After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 16

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Guan Zhe felt that he must have opened the door in the wrong way.

Or maybe he had gotten out of bed this morning the wrong way.

Because he saw Shen Shi Cang holding his boss’s wrist with one hand, and holding his boss’s shoulder with his other, pinning his boss to the wall, and the two of them were practically pressed against each other.

“Sorry boss! I didn’t see anything!” Guan Zhe closed his eyes after he said this, then he brought Lu Ji Ping away from the room.

They slammed the door as they bolted out of the awkward situation, Chen Yue Yang finally snapped out of the state of shock he was in.

He blinked his eyes in confusion, then he realised that his hand pressed against Shen Shi Cang’s wrists, he quickly pulled back his hand as if it had been burned by something, then he quickly took a couple steps backwards.

He thought about what Guan Zhe had said before leaving and frowned, he felt that his brothers had seriously misunderstood what was going on in the room, he opened his mouth and was about to call for Guan Zhe.

But then Shen Shi Cang interrupted him.

“Don’t waste your breath, the more you try the worse it’ll seem.”

Chen Yue Yang, “Do you even know what they are thinking of us?!”

He said to himself, but he didn’t dare say it out loud.

When they showed up at the basketball court, Chen Yue Yang felt very uncomfortable.

Shen Shi Cang on the other hand, kept a cool face like he always did, but Guan Zhe and Lu Ji Ping were definitely acting weird.

Not only were they looking weirdly at Shen Shi Cang and Chen Yue Yang, they turned around and said something to Liu Yi Da and Wang Hao, which caused all four of them to turn and look at Shen Shi Cang and Chen Yue Yang weirdly.

Shen Shi Cang’s basketball skills were good for someone like him so after finding his rhythm and chemistry with his teammates he left the court.

After he left Chen Yue Yang his four brothers continued to practice.

Chen Yue Yang pumped the basketball with alternating hands as he walked over to the four other players.

“You four, go and line up at the free throw line, let’s work on our free throws,” he said.

The four of them formed a line and waited for Chen Yue Yang’s orders.

But Chen Yue Yang didn’t give any sort of commands, instead he bounced the ball as he walked towards the four of them, --- glanced at all of them before asking, “What did you guys say just now?”

The four of them, “Holy Shit, what do we do.”

Shen Shi Cang’s emotions were so similar to Chen Yue Yang’s, but Chen Yue Yang had a pair of angel-like eyes, if it weren't for the punk vibe that he gave off nobody would guess that he was a delinquent.

Shen Shi Cang had a pair of beautiful eyes, during the day when he was studiously attending his classes there was a sense of elegance in the way he jotted down his notes and read his textbooks, now with a basketball in his hands, when he asked questions he would slightly raise his eyebrows, his cold pool-like eyes were covered with a layer of rebellious breath, it seemed that he had even more presence than Chen Yue Yang, almost like those cold blooded killers in movies.

Seeing that all four of them were not going to say anything, Chen Yue Yang laughed, “He was here just now, so I didn’t ask you guys, now that he’s gone feel free to tell me what you guys were talking about.”

Guan Zhe noticed that Chen Yue Yang had stopped bouncing the basketball and felt that he was dead set on getting an honest answer out of the four of them, so he said softly, “It was nothing much… just what happened… just now in the dorm…”

Chen Yue Yang raised his eyebrows, “What happened in the dorm?”

Lu Ji Ping raised his hand and answered Chen Yue Yang’s question confidently, “I know! If I’m not mistaken people call this the legendary Kabedon.”

Chen Yue Yang, “...”

The other three members of the team, “You absolute moron!”

There was eerie silence for 3 seconds, after the three of them realised that Chen Yue Yang wasn’t saying anything, they started speaking one by one…

Liu Yi Da, “Actually we know about what happened in the Student Board… Brother Cang you really adore our boss, do you have a crush on him? I’m very open minded, as long as you are good to our boss, I’m all for it!”

