After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 15

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Although Shen Shi Cang looked like a gentle and harmless human being, he was actually a very strong person.

He had been caught off guard when Chen Yue Yang grabbed a hold of him, as soon as he realised what was happening, he forcefully shoved Chen Yue Yang’s hand off, and readjusted his uniform.

Even though his reflexes were lightning fast, someone surely would’ve seen his skinny twink like body for that split second.

Shen Shi Cang felt the blood rushing to his face and ears, as they went from being as fair as the snow to becoming as red as a tomato, his lips that were already very lightly toned had somehow managed to become even more lightly toned.

He stared at Chen Yue Yang with hatred filling his eyes, then he left the courtyard and headed back to the classroom while fastening his collar.

Chen Yue Yang stood there in the snow, dumbfounded…

It wasn’t like he went overboard with Shen Shi Cang…? All he did was lift his shirt up and smack a snowball on him… why did he get so mad?

He had been playing this game with Guan Zhe ever since they were little kids, and sometime they would even shove sand and pebbles onto each other, it was no biggie to them, whenever it went overboard they would just scold each other and chase one another while throwing wild punches, how come when he did it to Shen Shi Cang he reacted like a girl?

Even after Shen Shi Cang left, the people on the court were passing comments in Cantonese which Chen Yue Yang didn’t understand, but judging from the way they were looking at him, he knew there wasn’t anything good being said about him.

It was only when Guan Zhe had explained to him that he realised what he had did, “Owh, so Hongkies wear underpants when they go to public bath houses” after listening to such a ridiculous but true fact, Chen Yue Yang realised that the fact that he had partially stripped Shen Shi Cang in front of everyone was exactly why Shen Shi Cang got so mad.

Chen Yue Yang was filled with guilt.

So much guilt that even when he was being belted by Chen Ming, he was still thinking about what had happened.

Chen Yue Yang made a big scene at home and was beaten again. He wanted to go to the internet cafe to play games, but his back was killing him,which would really affect his gameplay, so he decided to go back to school.

He never thought that the moment he reached the school he would see Shen Shi Cang crying.

Chen Yue Yang immediately felt bad.

Why did he react so childishly? They were all already in their teens, and it was just a touch on his chest, why was he crying like this…?

That was why Chen Yue Yang carried his coat and shouted in Shen Shi Cang’s direction.

But unexpectedly, Shen Shi Cang just casted a glance at him before turning away from Chen Yue Yang, showing him his back.

Chen Yue Yang was staring at every single strand of hair at  the back of Shen Shi Cang’s head - it seemed that maybe he really did piss him off.

Chen Yue Yang bent over and scooped up a snowball, he walked up to Shen Shi Cang and placed it in his hands, before saying seriously, “If you really are that mad at me, throw one at me.”

Shen Shi Cang raised his head, the tears on his face were all but dry thanks to the chilly winter wind.

He reached out and took the snowball as he wiped the remaining tears off his face, and then he threw the snowball at the ground, before continuing to weep.

“Hey, that’s enough, I’ve already put down my ego and comforted you, come on it’s going to be alright.” Chen Yue Yang said as he frowned and he looked at the snowball that was completely destroyed on the ground, then he looked at Shen Shi Cang’s whose eyes were red from all the crying.

Maybe it was due to the belting that Chen Yue Yang acted with some compassion for once, thinking about what happened in the afternoon, he patiently scooped up another snowball and passed it to Shen Shi Cang, “Owh hurry up, I don’t want to be owing you something.”

Seeing those red teary eyes made Chen Yue Yang feel very bad it might have felt worse than the belting that Chen Ming had dished out just now.

This time Shen Shi Cang didn’t throw the snowball at the ground, instead he just looked straight at Chen Yue Yang.

Chen Yue Yang looked at Shen Shi Cang and braced himself, he closed his eyes and said, “Do it.”

He thought that if Shen Shi Cang were to throw the snowball at this face they would be even and Shen Shi Cang wouldn’t be angry anymore.

