Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Arc 0

Chapter 1: Dismissal

“You should retire already.”

That was advice from my fellow party members (dismissal notice).

Thus, my life as an adventurer was over.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I started adventuring five years ago, there’s no cheat, no relationships, it’s inevitable to become an adventurer.

I didn’t have talent for magic.

However, I came to be able to use it a little by studying, but I cannot compare to those that have trained since childhood.

My childhood kendo training helped me a lot.

Most of the people becoming swordsmen do not know how to wield a sword since they were previously farmers. Because of their lack of training they have no concept of foot work making them quite noisy when moving.

While I was not able to beat those that became knights, I was better than those around me.

However, during a quest when I was approaching 30 with my physical strength starting to wane, I took an arrow to the knee. (TN: Seems like this takes place in Skyrim.)

Even though my wound healed to a certain extent thanks to magic, I thought about the advice I received (Dismissal notice) and decided it was time to retire from adventuring. (TN: He could just settle down and become a town guard.)

Thus, my life as an adventurer ended after five years.

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