After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 12

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Title : Did anyone see Shen Shi Cang getting into Chen Yue Yang’s

0 lou : A mere passerby

A short disclaimer, I am just a mere passerby, I have been studying at No. 1 High for about more than a year, I never take sides, I don’t support the Scholar lord nor do I support the school ringleader, today it was my turn to clean up the classroom after school hence I left school later than all the other student, who knew that the moment I set foot outside the school compound I would be met with such a scene.

I swear I’m telling the truth, don’t believe me? Here’s a photo as proof.

(Inserted photo)

1 lou: Anonymous

Holy Shit!

2 lou: Anonymous

Holy Shit!

3 lou: Anonymous

Holy Shit! (Keep the trend going )

4 lou: Anonymous

Holy Shit (Although I really feel like breaking the trend, but there’s nothing else that can describe what I’m feeling.)

5 lou: Anonymous

Holy Shit (Don’t tell me everyone wants to keep on repeating this phrase)

Song Ming Yan had just finished playing a game and was going to take a shower, but then he felt bored while he squatted down over the toilet and decided to check the secret discussion room, then he saw this post.

After seeing the photos himself, Song Ming Yan felt the same way as all those other students did, and when he thought about it carefully, throughout the whole first week of school, Chen Yue Yang had been acting super strangely.

What was different about Song Ming Yan when compared to the likes of Guan Zhe and Lu Ji Ping was that at any given time Song Ming Yan’s mind was always sharp and clear, this was why he was able to become Chen Yue Yang’s general in command, why else would Chen Yue Yang pick this dwarf if it wasn’t for his sharp mind.

Nobody knows where all this talk about how Chen Yue Yang and Shen Shi Cang were polar opposites originated from, but what everyone did know was that this was quickly becoming the talk of the town.

Shen Shi Cang was always someone who was hard to approach, so everyone naturally stayed away from him and didn’t ask about the rumours, and Chen Yue Yang hadn’t earned his reputation from being a nice guy, hene nobody dared to ask him either. So in reality many of the students could only imagine what the two were really up to, and thus the discussion threads kept on increasing until the current situation.

But Song Ming Yan was not as shallow minded as all those other students, he could rationally come up with an answer for why Chen Yue Yang had suddenly changed his attitude towards Shen Shi Cang.

For example, even though Chen Yue Yang had always been complaining about Shen Shi Cang to Guan Zhe, but he never publicly told people about Shen Shi Cang’s shortcomings; and although Chen Yue Yang had been in countless fights throughout his life but none of his fights were against Shen Shi Cang --- apart from that one fight that nobody saw in the back alley.

Looking at it this way, maybe something more complicated than he had foreseen is happening to the two.

宋明延提好裤子洗了手,忍不住轻笑,卢记平见他这副模样,忍不住打了个寒噤。Song Ming Yan pulled up his pants and washed his hands while laughing uncontrollably, when Lu Ji Ping saw him in that state, it sent chills down his spine.

A few seconds later, there were a few more new threads in the secret discussion room.

21 lou: I feel so amped up today

How about I become the trend setter, let’s change up our feed, for instance we could add #Shen Shi Cang entering the rich boy’s house# or #Congratulations to Chen Yue Yang for winning Cinderella’s hand# into the thread?

25 lou: No. 1 High’s ringleader has lost his damn mind

I beg you, those who claim that they are neutral, stop taunting our boss. Who did he ever insult? I know that all of you will always look down on people like us who got into this school via our financial prowess, so please just leave us alone.

32 lou: Anonymous

All the delinquents in our school are really looking for trouble. The person who started the thread already stated that he was just a mere passerby, so what does that have to do with all of you? Also, I too want to find who this passerby is, how dare you defame our Shen prefect like this, who in their right mind would want to go out with someone like Chen Yue Yang? Please save yourself some face.

37 lou : Anonymous

I’m in stitches, who’s the one that got into our boss’s car? Who is the really top dog here? Your beloved Shen Shi Cang got into our boss’s car, just get that in your head!

Song Ming Yan watched as the thread kept on growing faster and faster, then he questioned his intellect… all he wanted was to make everyone happy again, why was it that a new war had broken out?

Seeing the thread growing and growing Song Ming Yan felt his brain hurt

He tossed his phone aside and went to bed.

The next morning when he woke up, his phone’s notification light was blinking, he unlocked his screen and saw that his boss had sent several QQ ( Chinese messaging app)  messages to him.

This was strange, usually their boss would use Wechat (Chinese Messaging app), why the sudden change?

After opening the app, he read the concisely written message.

Boss:Tell me about Liu Cheng Hai and his new wife.

Song Ming Yan said in his mind

Boss, since when were you a busybody?

Song Ming Yan sat on his bed, scratched his head that was already spinning in circles, then he scavenged his mind for anything related to the topic and replied to his boss.

At the same time, Chen Yue Yang was lifting weights in his bedroom.

Lifting weights the first thing in the morning was a habit that he had swore by since young, after all someone who knew he would have to fight on a daily basis needed to have a well toned and strong body.

When the had swapped bodies, Chen Yue Yang had his doubts on the physical capabilities of this bookworm’s body, but he was surprised when he went through his normal weightlifting routine without feeling any less strong as he was and on top of that, when he went for his usual jog, he felt that he could run faster and longer than he usually could in his own body, which meant that Shen Shi Cang actually had a fit body.

After finishing a set of exercises, the QQ notification popped up on his laptop.

In order to not cause suspicion amongst the Chen family, the two of them had swapped phones the night before. It was only for one day and one night anyways, they didn’t expect anything urgent to pop up that required them to have their own phones.

