After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 18

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XXX lou: Anonymous

What the fuck?

XXX lou: Anonymous

What the fuck?

XXX lou: Yi Zhong’s boss has lost his mind

What the fuck? (Please continue the thread)

XXX lou: The Red Armband will never be slaves

The terminator joines the thread!

Hahaha, what do you have to say now, I knew it was Chen Yue Yang who would make the first move, now let’s all watch that idiot swallow five bottles of shampoo, are you still up for it? Clairol, Head and Shoulders, Pantene, Syoss, Sassoon or Rejoice there must be a brand that is suitable for you, if you dare to give me your address I’ll have the shampoo of your choice shipped to you home!

XXX lou: Mr. Anonymous who loves WangZai Milk (Chinese Milk drink)

This is an anonymous discussion room the person who said that could be anyone, even I could name myself “The President of the Student Board”, and impersonate Shen Shi Cang.

And during the basketball match, Shen Shi Cang voluntarily asked the admin of the Student Board to record the match, so please get your facts right, who made the first move? You guys have celebrated too early, I’ve already prepared the textbooks for you, hahaha.

Chen Yue Yang stuck his head out of the top bunk, he said to Shen Shi Cang who was doing his maths mock test paper, “My birthday is two days away, follow me to the party.”

Shen Shi Cang put down his pencil and turned his head to look at him, his cold eyes glanced at Chen Yu Yang and then he grunted, and continued working on his maths.

Chen Yue Yang was slightly intrigued by the way he answered.

It was almost as if Shen Shi Cang had said, “We are already in this state, do I have any other choice?”

Chen Yue Yang jumped down from his bed and walked up to Shen Shi Cang, he snatched Shen Shi Cang’s pencil with one hand and with the other he grabbed a chair and sat backwards on it to face Shen Shi Cang, then he said, “Goddamnit man, enough of these one liners, you’re only so young and yet you’re so cold.”

Shen Shi Cang couldn’t care less about what Chen Yue Yang had said, he stretched out his hand to get his pencil back, but Chen Yue Yang pulled the pencil away from him.

So he had no choice but to use a different pencil.

Then Chen Yue Yang snatched the paper away from him.

Shen Shi Cang was shocked

Chen Yue Yang held the papers behind his back and said, “There’s only us two in this whole room and you don’t even say more than 20 words to me every single day, and I don’t go looking for my old brothers, so do you intend on boring me to death? Or do you want to bore yourself to death?

Shen Shi Cang, “What do you want.”

Chen Yue Yang wiped that smile off his face and asked him seriously, “If you don’t want to go I could just cancel the entire party, you already helped me so much during the basketball match, I owe you one, thanks a lot.”

Shen Shi Cang paused for a second, he frowned and took a few deep breaths as if he was about to get angry.

But Chen Yue Yang didn’t notice these subtle changes in his behaviour.

After he let out a deep breath Shen Shi Cang said, “There’s no need for that.”

Chen Yue Yang was confused

Seeing how Shen Shi Cang submitted to him made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Then he remembered those two fools in the secret discussion room.

Then he looked at Shen Shi Cang who was engrossed in his work and sighed, then he rolled back onto his bed and turned on his handphone.

He changed his ID and imitated Shen Shi Cang’s tone to write a post.

XXX lou: The President of the Student Board

Replying to XXX lou: Yi Zhong’s boss


Replying to XXX lou: The Red Armband will never be slaves

I’ll come see you tomorrow.

As soon as he replied chaos ensued.

But the strange thing was that “Mr. Nobody that likes to drink WangZi Milk” and “The Red Armband will never be slaves” were nowhere to be seen.

Holding a birthday party was tradition for Chen Yue Yang, he shared the same birthday as his brother Chen Yue Ning, after the loss of his brother, every year during his birthday he would wallow in sorrow. So holding a party where he could get high with his buddies was his way of dealing with loss.

But this year, Chen Yue Yang had other reasons to hold the party.

He walked to the Student Board room, everyone inside was busy working especially Yin Song Ye, his head was almost buried into his table.

The person called “The Red Armband will never be slaves” in the secret discussion room was Yin Song Ye.

Chen Yue Yang slammed a big pile of language textbook onto Yin Song Ye’s table.

Yin Song Ye looked at him in a daze, “Pre… President?”

Chen Yue Yang said, “Come with me to the party, when you’re there could you perform your act of copying these textbooks?”

Yin Song Ye was speechless.

During the party, Chen Yue Yang actually prepared a table specially for Yin Song Ye to copy the textbooks.