But after a while, he didn’t feel the shockingly cold snow on his face, he slowly opened his eyes, then just as he was looking at Shen Shi Cang, Shen Shi Cang grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved his face into the snow.

Chen Yue Yang was only wearing a thin shirt as he had taken off his jacket just now to scoop up the snowball.

Now, the coming together of the burning sensation from his father’s belting and the icy cold snow made Chen Yue Yang gasp for air as he entered a state of immense agony.

The pain was incapacitating, his hands gave out on him, and he was helpless pinned on the snow by Shen Shi Cang.

Shen Shi Cang lifted up Chen Yue Yang’s shirt, the buttons were ripped off by the sheer force of Shen Shi Cang, then Shen Shi Cang dumped the snowball on Chen Yue Yang’s bare chest.

Shen Shi Cang pressed the rather large snowball against Chen Yue Yang’s heart, the snowball then broke into many little pieces and melted on Chen Yue Yang’s warm skin, with both of their bodies pressed against each other, even though it was freezing, both of them felt fuzzy and warm on the inside.

Shen Shi Cang could feel Chen Yue Yang’s heartbeat through the layers of chest muscles.

Shen Shi Cang mumbled, “There’s a heartbeat…”

He immediately thought of the woman whose face was covered with a white cloth he had seen an hour ago.

From that moment on, his mother’s heart would never beat like a normal human’s again.

Chen Yue Yang didn’t know what the hell Chen Yue Yang was talking about and said to him, “Of course there’s a heartbeat, all living people have hearts that beat.”

He pushed over Shen Shi Cang and sat back up, the icy cold snow had helped bring down the spicy sensation all over his back. As a gust of chilly wind blew by Chen Yue Yang sneezed, it was then that he decided to put back on his jacket.

After rolling around in the snow for so long, their pants and shirts were all wet, Chen Yue Yang stood up and wanted to go back home to change into some fresh clothes, then unexpectedly he thought about Shen Shi Cang who was still sitting in the snow.

Chen Yue Yang turned around and stretched out his hand to Shen Shi Cang, “Come on, get up.”

Shen Shi Cang didn’t even bother responding to him.

Chen Yue Yang bent down and pulled on Shen Shi Cang’s wrists, forcefully pulling him from the snow while saying to him, “I’ve already let you get back at me, why are you still not happy? Hurry back and go back to your room, get a hot shower and go to bed, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow, you’re the class monitor remember? If you don’t come and check on everyone personally I’ll be doomed.

Shen Shi Cang still looked very down and out, so Chen Yue Yang said, “Little brother, hand in there, it’s not like you lost----”

Shen Shi Cang cut him off, “How do you know what I lost?”

Chen Yue Yang thought that Shen Shi Cang was referring to “Self-respect” or “ego”, so he patted him on the back and said, “Whatever it is that you lost, you need to stay strong, if you can’t you can buy a bottle of rat poison, that should solve your problems.”

He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, turned around and headed back to his room, as he was walking he said, “When I was four, my father beat my mother, and she left us the very same day, I miss her dearly, my only wish was to see her again, later my uncle brought my brother to see her in Japan, guess what happened?”

Shen Shi Cang didn’t say a  word, he was just following Chen Yue Yang’s footprints in the snow, as he slumped his head and walked forward.

Chen Yue Yang wasn’t bothered by the fact that Shen Shi Cang didn’t reply, he just carried on telling his story, “The pilots lost control of the plane and it crashed somewhere in Japanese waters, rescuers couldn’t even find a single piece of the plane.”

Chen Yue Yang didn’t know what caused this story to find it’s way out of his heart at that movement.

Maybe it was the belt that woke up conception and governor vessels.

Chen Yue Yang took two more steps forward and he realised that there were no more footsteps behind him, so he turned around and looked at Shen Shi Cang.

Shen Shi Cang raised his head, his eyes all teary. He waited for a while before saying, “Chen Yue Yang, nobody gives a rat’s ass about you and your life.”

Chen Yue Yang was stunned…

And thus, the flashback ended.