Wang Hao, “Uhm… I don’t really know much about this… but my cousin has told me a bit about it before so I may be of some use…”

Guan Zhe was the most blunt out of all of them, “Ever since that scuffle with Lian Yu Xing when brother Cang came and saved the damsel in distress, I knew that you had a crush on our boss, but if that’s the case then can you explain that brutal fight you two had? Was it really a fight caused by true love?”

Chen Yue Yang was speechless

Out of all the people present, Guan Zhe had known Chen Yue Yang the longest, so only he knew about the fight they had at the back alley.

Guan Zhe realised that Chen Yue Yang wasn’t getting mad at all the things they were saying, so he casually strolled up to him and said, “Brother Cang, let me tell you something, our boss’s taste is similar to all the other straight guys out there, he likes tall, slim and fair people, owh and they also have to be very intelligent because his grandmother likes model students…”

Guan Zhe stopped half way because he just couldn’t carry on.

The other 3 people also felt a bit uneasy.

Chen Yue Yang had told him this when he and Guan Zhe were playing games at the internet cafe, while they were in the game lobby some of the boys had talked about “Which type of girl they were attracted to” so naturally Chen Yue Yang

Chen Yue Yang's taste disgusted all his brothers, but now Guan Zhe took a closer look at Shen Shi Cang and realised something astonishing.

He’s tall, around 6 ft, has long legs; and his skin is very fair; his grades are also tip top, all the other Science stream students in the whole city were ranked lower than him.

Xiao Long Nu… could it be…

Guan Zhe realised that apart from being the wrong gender, Shen Shi Cang was everything Chen Yue Yang was looking for!

Thus he curiously asked, “Uhm… Brother Cang, your looks are exactly what our boss is looking for in a girlfriend, so… are you open on going under the knife in Thailand?” (Common slang for getting a transgender surgery)

Chen Yue Yang was tongue-tied.

Chen Yue Yang felt that his brother had lost his mind, so he pointed at the basketball hoop and said to Guan Zhe, “Go stand at the free throw line and practice shooting.”

Guan Zhe didn’t think much of this and went up to the free throw line, he slightly bent his knees and just before he released his shot, Chen Yue Yang stopped him.

Chen Yue Yang said, “Look at the state of your free throw technique, are you pissing on a potty?”

Guan Zhe anxiously shuffled his legs before asking Chen Yue Yang how it’s supposed to be done.

Chen Yue Yang said, “Eyes forward, look at the basket.”

He saw that Guan Zhe’s eyes were fully focussed and he hard formed an imaginary line from his eyes to the basket. He slowly walked around him and raised his leg then kicked Guan Zhe’s bum.

What bloody Thailand!

If you keep talking shit, I’ll kick you all the way to Thailand first!

Guan Zhe was shocked by his kick and hugged the basketball with one hand as he rubbed his bum with the other, frowning as he looked at Chen Yue Yang.

Chen Yue Yang said, “The match is just around the corner and you idiots are wasting your time on stupid things, wake up and start training!”

The four of them were put in their place by him, each of them with a basketball in hand nodded to him as a sign agreement.

Chen Yue Yang looked at this bunch of fools, then he just couldn’t take it anymore and left the court.

He didn’t go back to his dorm, instead he went to the washroom, he turned on the tap, cupped his hand to collect the cool water, then he splashed it on his face.

When he looked into the mirror above the sink, he was met with a fresh and youthful face.

This wasn’t the first time that Chen Yue Yang had seen Shen Shi Cang’s face, but after hearing them compliment Shen Shi Cang, it seemed as if he had a new found appreciation for Shen Shi Cang’s handsome face.

Because Shen Shi Cang, apart from his gender, ticked all the boxes on Chen Yue Yang’s checklist.

Chen Yue Yang’s heart suddenly beat with joy.