But Chen Yue Yang felt an obligation to help Shen Shi Cang with his family matters, after all Shen Shi Cang did help him a lot by staying in a stranger's home for the weekend just to accompany Lu Feng Zhi, even though he had been told  not to delve into matters of someone else’s family, but Chen Yue Yang had always been a rebel.

If you don’t want me to care, I will care even more.

With Lu Feng Zhi around, Chen Yue Yang didn’t want to anger Shen Shi Cang so he decided to use QQ’s desktop application to ask Song Ming Yan what he wanted to know, and he also did not want to discuss this topic in public, so QQ was the best option.

Chen Yue Yang had tweaked his QQ settings in a way that allowed him to use his account on his PC without letting Shen Shi Cang know via his handphone.

He placed the dumbbells on the floor, then sat down in front of his PC, and read what Song Ming Yan had sent him.

Song Ming Yang just so happened to be the only child of a successful lawyer, so he knew how to navigate the maze of gossip like the back of his hand which enabled him to gain information that some people would die for.

Song Ming Yan, “A while ago I heard my father say that after Shen Yue Mei passed away, Liu Cheng Hai remarried to Cheng Hui Si and had a son, Cheng Ming Xi, the guy who would always drink with us at the Starry Night nightclub, he is actually the son of Liu Cheng Hai, but after being forced by some powerful members of the Shen Company he had changed his status to Step Son.

Chen Yue Yang, “Then what about the son Liu Cheng Hai had with Shen Yue Mei?

Song Ming Yan, “Do you mean Shen Shi Wang? He is the Chief Executive Officer

Of the Shen family business, he has the most influence in the company, only Liu Cheng Hai has more power than him,  he has an ok relationship with his Step Brother.

Chen Yue Yang, “Wait… you’re telling me Shen Yue Mei only had one child?”

Song Ming Yan, “Yes.”

The longer he looked at Song Ming Yan’s message the more confused Chen Yue Yang felt.

He had never doubted a single thing that Shen Shi Cang said, if he said he was the son of Shen Yue Mei, then he indeed was the son of Shen Yue Mei.

Chen Yue Yang trusted in Shen Shi Cang, although Shen Shi Cang always acted as if he couldn’t care less about Chen Yue Yang or that he was totally annoyed by him.

After all, during their freshman year Chen Yue Yang was indeed very mischievous, he used to always find ways to get into trouble, there was one time he placed a men’s magazine in Shen Shi Cang’s bag, when Shen Shi Cang found out he sweared on the spot.

Chen Yue Yang guessed that if someone that well mannered resorted to swearing, he had down right crossed that person’s limit.

Even so, he still stayed in the Chen family’s  villa.

In that case , Chen Yue Yang felt that Shen Shi Cang did have some compassion in his heart.

But the problem was, how was he supposed to repay him?

Chen Yue Yang thought on the matter for a few minutes but came up empty handed, which made him frustrated.

And this whole week he had been stuck in Shen Shi Cang’s body, he had no chance of going to the internet cafe with his friends, all the issues that surfaced in the Students board and the basketball club, and the fact that he had to sit down and study every single night. On top of that, he had to stay in class to make sure he recorded the teacher's lesson for Shen Shi Cang, so he had no way of skipping school like he used to.

On a cool and breezy afternoon like this, passing up a chance to go to the internet cafe would be an absolute waste.

Thus with this in mind, Chen Yue Yang put on his clothes and prepared to go to the internet cafe.

He spent half a day thinking about what to do but still had no answers, but the moment he stepped out of the school, a solution appeared right in front of him.

A black bentley stopped in front of the school gate, then a man in a black suit got out of the car.

The man walked towards Chen Yue Yang and said, “Young Master, Chairman Liu sends his apology, and would like you to come back home.”

The man was wearing a pair of sunglasses, Chen Yue Yang couldn’t see his eyes clearly, so he couldn’t guess his intent, then he asked, “Is it because of...Cheng Ming Xi?”

The man replied , “Second young master and madam did cry a lot yesterday.”

Chen Yue Yang was baffled

Cheng Ming Xi was exactly what he said he was, after so many years of being a punk, how could he tell such a petty incident to his parents.

Chen Yue Yang said, “Ok , I’ll go meet him.”

He got in the car after finishing his sentence.

The driver was actually on a routine attempt to beg Shen Shi Cang to come home, he didn’t really think he would get in.

After Shen Yue Mei passed away, Shen Shi Cang had never shown any care to his remaining family members, nor did he ever set foot in the Shen family house ever again.

Once in the car, Chen Yue Yang asked the driver, “Is Cheng Ming Xi older than me? I’m about to meet him, it’ll be good to know a bit about him in advance.”

Fortunately, there the driver was wearing sunglasses which hid the drivers expression of absolute shock.

The driver answered, “Yes, the second young master is older than you by 3 months.”

“Haha, I didn’t know Shen Shi Cang was younger than me.” Siad Chen Yue Yang to himself.

Northerners generally go to school later, so he is one year older than Cheng Ming Xi, but Shen Shicang is younger than Cheng Ming Xi

Chen Yue Yang wondered, when he finished settling all this nonsense, he must get Shen Shi Cang to  call him “Ge” (Chinese word for elder brother). That guy either calls Chen Yue Yang by his name or he doesn't even bother to use words.

However, based on how short the difference in birth dates is, it seems that Liu Cheng Hai definitely had an affair.

After arriving at the Shen's house, Chen Yue Yang looked around and walked into the villa.

As soon as he walked in, before even opening his mouth someone started scolding him.

A sharp female voice which was very unpleasant went on, “You little scum that we got rid of, how dare you lay your hands on Cheng Ming Xi?”

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