Chen Yue Yang looked at Shen Shi Cang’s eyes that were wider than usual and felt like slapping himself in the face.

But he remembered that he was in Shen Shi Cang’s body which meant if he really were to slap himself, he wouldn’t know who he really was slapping.

At that time, he thought about how inexplicable ungrateful Shen Shi Cang was. Now he was really annoyed.

That day he was probably crying due to the loss of his mother.

Chen Yue Yang felt a bit bad for what he did and quickly said, “Uhm.. ah.. Sorry…”

This apology was for bringing up some uncomfortable matters and for the harsh words he had said to him during their freshman year.

However, Shen Shi Cang just shook his head.

Originally, this conversation should’ve stopped then and there, but Chen Yue Yang suddenly remembered about the bank card Shen Shi Wang gave him before he left. The money in the card belongs to Shen Shi Cang.

Thus he handed the card over to Shen Shi Cang and said, “Your brother gave this to you, he said that the password is your birthday, and judging by the Shen family’s financial situation, there should be more than enough for you inside this card so you don’t have to go and work at that construction site anymore.”

Chen Yue Yang had thought that this would lighten the mood, but he noticed that as Shen Shi Cang saw the card, he quickly became angry again, “Who let you take his money?”

Shen Shi Cang looked like he was really angry this time.

Chen Yue Yang tried to explain himself, “Come on man, he’s your own brother, you two have the same mother for crying out loud, why won’t you take the money?”

“Shut up,” Shen Shi Cang took a deep breath and tried his best to remain calm, “Shen Shi Wang doesn’t deserve to be called my mother’s son.”

The main reason that led to Shen Yue Mei’s physical and mental demise was that during Shen Shi Cang’s birth she went through dystocia,  and before entering confinement she heard news of Liu Cheng Hai’s affair.

But in order to give her children a complete family and due to the external pressure from her relatives and friends, she decided to forgive Liu Cheng Hai.

But as they say once a cheater always a cheater, Liu Cheng Hai never cut ties with Cheng Hui Si which led Shen Yue Mei’s condition to keep on deteriorating.

But even though she was weak, there was no way that in 3 or 4 hours she could just die out of the blue.

Before her body was even cremated, Cheng Hui Si had already entered the doors of the Shen family house, and after receiving a call from his father, Shen Shi Wang left the funeral parlor.

Shen Shi Cang wanted to find the cause of his mother’s death, but he was stopped by Shen Shi Wang.

Shen Shi Wang was adamant on not letting Shen Shi Cang get to the bottom of his mother’s death, he used the excuse of being too busy at work and forced Shen Shi Cang to forget about this tragic event, as time passed he never ever talked about it.

Of course Shen Shi Cang wouldn’t tell all of this to Chen Yue Yang.

He took the card and placed it in Chen Yue Yang’s hands, and said, “Go back and tell him, I won’t touch a single penny that belongs to him.”

The only way that Shen Shi Wang could reach where he is today, was through forgetting his mother’s death and pleasing his father.

Shen Shi Cang disdained him for this.

But Chen Yue Yang didn’t know why.

All he could think of was how he managed to  bring a 6 ft 2 grown man to tears.

He really didn’t want to talk to Shen Shi Wang who couldn’t finish a proper sentence before tearing up.

Chen Yue Yang said, “Then how about you give it back to him, I can’t stand talking to him.”

Shen Shi Cang said, “You were the one who brought it back.”

Subtext, “So you should be the one who returns it.”

But Chen Yue Yang could not decipher his words, and the two of them kept on pushing and pulling, up until Chen Yue Yang could no longer stand it and pinned Shen Shi Cang on the wall and shoved the card into his pocket.

It was at this moment somebody pushed open their room door.

“Boss, today let’s…” Lu Ji Ping was carrying a basketball in his hand, and when he saw what the two of them were doing, he was so shocked that he forgot what he was going to say.

Guan Zhe was curious as to why Lu Ji Ping had stopped speaking mid-sentence, so he pushed Lu Ji Ping aside and took a peek inside the room, he was almost blinded by the actions of the two people inside.

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