He calmed himself down and placed his hand on his heart before saying, “Owh stop beating so fast, slow down will you.”

But that heart of his just would not slow down, instead it beat even faster.

Chen Yue Yang raised his head again and looked at the reflection in the mirror, “Shen Shi Cang... you’re such a nuisance.”

During a self study session a few days later, the rematch between Yi Zhong and the Experimental school got underway.

Yin Song Ye was seated in the bleachers, his face was thunderous, “Our President has been influenced by that scum Chen Yue Yang, they are already in Senior Year and now they are wasting their self study session for this stupid event.”

Tao Yi Ran who was sitting beside him said, “Since you’re already here, why don’t we just enjoy the match?”

Yin Song Ye said, “Owh please, “If it weren't for the President asking me to record this match, I wouldn’t even be here.”

At the same time, the real Chen Yue Yang stepped onto the court and explained to his teammates how important it is for the small forward to score points.

The whistle blew, and the Centers of both teams leaped high in the air for the ball.

The court was surrounded with students, one half were clad in Yi Zhong’s uniform while the other was wearing the Experimental school’s uniform, all of the students were cheering on their respective schools.

Although the court was poorly lit and there were many mosquitoes,this did little to dampen their youthful spirits.

The last time these two teams met head on, Yi Zhong was trailing with not much time left on the clock, then Chen Yue Yang made an amazing three point shot from deep with second left on the clock to make the final score 81:83, repeating the same outcome would be no easy feat.

The Experimental school’s small forward was Zhao Peng Xuan, he would be Shen Shi Cang’s equivalent, he had met Chen Yue Yang in their freshman year, and they had an ok relationship with each other, although he came from a normal family, Chen Yue Yang didn’t think much of it and still enjoyed playing ball with him.

But because the two of them played the same position, before transferring to the Experimental school he had little to zero game time.

The first time the two of them met on the court, Chen Yue Yang noticed that he had improved his game to a whole nother level.

He couldn’t even recognize him…

Why did you take my spot away from me?

Why do you like the same girl as I do?

How come you don’t even have to try and you can score excellent grades?

Why is your family more well to do than mine?


This time around, whenever Zhao Peng Xuan met him on the court, these words would come out.

Before this Chen Yue Yang didn’t know that this was what Zhao Peng Xuan thought of him.

But Chen Yue Yang never felt he was wrong. If being good at something was wrong then was there anyone who was right in the whole world?

So he knew that the rumour of them cheating must have come out of Zhao Peng Xuan’s mouth.

But he must give it to him, Zhao Peng Xuan really did sell his story well, so well that his loyal friend Lian Yu Xin was about to fight for him.

If it weren’t for Shen Shi Cang, either Lian Yu Xing or Chen Yue Yang would be lying in a hospital bed now.

The reason why Lian Yu Xing had so many followers was that he would do anything and everything to protect his people, he would act first then ask questions later, almost like Lu Ji Ping.

Even Chen Yue Yang who is an outsider feels that Zhao Peng Xuan has bad intentions -- Chen Yue Yang even feels sorry for Lian Yu Xing.

This time their match would have four 10 minute quarters, in the third quarter Zhao Peng Xuan finally made his move.

Zhao Peng Xuan let out a cry of agony and slumped to a heap on the hard court, the referee said, “Black team number 4, pushing foul.”

Shen Shi Cang raised his hands innocently, he couldn’t believe that the foul was called on him.

He didn’t even touch Zhao Peng Xuan just now.

It was at this moment Chen Yue Yang walked over to the officials and said, “The lighting here isn’t that good, you didn’t even get a clear view and now you’re calling a foul, I’m sure this isn’t right is it?”

Zhao Peng Xuan was helped up by his teammates then he walked over and said, “So what you’re saying is that I dived and that I am insisting that Chen Yue Yang pushed me over?”

Chen Yue Yang tapped his shoulder and said, “How about we watch the video playback?”

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