After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 10

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Shen Shicang knew that Chen Yueyang was always so obnoxious.

He raised his shoulders, then took a step back to widen the distance between him and Chen Yueyang, then he frowned and showed his dissatisfaction with Chen Yueyang’s  idea.

Chen Yueyang paid no attention to such a small matter, he was more worried about how he would prevent Shen Shicang from breaking character in front of his grandmother.

The Chen family can be described as the most influential and successful business family in the entire Beijing. But it had its fair share of complications.

Chen Yueyang’s mother had gotten a divorce with his father (Chen Ming) about a decade ago due to his father’s abusive ways, hence Chen Yueyang and Chen Ming didn’t have a good father son relationship.

After entering highschool, the relationship between the two of them only worsened, almost everytime the two would meet they would have a fight, they never were able to see things the same way.

Since he was so abusive to his son, Chen Yueyang’s grandmother (Lu Fengzhi) decided to let him stay with her.

When he was in his freshman year, Lu Fengzhi’s condition started to worsen and when Chen Yueyang was in his second year of high school, Lu Fengzhi needed a permanent caretaker, and on top of that her heart started to weaken, thus to please his ensure the wellbeing of his grandmother Chen Yueyang decided to get his act together whenever he came home, Chen Ming also reduced the amount of times he saw his son to prevent any quarrels from starting.

While Chen Yueyang told Shen Shicang the important details about his family, Shen Shicang didn’t say a single word the entire time, he didn’t nod or shake his head as well.

The two boys of equal height, were standing outside a luxuriously decorated villa.

Chen Yueyang let out a short sigh, then he entered the password for the gate.

As soon as the two of them entered the house, a middle aged woman greeted them with a smile and said, “Young Master, would you like to see your grandmother?”

Shen Shicang nodded.

The middle aged woman said, “She has been sleeping for the past two hours, I think she will be awake in a while, Young Master.”

“Okay,” Shen Shicang interrupted her, then he called her, “Aunty Wang.”

Wang Meixiu was the Chen family’s servant, Lu Fengzhi was born in a village, after being married into the Chen Family she could not get used to having a servant thus when Chen Yueyang was small, Lu Fengzhi would single handedly take care of all the housework, then as her body started to deteriorate, all of the work fell on Wang Meixiu’s shoulders.

Chen Yueyang led Shen Shicang to his bedroom, as he turned on his silent mode for once.

Chen Yueyang’s relationship with his father couldn’t get any worse, throughout all the years, Chen Ming would use anything he could get his hands on to “discipline” Chen Yueyang. Chen Yueyang’s mother( Xiao Xiao) had moved to Japan ever since the divorce and never came back, Chen Yueyang had already forgotten how her face looked.

To Chen Yueyang, Lu Fengzhi was all the family he had.

Showering their kids with love and affection had always been a part of the Northerners culture. Lu Fengzhi had spoilt him ever since he was a child, it was no wonder why he had formed such a bond with his grandmother.

“ I have a driver, I have a lot of things I haven’t told you yet,” Chen Yueyang closed his room door, and with a serious face he said, “I beg you, please don’t break character in front of my family, if you have anything for me to take care of in your family, just tell me in advance.”

Then Shen Shicang just stared at him, “I don’t have a family, I stay in the hostel during the weekends.”

Chen Yueyang was speechless.

No family? What does that mean? Were you born out of a rock? Are you the Monkey King?

When he was deskmates with Shen Shicang in their freshman year, he had never heard a word about Shen Shicang’s family, and although he knew that Shen Shicang’s family background wasn’t so good, he didn’t know the whole picture, in fact, nobody did.

Chen Yueyang didn’t like owing other people things, but just as he was thinking about how to console Shen Shicang, Shen Shicang said, “I work part-time during the weekends too.”

Just as he said that someone knocked on the door.

Shen Shicang went to open the door, it was Wang Meixiu, she said, “Young Master, your grandmother is awake.”

Chen Yueyang was about to ask Shen Shicang, “Why work part-time when money is all I have,” but the moment he heard that Lu Fengzhi was awake, he made it a priority to see his beloved grandmother, and followed Wang Meixiu to his grandmother’s room.

As soon as he entered the room he was met with a warm and caring smile.

But the smile was not at aimed at him, instead she was smiling at Shen Shicang.

Chen Yueyang looked sideways at Shen Shicang who was in his body, then he felt a wave of jealousy travel throughout his entire body.

“Who is this?” Lu Fengzhi asked as she sat up on her bed.

Shen Shicang’s tongue was in a knot, it had been so long since someone had spoken to him with such warmth.

Chen Yueyang noticed that he was lost for words and softly said, “What are you doing, say something!”

Shen Shicang looked at Chen Yueyang out of the corner of his eye, his lips moved but no words could find their way out of his mouth.

Chen Yueyang placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned against him, “Hurry up and say Grandmother!”

Shen Shicang, “Grandmother…”

Even though it was his own voice, Chen Yueyang wondered why it felt so stiff and cold.

He was about to throw up on the inside.

Of course he didn’t know that Hongkies call their grandmothers “Ma Ma” (Cantonese), “Nai Nai” was how the people of Beijing called their grandmothers.

The following words were much more natural, “This is my.., classmate.”

Lu Fengzhi didn’t notice the change in his voice, and still had a smile on her face, her wrinkles on her face met on her forehead, “Yang Yang has never brought any of his classmates home before, you must be his best friend.”

Chen Yue Yang, “... no, this is a misunderstanding, I don’t know him that well.”

