Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

9) Chapter 68.1 ♬

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Chapter 68: Marked by Beastman (4.5)


Translator: Mimi

According to what Lian Shan said, Chu Ci hurried back to doorway of his room, thinking that he could go back early and help the target wore the clothes. He recalled the scene just now and couldn’t help but have a bit of aftertaste. However, he waited there for a while before he saw Lian Shan appearing with food.

Lian Shan stood in front of this man who was half a head shorter than himself, and handed him the things in his hands. Since he learned the background of this person, he was even more dislike this person. Although people without background would have much less troublesome for them, but such a scum man, he always has a feeling that he was staining Sir Lian Cen. He didn’t understand at all what Sir Lian Cen who usually keep his hands clean was fancy of this man.

Chu Ci could feel that Lian Shan looked at him the same way as Dr. Jiang before, clearly showing dislike that he couldn’t help rolling his eyes in his mind.

Envy! Envy is useless. Even if you are not happy about this, it’s set that I am serve Lian Cen.

Chu Ci couldn’t help but happily say in his heart: “Is the target has already taken a fancy to me? Could it be that the promise he made in his last life really useful?”

Although it was only speculation, he still had a sudden sense of delight.

He walked to the main house with the tray.

After Chu Ci pushed open the door, he found that Lian Cen who was still naked before he left, actually dressed himself. There was a sense of loss in his heart for no reason. He came back in a hurry, thinking that he was going to dress this person.

Thinking of Lian Shan who was belatedly late, Chu Ci couldn’t help but put the blame on him. It was this person made him happy in vain.

But this so-called personal service was not as personal as he thought!

“Sir Lian Cen, the meal is here.” Chu Ci shouted after entering the room. He walked to the edge of the table with the tray, and took out all the things on it.

Chu Ci looked at the several simple food that he took out and couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. When he came, he didn’t take a closer look, but now he found that there were just a few kinds.

He remembered from Qin An’s memory about the impression of Lian family: Wealthy people. He didn’t expect that they actually so simple in the eating aspect?

After heard Chu Ci’s call, Lian Cen came over and sat down in front of the table. He looked at the food in front of him and was not the least bit dissatisfied.

The simple breakfast was quickly wiped out.

Although Chu Ci didn’t eat anything after he got up, he didn’t covet it even a bit. These things were too light, made him didn’t want to eat it the least bit.

Thinking of his next breakfast, even the master of Lian family was eating so light, don’t he can only drink porridge?

Thinking that he might not be able to eat enough in the future, Chu Ci was so scared that he quickly went to disturb the system.

“System, does all beastmans eat such light food? I think I’m still growing up, I will be malnourished eating like this, okay?”

The system said unconcernedly, “No, it’s only the target species that causes him to eat quite light.”

Hearing this uncommon word, Chu Ci’s eyes instantly lighted up and said, “Species? What kind of species is Lian Cen?” He seemed to forget about this matter after he came here.

The beastman race was called beastman race because there were two forms, animal and human. Each beastman could turn into an animal, but the animal form had little usefulness, instead would expose their shortcomings. So, the beastman’s animal form was only known by themselves, or their trusting close relatives.

The system suddenly began to keep him in suspense again at this time, and said with a smile, “It’s better for you to go find out this kind of thing yourself. Know from me, it will not have a sense of accomplishment.”

Chu Ci's original enthusiasm disappeared instantly. He couldn’t help but ridicule, “Congratulations, you have more functions now: pour cold water.”

As he was chatting with the system here, Lian Cen had finished eating and put down his chopsticks over there. Lian Cen raised his eyes and looked at the man in a daze beside him who kept changing his expression, he said calmly, “Qin An, what is your purpose at Lian family?”

When Lian Cen said Qin An, these two words, he finally lost that strange feeling before, but the thought of Chu Ci’s words disappeared, he felt a sense of loss.

Lian Cen’s sudden words made Chu Ci regain his senses, he was stunned for a moment, before remembering that Qin An was the name of his own body, and this only reflected that the person in front of him was calling him.

Unexpectedly, this person really sent people to check himself, deserving to be called a big family.

Chu Ci didn’t do any shameful deed, so he wasn’t afraid of being questioned. He turned his head and beaming, “Sir Lian Cen want to know my things. Actually, you no need to check them, I can tell you everything in full detail.”

Thinking of his previous identity, Chu Ci took advantage of the situation and said, “Actually, after escape from this calamity, I suddenly have an awareness, after such muddleheaded for a long time, I wanted to live seriously for the first time. Qin An is not only my previous name, it’s also bear my past, so I changed my name for myself. I was brought in by Sir Lian Cen, if I had any purpose, it’s to look at what Sir looked like. I heard your name when I was in D region.”

As he speaking, Chu Ci played a feeling card, he said with a little aggrieved, “If Sir Lian Cen think that I have a threat, you can drive me away. I will start afresh in another region. After checking about me in D region, you should know that I’m not actually allowed to leave that place. Sir Lian Cen took me out of there has actually let me reborn.”

He always felt that this person named Lian Cen was nice, although he looked very strict at outside. Of course, he doesn’t rule out his confidence in his darling.

Lian Cen listened to the explanation of the person before his eyes, he originally could continue to doubt, but he inexplicably wanted to trust. He felt that the person before his eyes was not that kind of scheme people at all. Anyway, it was too late to find a reliable human race again. Moreover, with his strength, even if this man really has some purpose, he couldn’t take himself down.

He pursed his lips and said, “Take things away and go out with me after eating breakfast.”

There was no expression on Chu Ci’s face, but he was happy in his heart. This man was believe him!

He quickly said, “Thank you for offering me shelter, I will do my best to serve you in the future!” After saying that, he packed up the things on the table and walked away like a wisp of smoke.

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