Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

Arc 4: ‘Marked by Beastman’ 1) Chapter 64.1 ♬

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Chapter 64: Marked by Beastman (4.1)


Translator: Mimi

“You’re talking as if I have a choice.” Chu Ci spit out a mouthful of turbid air to restore his good mood, then said, “Okay, now you can talk about the situation in the next world, I will listen.” But in his heart, he secretly hoped that the next world wouldn’t be ancient times again. Although he became empress from eunuch in this world, it was an exception.

The system only satisfiedly said by this reminded of Chu Ci, “Since you are ready, then I will pass the information to your mind now.” As if understanding Chu Ci’s concern, he doesn’t forget to comfort, “Rest assured, it is not ancient times.”

As soon as the system’s voice fell, the familiar stinging pain sensation passed on. The pain soon disappeared, and a large amount of memory that doesn’t belong to him immediately appeared in Chu Ci’s head.

Chu Ci roughly looked through it. This time the world background was rather strange, which he has never seen before. It was modern times, but society was made up of two intelligent creatures, beastmans and humans. Beastmans, as the name suggested, were people who transformed from animals. It was also divide to male and female. Compared with his previous world, humans were a lot stranger. There was no woman in the human race, all were mans. These mans were divided into omega, beta, and alpha. Omega was equivalent to woman that he has seen before, responsible to give birth and was relatively weak. Beta was equivalent to intersex people, they have the ability to give birth, but the probability was very small, and their physical capability were medium. Alpha was equivalent to the man in his cognitive society, and their physical capability were the strongest. There have been wars between the two races, but now they have been able to coexist peacefully. However, there were still exclusive gathering places, and the two races still have rulers.

Chu Ci didn’t tangled with this matter. He directly looked at the information of the next target to be settled. Because there was a question in his mind that he want to find the answer, so he had to do things much faster.

The target this time was Lian Cen. He was a beastman. His status among the beastmans was not low, and his prestige was also high. In ancient times, he was equivalent to a country’s general. He currently has no mate.

After understanding the target’s information, Chu Ci looked at the information of his body in this world. It was still no big identity as before. He was called Qin An, a little bastard who was chased to kill because of a love debt. He ran out of the alley, and Lian Cen’s car happened to pass by, and the two collided. In fact, Qin An was killed by the accident, so he could borrow this body. Because of his special status and he was in the human territory, and because he didn’t want to get into trouble, Lian Cen directly brought the body back to his home for treatment by his doctor.

Chu Ci looked at the information again. After determined that his suspicious was right, he curiously said, “System? Why is there no information on the female lead? Although the information on the female lead is decreasing before, at least it still be mentioned in the target information in passing. This time, the information about the female lead didn’t mention even a word. The beastmans are obviously have female. I think this mission is also very important for you. Are you lazy now?”

After heard this, the system quickly explained, “You are wrong. It’s not because we are lazy, but because the target of this world now didn’t like anyone.”

Chu Ci seemed a little disbelief, and said doubtfully, “No one? Then I still have to find him a partner? Really don’t even have one who a bit to his liking?”

It was too unlikely. Judging from the target conditions mentioned in the data, there should be many females who liked him. How could there be no one entered his eyes?

The system sighed and explained, “Actually, we are also difference. Originally, if the target is not influenced by you, it would be reasonable to have a favorite woman like the previous world and then be slagging by that woman. But, because of the success of your previous mission led to the whole life trajectory of the target in this world has changed. The development in the front was still normal, the woman still fell in love with others. But, when the target who originally should accept the female lead without complaints, hearing that the female lead liked others before the wedding, he directly cancelled the wedding, and then didn’t pay attention to that woman again. Even if the woman suddenly repented and returning to find him, he also refused to see her mercilessly. Therefore, that woman was useless, and I just removed her. So you can find the partner for him yourself, or you can do it yourself.”

Chu Ci didn’t directly reject it. In any case, he had to confirm the identity of the target first. He smiled and said, “Of course, if he can be bend, I will certainly do it myself. The experience of the three worlds reminds me in the moment.”

The system lightly said, “Since you have finished reading, then I will now send you to the body of the next world.”

Chu Ci nodded and said, “Let’s go.” Thinking of the riddle in his heart was about to be answered, he actually somewhat impatient.

However, even if the system said to send him over, Chu Ci couldn’t immediately wake up. It was because the body was seriously injured, and it would be very painful to immediately go in, so he let his primordial spirit repaired the body first.

The feeling of the primordial spirit combined with the body was very familiar. After feeling that he had fully integrated with the body, Chu Ci tried to open his eyes.

The chandelier on the white ceiling looked somewhat gorgeous.

“Go report to Sir Lian Cen, the injured person awoke.” The woman’s calm voice came to his ears.

Chu Ci looked sideways. A tall and beautiful female doctor was looking at him.

At the same time, the system suddenly remembered something and said, “I forget to tell you, the beastmans and humans have the same traits, that is, after they grow to adulthood there will be estrus period, and if you are alpha, you will be affected by omega pheromones. Therefore, if you want to be a little closer to the target, stay away from omega.”

“This magical?” Chu Ci quickly responded after digesting this information for a while, “Got it! Thank you for reminding. I hope you don’t neglect your duty like in the previous world.”

The system quickly retorted, “This blame of negligence one’s duty is too big, I just said less irrelevant things.”

Chu Ci had no time to quarrel with the system, because the female doctor at the side talked to him.

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