At the same time, Wang Meixiu knocked on the door.

She brought a cup of warm milk tea to Lu Fengzhi, “You must be very happy that your grandson is back, please drink this cup of tea, it will help you fall asleep at night.”

After Lu Fengzhi took the teacup from Wang Meixiu, the servant left the room.

When Chen Yueyang saw that Shen Shicang was standing still, he took advantage of Lu Fengzhi’s blind spot when she was drinking the warm drink and pushed Shen Shicang forward with his knees, moving him closer to Lu Fengzhi's bed.

Shen Shicang jerked forward and almost fell on the bed. As he was just about to turn his head and stare at the culprit, Lu Fengzhi had unexpectedly put the empty glass on the bedside table and asked, "Yang Yang, are you going back to school tomorrow night?"

Shen Shicang straightened his body and answered, “I have a part-time job tonight.”

Lu Fengzhi had thought she misheard her grandson, she repeated, “Part-time?”

Chen Yueyang rushed in and cut off Shen Shicang, “Grandmother Chen, please don’t listen to him, he isn’t going anywhere, he will stay here and accompany you.”

Shen Shicang was about to say something but was shoved out of the room by Chen Yue Yang.

The two stood at the door of the room and started quarreling.

Shen Shicang, “ I want to go and work tonight.”

Chen Yueyang, “Hurry up and quit that job, you’re in senior year, you have no time to spare.”

Shen Shicang was speechless

When Chen Yueyang saw that Shen Shicang wasn’t speaking, he came back to his senses. Thinking of Shen Shicang’s financial situation, his expression changed and he began to think about a solution.

He really wanted to lay out some money on a table and let Shen Shicang pocket it. If he had swapped bodies with someone else chances are they would jump at the opportunity, but this was Shen Shicang not someone else. He might even throw the money back at Chen Yueyang.

After all, he was the top scholar, the modal student, he was filled with pride, Chen Yueyang was well aware of this.

Hence Chen Yueyang said, “Okay, tell me where you work, I’ll go and work there for you.”

Shen Shicang raised his eyes, glanced at him, then turned his head and said faintly: "You won't be able to do it."

After hearing this, Chen Yueyang became a little unhappy, so he retorted: "There is nothing I can't do, isn't it just moving bricks? You look down on me too much. I'm not the kind of spoiled brat that can't earn my own money."

He thought of the day when their two souls were swapped. Shen Shicang seemed to be working at a construction site. Hearing what Shen Shicang said just now, he thought that his masculinity was being questioned, so he was naturally unhappy.

However, what Shen Shicang said next shocked Chen Yueyang even more.

Shen Shicang, “That work was only for the holidays, during weekends I work at the Starry Night.”

The Starry Night mentioned wasn’t the world-renowned painting, it was a large nightclub. Chen Yueyang used to go there with his buddies but ever since Lu Fengzhi got ill, he stopped going.

But the Starry Night nightclub was filled with the “rumors” of Chen Yue Yang.

If Shen Shicang went there in his body, someone would definitely recognize him, and...the mere thought of that was frightening enough.

More importantly, even if a gun was pointed at Chen Yue Yang, he would never in his life pour drinks for those goons that call him big brother every day.

Chen Yueyang frowned and said, “Stop working there.”

Both of them couldn’t find a way to work there, and they didn’t know when they would be able to swap back into their bodies.

Shen Shicang was adamant on going, “No, I must go.”

Chen Yueyang said in a serious tone, “You know, I could give you the same amount of money.”

Shen Shicang put his foot down, “That’s your father’s money, it’s not yours nor mine.”

Chen Yue Yang, "Why are you so stubborn!"  He was as stubborn as a donkey.

But of course, he didn’t say the word donkey out loud.

Shen Shicang stopped talking, but he put on an uncompromising expression.

“ I respect you man,” Chen Yueyang said as he frowned even harder, then he said, “Okay, you go accompany my grandmother, make her happy, when she falls asleep, I’ll go with you to the night club, and I will settle a month’s worth of work for you.”

Chen Yueyang knew some inside stories about the Starry Night nightclub. For part-timers like Shen Shicang, there would be tasks that had to be completed every month. If they failed to complete them , they would be replaced. Because the hourly pay was particularly high, hence there were always many people waiting in line for employment.

Conversely, if the task is completed ahead of time, then even if you don’t need to go to work, and your salary wouldn’t be reduced nor would you get fired.

Although Shen Shicang was a little arrogant, he lived a very pragmatic and realistic life, so he accepted Chen Yueyang's proposal.

After Lu Fengzhi fell asleep, the two of them snuck out of the villa.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they arrived at the nightclub, they met an old acquaintance

Chen Yueyang walked in front of Shen Shicang. Before he went up the steps, he saw a group of teenagers wearing designer suits pushing open the door as they walked out.

Chen Yueyang knew the leader of the gang, he was Chen Mingxi, two years back he used to call Chen Yueyang elder brother, now he already had his own gang?

Cheng Mingxi’s hair was covered with thick hairspray from the roots to the tips. His fringe was dyed a shade of blonde. At first glance, he looked like a big rooster. The youthful look on his face was all but gone.

Chen Yueyang was still thinking about how to sneak past this person. After all, Shen Shicang didn't know him, it wouldn’t be a big deal if they bumped into each other, it’s just that Chen Yueyang was pressed for time.

However, this person stood in front of him and arrogantly said, "Well I’ll be damned! If it isn’t the legendary Shen Shicang… Could it be that a person of such high standards is so broke that he has to exchange his body for money?”

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