And he bought five boxes of WangZi milk and stuck a note on it that said, “Drink this shampoo if you’re a real man.”

Chen Yue Yang’s reasoning was that if any real man were to watch Yin Song Ye copying textbooks he would down the milk that he labelled as shampoo and face the consequences.

Then… Lu Ji Ping stepped forward.

Chen Yue Yang never thought that Lu Ji Ping was the other user, if he knew earlier he wouldn’t have bought the bottles of milk instead of the shampoo, a person like him should be spared no mercy hahaha.

The opening act was going to be these two fools and everyone was eager to see both of them make fools of themselves.

As they were waiting for the cutting cake ceremony, an uninvited guest arrived.

It was Cheng Ming Xi.

This was Chen Yue Yang’s fault, after he swapped souls with Shen Shi Cang, so many things happened and a lot of things were forgotten in the midst of all the chaos.

Last year he had invited Cheng Ming Xi, but this year Shen Shi Cang couldn’t care less about who attended the party so he asked Song Ming Yan to had out the invitations and how on earth would Song Ming Yan know about Shen Shi Cang and Cheng Ming Xi’s bad blood, so he had just invited all the same people as last year, which obviously included Cheng Ming Xi.

The moment Chen Yue Yang saw his face, his head began to ache.

Cheng Ming Xi’s temper was similar to Cheng Hui Si’s, which meant that although he looked like a punk, when he was around someone who could easily overpower him he would bow his head in submission.  Which was how he could be so close to Chen Yue Yang during their Sophomore year.

Cheng Ming Xi was very skilled at playing League of Legends, apart from Chen Yue Yang he was unbeatable. Lu Ji Ping and Guan Zhe amongst many other people all admired him for his talent for League of Legends, so even though they hadn’t seen each other in half a year, when they saw each other they were able to greet each other warmly, Cheng Ming Xi even teased Lu Ji Ping who was gulping down the bottles of WangZi milk.

As Lu Ji Ping was downing the WangZi milk he turned and grumbled to Cheng Ming Xi, “I don’t know what in the world made boss actually invite Shen Shi Cang, what if I get diabetes from all this milk??”

Song Ming Yan laughed as he said, “You should be happy with your punishment, just look at the vice president over there, he has to copy every single page of the language textbook.”

Yin Song Ye rolled his eyes then continued to copy the textbooks.

He chose this so he must complete it even if he cries like a baby.

Cheng Ming Xi looked at these two people, then he thought about what had happened at the door of The Starry Night, he was trying to wrap his head around all of this but he just couldn’t come up with an explanation.

He used to be so well behaved in front of Chen Yue Yang, sometimes he even respected Chen Yue Yang more than Lu Ji Ping did, why was it that Chen Yue Yang was so cold to him now.

Chen Ming Xi asked Song Ming Yan, “Has anything strange happened to your boss recently?”

After Guan Zhe heard Cheng Ming Xi he stopped playing Arena of Valor and rushed over, “Boss is not just strange, he’s unbelievably strange nowadays! Can you believe it? Boss is now Shen Shi Cang’s puppet. You know about Yi Zhong’s basketball team right? Nobody dared to say a word during practice, and last year the coach and the advisor were all sent packing by Chen Yue Yang, but for our rematch against the Experimental School, everything was handled by Shen Shi Cang , and I asked boss why, do you know what he said?”

Cheng Ming Xi raised his eyebrows and asked curiously, “What did he say?”

Guan Zhe cleared his throat, put on a calm face and said, “Follow his every word.”

Cheng Ming Xi was shocked.

Lu Ji Ping couldn’t help himself and added, “Not only that, the other day I saw Shen Shi Cang ‘Kabe-don’ our boss.”

Cheng Ming Xi: What the hell?

Song Ming Yan quickly helped cover his boss, “Actually we might have misunderstood the situation, they were about to fight but they stopped when we entered.”

Because he didn't see it first hand, Song Ming Yan was adamant that Chen Yue Yang would never be ‘Kabe-donned’ by Shen Shi Cang.

Cheng Ming Xi didn’t witness the ‘Kabe-don’ either, but he had been manhandled by Shen Shi Cang before, when he thought about how much Shen Shi Cang had changed, he was pondering whether Shen Shi Cang had been blackmailing Chen Yue Yang.

As this thought crossed his mind, he shared his suspicions to the others, “Do you think… boss has been blackmailed by Shen Shi Cang? So now he is Shen Shi Cang’s lapdog?”

