Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

Arc 8: ‘The Fox and Taoist’ 1) Chapter 133.1 ♬

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Chapter 133: The Fox and Taoist (8.1)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci’s body lightened and he returned to the familiar darkness again.

“Congratulations!” The system also appeared at the same time and said, “There are still two worlds left, and your mission will be successful. The next two worlds will become easier because of the previous’ influence, you can rest assured first.”

Thinking of Quan Gan who dreaming of all the previous’ worlds, Chu Ci impatiently said, “Since that’s the case, the matter shouldn’t be delayed. Let’s hurriedly go to the next world! The sooner I finish it, the sooner I will regain freedom.”

The system originally planned to let him rest for a while, seeing he took the initiative to ask, he nodded and said, “Since you are so motivated, then I will send you directly.”

As soon as the system’s voice fell, Chu Ci felt that his body lightened for a while and sank. He spent much more time in the void, he had long been accustomed to this feeling, so after his body sank but on the contrary let him free from anxiety a lot.

But obviously this new body was seriously injured again, because he couldn’t open his eyes no matter how hard he tried.

“Don’t worry, your body hurts somewhat badly, your primordial spirit right in the middle of repairing it.” The system noticed his intention to wake up immediately, “I will give you the new information of your target first, anyway look at this here and outside is the same.”

“That’s right!” Chu Ci found that he seemed a little urgent.

“Then I starts to pass it on.”

As soon as the system finished speaking, Chu Ci felt a stab of pain in his head, and then new information appeared.

Regarding of that person’s affairs, Chu Ci was very interested in every word.

The target in this world was originally called Xi Chang. He was the heir of the prince. According to the original set up, he would be bestowed a marriage to the princess by the emperor and liked the princess, but the princess doesn’t like him. However, because of the intervene of the previous worlds, Xi Chang could dream of what happened before. In order to avoid the emperor’s bestow of marriage, he chose to shave his head to leave home, so he broke his relationship with his family. After shaving, he called Fei Chen, and he became the demon catcher with the highest spiritual power in the Xumi Temple.

After reading the last sentence carefully, Chu Ci said gloomily, “Shaving? If I remember correctly, does this mean being a taoist?”

The system doesn’t think there was anything wrong with it and said, “Exactly!” There seemed to be little excitement in his tone.

Chu Ci just about to say something and found that he seemed to be completely integrated with the body, and the memory fragments of this body had jumped involuntarily in his mind, which seemed to be the memory shortly before the body died.

These memories instantly kept him from caring about the matter of taoist.

Because he found that he was running in the memory fragment, but his perspective was quite short, even the wolf that chasing him was taller than him. Of course he could run so fast, he was certainly not a child.

From this scattered memory, he could see that the cause of this body’s death seemed to have been injured by this wolf that chasing him. The injury was heavy, although he escaped from the mouth of the wolf, but he lost his life.

Chu Ci took troubles to heart regarding of his own perspective and looked at it a little deeper. Then he exclaimed directly, “F*ck, fox? Why don’t you just find me a radish body?”

He found that the memory perspective was low because this body was a little fox!

The system comforted, “Don’t worry, you can be transformed into a human form. This little fox has been cultivating for a hundred years. If his inner core was not broken by a wolf demon, he won’t die like this.”

“Wait a minute!” Although Chu Ci’s mood appeased by the matter of he could transform, he thought of another matter and quietly said, “My beloved is a demon catcher, but I’m a demon? You’re too casual to find a body, aren’t you?”

The system wondered, “Isn’t this something you no need to worry about anymore? The target in this world can also dream of you, so only then he will refuse the bestow of marriage and take the initiative to leave home. I think that no matter what you are, as long as he knows your name is Chu Ci, he will definitely not hurt you.” Then the system said with expectation, “I like watching the love between the demon catcher and the demon.”

Chu Ci gritted his teeth and said, “So it’s because you want to satisfy your particular hobby.”

“That’s not true.” The system resolutely and seriously retorted, “Actually, I choose the fox demon for your sake. There are many suitable bodies but they are not particularly good-looking. Don’t you like beautiful bodies, so I choose this fox demon for you. You should know that the fox demon, this species, is born a beauty.”

Chu Ci thought of those fox demons who cultivated into human form he had ever seen, they were indeed all remarkably beautiful, so he put the matter aside.

“Okay, forget it.” In fact he also believed that person wouldn’t hurt him.

Chu Ci put away his thoughts and concentrated his energy on his body, it didn’t long before he could open his eyes.

If someone was there, they would find that the corpse of a little fox that lay on the snow ground was about to be covered by snow. The corpse had been frozen stiff. Suddenly, the dead fox was covered with a golden light, but it quickly flashed over. After that the fur on the little fox’s body, which had already lost vitality, became glossy and clear, and his abdomen also slightly undulated. It didn’t take long for the fox’s eyes to open and it stood up swayingly. The fox shook its head, and ran to the mountain as if nothing happened.

Chu Ci quickly took control of his body and ran to the direction of his cave according to his memory.

The day was already dark now.

He leaped in the snow while saying to the system, “Ouch, I’m frozen to death! Why am I still so afraid of the cold even if I’m a demon! When I first turned into a spiritual radish, I’m not afraid of the cold.”

The system explained patiently, “Because its inner core broken, to repair it will take some time, you must endure it first.”

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