, and directly let his spiritual sense entered the deepest memory of Chu Ci.

Sure enough, at the edge zone of memory, he saw a black area. When his spiritual sense was about to approach this area, a symbol belonged to the seal immediately appeared on it.

Obviously this person’s memory was sealed, no wonder he had no reaction to his face.

Although this seal seemed difficult, it was possible to undo it forcibly, but hiding in this position would definitely cause irreversible damage to Chu Ci.

Fu Li raised his hand and thought about whether to try it, but eventually he withdrew from Chu Ci’s mind.

He didn’t seem to be able to do anything that he knew was harmful to this person.

Since Chu Ci had fallen in love with him now, it was not entirely necessary to open the previous memory to experiment.

After Fu Li withdrew his hand, the still tree leaves in the air finally fell down.

Without even blinking his eyes, Chu Ci found that Dr. An who was still two meters away a second ago, suddenly stood in front of him.

He inexplicably touched his face and said, “Are you from the dimension world?”

Chu Ci always felt that his face had been touched.

“Yes.” Fu Li doesn’t intend to hide his identity.

At this time, there was a sound of the villa door opened. The senses of the dimension world’s people were good, so both Chu Ci and Fu Li heard the sound.

Before Chu Ci could ran, his arm was held by Fu Li, and then in the blink of an eye, the two of them stood in a park without people.

Chu Ci said to the person before him, “Thank you.” Then he pointed at the thing in his hand and said, “What do you want this for? Don’t tell me this is your stuff? My guide told me that it’s unowned.”

Fu Li squinted his eyes and thought for a moment, and then chuckled, “This is a token of love.”

“Tsk tsk.” Chu Ci sized Fu Li up and said with some regrets, “It’s not that I said this diamond ring is quite ugly except for expensive, and you spend a hundred yuan to buy this thing for your partner, your heartfelt won’t hurt?”

Fu Li looked at Chu Ci and found that even watching him teach him quite enjoyment.

He turned into Xuan Lin in front of Chu Ci.

Chu Ci saw that Fu Li suddenly changed his appearance, he blinked his eyes.

Although it made him a little stunning, but under the suppression of the heavenly Lord’s face value, this person still couldn’t make him emotionally affected.

It was just that this face was just as familiar as when he saw Dr. An before.

Chu Ci didn’t forget the reason he came here to dig the ring. He looked around and said, “You busy with you affairs, I’m going to buy something to eat, and I’ll go back to the dimension world later. I’m sure we’ll meet again some day.” Then he was about to leave using the spell.

At this time, the things around were still again.

Fu Li walked in front of Chu Ci, he reached out to his neck and showed out the hidden name tablet.

He took off the name tablet and returned to the original position and let everything return to normal, and then silently watched Chu Ci disappeared before him.

Chu Ci appeared again in the alley where he had just come to this world. He happily ran to the stall selling stinky tofu with a hundred yuan exchanged for the ring.

At this time, a small group of people was lined up on the stall.

Fu Li went to look at the man who lined up to buy food. The situation of Xuan Lin peeked at Chu Ci who buy stinky tofu appeared in his mind, he inexplicably frowned.

He wanted to know what was good about this person, he actually could attract all the soul fragments he released.

Whether he doesn’t care or not, since he had fallen into the demon path, then this person’s matter must be clarified.

Chu Ci bought two large bowls of stinky tofu and ate it freely on the bench in front of the stall. He deliciously narrowed his eyes.

He looked at the sky from time to time. He stayed here for so long, it was time to go back. Anyway, after so long, Guan Xi must be gone.

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