Cheng Ming Xi carefully pointed at the emotionless Chen Yue Yang and continued, “Just look at boss, his face is so cold that it looks so as if he belongs in antarctica, I mean it’s his birthday today, and yet he’s so sad, is it because of Shen Shi Cang?”

Song Ming Yan nodded in agreement, “I think what you said makes sense.”

After hearing Song Ming Yan agree, Cheng Ming Xi felt that his suspicions were justified.

It seemed like the only logical explanation, a scholar lord and a school ringleader, they surely both hate each other right? Shen Shi Cang must have some valuable information in his hands which he is using to control Chen Yue Yang.

Cheng Ming Xi was thinking, “If I get rid of Shen Shi Cang, will Chen Yue Yang see me the same way as before? Will he treat me like he treats Lu Ji Ping and the others again?”

In addition, he had just been beaten up in his own home by Shen Shi Cang, how could he possibly resist this chance to seek his sweet revenge.

He walked up and raised his chin before announcing to everyone, “Ladies and gentlemen, everyone has brought presents for Chen Yue Yang, has anyone seen Shen Shi Cang’s present?”

Hearing this, everyone turned around.

All the students in class 12 were the sons and daughters of rich men, all except Shen Shi Cang who was from a poor family and had to work at a construction site during the holidays.

Cheng Ming Xi stared at Shen Shi Cang infuriated face and said, “It seems that you are in the same boat as I am in, we’re both too poor to buy presents for Chen Yue Yang, how about we fight each other as a form of entertainment, are you game?”

The previous two time he walked home with his tail between his legs, the first time, he ate Shen Shi Cang’s knuckle sandwich, the second time he was bundled up like a piece of MaHua (Chinese fried dough stick), which was so embarrassing, if they were to have a boxing match now, there would be no chance for Shen Shi Cang to play dirty.

And he remembered that Shen Shi Cang had never learnt how to box, he didn’t even know the rules. If he broke the rules then all the students in the room would despise him.

No matter how he thought of it, he came to the conclusion that this would be worth it.

But what he didn’t know was that in Shen Shi Cang's body was Chen Yue Yang, someone who had a wealthy experience in fighting.

There was nothing that Chen Yue Yang didn’t dare to do.

He chuckled and said sarcastically, “I’m down to do anything with you, you’ll lose anyways. Owh and, I think you’re better off having a sword fight with me, you’ll definitely win, I’m helping you save some face.”

This punchline made all the students burst out in laughter.

“Cut the crap,”Cheng Ming Xi frowned and said, “ There’s a boxing ring in the basement of this villa, if you’re a real man then you’ll fight with your fists.”

Chen Yue Yang didn’t want to disturb Lu Feng Zhi, so the party was held in his other villa in the west side of the city, this villa was near to his school and he would usually come and box with his friends here, Lu Ji Ping, Cheng Ming Xi and his own protective gear were all kept there.

About a dozen people followed underground, which made the originally quiet hall lively.

Chen Yue Yang knew his way around the basement like the back of his hand, he switched on the light and saw Cheng  Ming Xi putting on his protective gear.

Cheng Ming Xi looked at him provocatively and said, “Don’t tell me you’re going to step in the ring like that? You don’t even have any gloves and you’re proclaiming that you can beat me in a boxing match.”

“Who says I don’t have any gloves?” Chen Yeu Yang walked up to his own closet and picked his favourite pair of boxing gloves, “I’ll use these.”

Lu Ji Ping was about to spit the milk out of his mouth, when he saw Chen Yue Yang picking up the black boxing gloves with red lines on them.

Those are boss’s gloves!!!

I thought you said if anyone touches them, you’ll beat their face in?!

How come Shen Shi Cang can just pick them up like that?! WHY?!

Cheng Ming Xi was shocked as well, he thought that Chen Yue Yang would beat him to a pulp for wearing his beloved gloves, but all he did was sit still in the stands as Shen Shi Cang put on his gloves, he didn’t even budge.

Chen Yue Yang saw Cheng Ming Xi was still in shock and said, “Well stop standing there let’s get this over and done with.”

Cheng Ming Xi felt there was something wrong, but he just couldn’t pinpoint it, all he could do was step into the ring and teach this punk a lesson, or so he thought…

As the bell rang, Chen Yue Yang suddenly wrapped his arms around Cheng Ming Xi’s shoulders before they fought, as if he was showing that they were still friends and this was just a showcase of their skills.

But then Cheng Ming Xi heard something he would never forget---

“Today, I will make you pay for everything you did to Shen Shi Cang.”

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